Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sup innernets!!!

Sup blogger. I am Kismet. I am a very big man cat living in Brooklyn, New York. My Person has a blog and is always playing on her computer, and so I thought that maybe this is something that I should get into too, especially since things are always happening to me that I think other cats (and I guess other persons, too) should know about. Plus, my Person just got a job and so she is not around all day anymore, and so I have a lot of free time on my paws.

So here is a little bit of info about me. I am three years old, but I have only been with my Person for about six months. A common misconception about me is that I am fat, which I most certainly am not!! I am just big. Especially my paws. My Person is always saying "Kismet you have such big paws and ears! Big feets!" She says my back feet are rabbit feet, but I don't know what that means.

There are some other humans in my life besides my Person. There is also my Uncle Greg, who is big -- even bigger than me!! He is also hairy like I am so we really have a lot in common and really understand each other. I like him a lot because he always gives me little samples of his food (my Person does this too but she does not eat meat so most of the food she gives me is gross and I don't eat it), and because he likes to cuddle with my Person too, but he does not mind if I lay in between them. Which is good. Because I mean, she is my Person.

My Person lives with another person, but she is not there very much and she does not let me go into her room and she picks me up a lot so I don't really like her. But she has a cat named Mona. I'm okay with Mona. She is kind of boring but she does wrestle with me. She also licks my food bowl clean after I am done with my food, and she doesn't mind when I eat her food, but for some reason my Person doesn't like it when I do that.

The other person in my life is my Person's friend Melissa. Melissa likes me a lot and also talks a lot about how big my paws are. I like Melissa because she talks to me and always compliments me on my shirts, which is important to me because sometimes I am not sure how good they look on me.

I hope to post in my blog a lot. I get into kind of a lot of trouble so I am sure I will have a lot to write about. Besides, I love to surf the net!

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Where's a picture of his door mat?!!?