Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The verdict

I JUST got back from my check-up at the VETS. My Person came home in the middle of the day and I WAS excited, because I like my Person, on account of she gives me the foods, but she just came in and gave me and Sophie a treat (which, don't get me started, why does SOPHIE get a treat, did SHE have to go to the VETS, I DON'T THINK SO) and scooped me up and put me in the prison box. But I have to tell you, innernets, that even though I pretty much figured I was going to the VETS, because these days I am always going to the VETS, I didn't really mind the prison box so much, because I like riding in the car.

Don't worry, though, because as soon as we got to the VETS I started growling and mrawing and hissing and just generally letting everyone there know that yes, I am a big dude, and you shouldn't mess with me. They took me into the examinayshun room and my Person opened the prison box, and then all sorts of VETS people started coming in because they wanted to see me and how I was doing. I don't know how they knew me, though. I mean, I spent a lot of time at the VETS recently, but those people see a lot of cats, so I figure they must know me from my fame on the innernets and from my fame from just being a big dude. Anyway, they all said I was handsome and didn't try to touch me, so I didn't mind that too much, especially since they were all lady persons, which are my favorite kind, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, they weighed me, and I have gained back a whole pound, which made my Person happy because for awhile there I was not very interested in my foods (I KNOW, RIGHT?) and I lost about two pounds. Don't worry, though, innernets, even when I was down two pounds, I was still really big, and you can't lose weight in your whisker humps or your paws so it never really showed.

Then the VETS came in and he just blabbed and blabbed to my Person about this medicine and that medicine. I didn't really listen because I was very busy being on the floor and sniffing everything out. I did let that VETS pet me once though because he did kinda save my life that one time (okay, a few times). But I only let him pet me ONCE because I don't want him getting the wrong idea. And when he tried to listen to my heart and my lungs I made sure to growl REAL loud so he couldn't hear anything. HAHA!

Since I wasn't really LISTENING, I can't tell you everything he said, but I can tell you that he said I look great and seem to be doing great, and he is real excited that I gained some weight, and that since last week I have been on some heart medicines (something called Enalapril and something called Lasix, and I take them every morning, and let me tell you that I don't even MIND, because those medicines come inside a chicken envelope, and I like me some CHICKEN!) and they are really agreeing with me, unlike the medicine I tried that one time (Altenolol) that most definitely disagreed with me, because after I took it I had to spend more time in the oxyjin tent. I like camping as much as the next dude, but I didn't like that tent so much. I would much rather build a blanket fort and hang out with my Person.

Also, my Person is real bad at things, and wants everyone to know that she still has to get around to thanking everyone in the mail for helping us with my VETS bills. I tried to yowl at her and I humped her leg a little to remind her but she's a person, you know, and it was hard enough for me to train her to turn the faucet on when I'm thirsty and to give me my foods when I want it so I'm not sure how much else I can do. I think the point is that she will do it very very soon, and that she thinks about all of my friends every day, and then she gets all sappy and tries to hug me and sometimes I just have STUFF TO DO, PERSON, AND I CAN'T JUST BE HUGGING ALL DAY LONG.

Anyways, I hope that now my blog can just be about me and my man cat-ness and not so much with the VETS because the VETS is boring. I am the main attraction!