Friday, June 30, 2006

Out There!

There has been a lot happening to me lately! But before I really start blogging, I want to say thank you to all of my friends on the innernets who leave me comments and tell me they miss me when I have not been blogging. I am really going to try to blog more often, it is just that I get really BUSY with the FOODS and opening the boxes and mraw mrawing and being so HOTS that I just kind of forget. But I will try!!
So, in my last blog I talked about how my Person and I share a computer and sometimes I get a little grouchy waiting for my turn. In the first picture here, you can see that I have sort of figured out how to solve that. Whenever my Person isn't using the computer she makes it all flat, and when I am in a blogging mood and I think she might be getting ready to get on it again, I just sit on it. And then I put on my most prosh "I-don't-know-what-you-are-talking-about-it-is-just-really-comfy- here-okay" Kismet face and she just laughs at me. So it works! And then she leaves to go Out There, and I get to blog the day away!
Speaking of Out There, my Person took me out on my leash this week! Where we live has a little backyard, and so we went back there and I got to sniff around and walk all over the place and I even got to put my very big toes into some squishy stuff that my Person says is called muhdd. The muhdd was very fun -- Skeezix, I think it might be kind of like what it is like when you squish into your poops! -- but later when I licked my very big toes clean, that was not so fun. The muhdd does not taste so very good. In the second picture, you can see me on my leash. The picture is blurry because when I am Out There I just CAN'T sit still and pose like a model like I normally do -- there is just so much to look at, and plus in HERE there are lids on everything, like the rooms, and Out There, there are no lids, and that really takes some getting used to. My leash is red and has tiny white paw prints on it. Don't be confused, though, they are most definitely not from MY paws. MY paws are very big and contain my very big toes and so I obviously could not have made those little white paw prints.
This last picture is a creechur* that my Person found while we were in the backyard. She said it is called a snayl and that she was very excited to find it because she dooduls snayls all the time but has never seen one in person. Personally, I do not really see the big deal -- it was very small, and kind of slimy -- but it had big whiskers, as you can see (but only two, and no whisker humps), and I liked its big shell thing. I kind of think of it as a built-in shirt, and we all know how much I like shirts. This was definitely my most exciting trip Out There -- on my other trips I just kind of sniffed the big smelly cans and then we would come back inside. I hope we go Out There again soon!

* I learned that word from you, Skeezix!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sharing is caring...and glaring

Innernets, you might find this shocking, but I don't have my own computer. I have to share with my Person. And sometimes, when she is using it, I get a little mad because HELLO I NEED TO BLOG. Here I am patiently waiting my turn. And by patiently waiting, I mean walking across the keyboard and glaring at her.

My Person!

Persons and cats on the innernets ask me a lot about my Person, so I thought I would post some pictures of us together so everyone can see what she looks like. The first picture is from her Krissmiss card. I don't know what that means, but I do know that I had to wear this stoopid hat for the picture and I did not like it. Right after this picture was taken I mraw mraw'd really loud and ran away and took that hat off and hid it. But, she said that persons really liked the card, so whatever.

The second picture is a little more casual. I was just modelling my new stripey shirt and so we took a picture together. I like to pose for pictures. Look how I look right into the camera! I should be a model.

It has been less hots lately. I even slept on top of the bed for awhile last night!!! But lately, my favorite sleep spot is on top of the white fort thing:

(My white fort thing doesn't look exactly like this one, I just found this picture on the innernets.) My Uncle Greg brought me my white fort thing as a present, but my Person uses it to keep some stuff on too. I let her. I'm nice like that. Anyway, the white fort thing is a good place to sleep when it is getting hots out, because it stays cool and there are lots of different cubbies to hide in. Unfortunately I am pretty big so I can't really hide because half of me sticks out and then my Person comes and pokes my tail. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am alive! But really HOTS

I have gotten lots of messages from my friends on the innernets in the past few days wondering if I am okay because I haven't updated in a long time. And let me tell you, innernets, it is just so HOTS LATELY AND I JUST DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING. I just want to lay on my back on the floor because that is the only way I can feel even a little bit comfy. And it is just really hard to type and work on my blog when I am laying like that. But it is a teeny little bit not so HOTS today, so I decided to update and let you all know that I am okay! And what has been going on with me other than the HOTS.

Other than the HOTS, I have also been very bored. Here I am laying on the couch, feeling bored and wishing that my Person would stop taking my picture and play with me instead. But when she tries to play with me lately, we can't because it is so HOTS. So, then I am bored. Bored, bored, bored. That person who lives with my Person was gone for awhile and before she left she bought Mona two whole boxes of Meow Mix. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, innernets, but Mona is really fat, and she does not need all of that Meow Mix. So one day when my Person left to go Out There I got into that other person's room and I knocked one of the boxes of Meow Mix down and I had myself a little feast and that made me forget about being bored for awhile and also made me feel good because I was helping Mona not be quite so fat. But then my Person saw what I did and then I didn't get any Friskies foods that morning. She gets really mad when I eat Mona's dry foods because of my delicate yurinerry trakt, but I just can't help it sometimes. It is crunchy and delicious!

The MOST exciting thing to happen lately is that my very good innernet friend Skeezix and I traded shirts in the mails! I sent him my blingy Prince shirt that was too small on me, and he sent me a Skeezix The Cat shirt with his FACE on it! I was very excited to get it, but I have only worn it a few times because of the hots. Here is a picture of me wearing it. I look very grumpy. I asked my Person to take this picture of me, but I was grumpy because putting the shirt on made me even MORE HOTS (I am sorry that I keep talking about the HOTS but innernets I REALLY DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND I JUST HAVE ALL THIS HAIR). But as you can see it fits really nicely and it is my first white ringer tee! AND THE BEST PART IS that there are little pictures of my friend Skeezix all over it!!
I know it is kind of hard to tell in this picture, but this is one of the pictures of Skeezix on my shirt. He has very big ears, as you can see. I understand that because all parts of me are really big, espeshully my feets. In this picture he is wearing sunglasses (which I don't have) and a Hawyin shirt (which I do). He is my best friend on the innernets!

And that is kind of all that has been going on. That, and that ever since it got hots this big guy has moved in too. He is square, and white, and he blows a lot of hot air around on my Person's bed and makes a lot of noise. She says that he makes it not so hots for her so that she can sleep, but all he does for me is ruffle all my hair and make a lot of noise so I have been sleeping under the bed lately. Hopefully that will not go on for too much longer!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Making biskits!

This is a really great videeo of a cat -- much smaller than me, of course* -- making biskits with her paws! She is very sleepy. Sometimes when I am making biskits I also get real sleepy, but then I usually decide to humps and so I wake up. My Person showed me the videeo and said that she was basically "ded from the kyoot", so I thought I should show it to all of my friends on the innernets too.

*look at those paws! On second thought, maybe she will grow up to be almost as big as me!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New friends!

I got to see my Uncle Greg today!!!!! It had been about sixteen years since the last time I saw him. I was very excited. I ran up to him and sniffed him a whole lot and then he picked me up, and my Person decided to interrupt our alone time by trying to give me a pawdicure. I HATE PAWDICURES, but she only cut two nails, and then it was over, but I was still MAD so then I left Uncle Greg and went right up on top of the human TV and gave myself a long bath. Then I fell asleep because pawdicures are REALLY tiring, but when I woke up Uncle Greg was still there so I got to sit on his knee. Uncle Greg has the best knees. My Person's knees are kind of scrawny and there is no room to spread out, but Uncle Greg is big and hairy just like me. So I settled in real good on his knee, but then he had to leave. So I only got to sit there for a few minutes. I was real sad.

I have made some new friends lately. One of them is on the innernets and his name is Skeezix. He lives way far away in a place called Caluhfornyuh. My Person says that that is where my Uncle Greg is from too!!!!! Skeezix has his own blog too. Skeezix is a little guy, like I am a big guy, and my Person bought me a new shirt that was too small for me, so I had my Person send it to Skeezix. I hope he likes it. I like having friends on the innernets!

My other new friends are these skinny long guys that my Person plays with in the mornings before she leaves to go Out There. She really likes them a lot and they like her too. I can tell because they are always rubbing up against her face. Here is a picture of them:

(That is not my Person or her new friends, but that is what they look like.) Since my Person likes them a lot, I am trying to make friends with them too. So when they are done rubbing up on her face, I have started to lick their hairs clean for them. They do not seem to mind so much, and it doesn't bother me because I smooch my Person on her face sometimes so I am used to that taste. I am not sure exactly what my new friends are, but I think it is good to make new friends.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More presents!

I am posting lots of pictures today so that the persons and cats who read my blog can see a little more about my life! Plus I have some new things that you should all see. In the first picture, I am hanging out in one of my favorite spots -- the wooden ledge behind my Person's bed. This is where I sit and watch the cat tv, which you can see in the picture right behind me. Lots of interesting things happen on the cat tv -- persons walk by, and cars drive around, and there is a skool and a post office where my Person says you have to take a stupid test to work. Right underneath me in the picture is a wooden box that has a picture of my Person in it. I like to chew on it sometimes, because wooden boxes make me think of the foods (remember!!!). I think it is nice of my Person to leave pictures of her around in case I get lonely or really have the urge to chew, which happens sometimes when she is gone.

This next picture is me and my first new present -- my new shirt! It is all stripey and I think the greens really bring out my green eyes (my Person says that is what color they are). Behind me in the picture you can see Mona's litter box, where I take poops sometimes. The very most stinky ones, because all of Mona's poops are stinky so I figure I might as well just do it there. Right above that is another cat tv. I am very lucky -- we have 5 cat tv's in the apartment! (But two are in that person who lives with my Person's room, and I don't go in there except when I am stealing Mona's food, because I don't like that person.) My whiskers are very long, as you can see here.

This last picture is me and my new present from my Person! She says it is called a cat sleeping bag. It is just the right size for me to crawl into, and it is very soft inside, and comes with two very delicious dangly mices that I like to try to kill. They are very stupid mices because they do not run away when I bat at them and chew on them, so I do not feel bad trying to kill them because obveeissly they don't mind it very much. In the picture I am chewing on the side of it. I am not sure why. Some things I do really can't be explained.

I hope you like the pictures, innernets! And don't worry about me being hots in my new shirt -- it has cooled off a little bit since the time I wrote about it being so HOTS lately.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Dear innernets,
I am very bored today. This morning my Person and I were woked up very early by a big scary noise from outside. We looked out the window and saw this big scary yellow monster with a long nose and a big sharp paw even bigger than MINE! And it was digging, like I do in the litterbox, except on the street, and the digging was making the floors and the bed shake. My Person was REAL mad and said things like "do you seeriously have to be doing this at seven-thirty on a CATURDAY?" (At least I think that is what she said.) The only good thing about this situation is that I got my foods earlier than I normally do on Caturdays. After grumbling for awhile my Person went back to sleep and I was so happy to have my foods that I crawled up on top of her and purred and purred for awhile. That part of the morning was nice. But now I am just bored. Since I am a cat I am using the bored time to catch up on my sleeping. I am switching between the white fort thing (which is my new favorite sleep spot since the cable box is SO HOTS LATELY) and the blue chair. I am hoping that when I wake up something more interesting, like foods or dangly things, will be happening.
Paws truly,