Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feetsball part 2

My Person went to Dal-less a few weeks ago. We all know how I feel about my Person leaving, but she was not gone for too long and she was going to visit one of my most favorite persons, Liz, so I was MOSTLY okay with it. I am not sure what a Dal is, or why my Person needed to go to a place where there are no Dals (maybe it is another word for the eff trayn), but since Liz lives there, it is probably nice. Anyway, when my Person came back, she brought me a present from Liz!
It is a feetsball jersey! It is not Michigan, which is my Person's team, but it is a team that is near Dal-less. So now I can PLAY feetsball instead of just WATCHING it! I don't have the capri pants that the boy persons wear when they play feetsball, or the hat, but I think I would be pretty good at it anyway. I have very big paws and I think I would be able to catch a feetsball in between them.
Here is the back of my jersey:
I am not sure what a longhorn is. I think maybe it is another word for tail, because my tail is kind of shaped like a horn, and it is very long. Liz obveeisslee thinks that I would be good at feetsball too, because she picked #1 for me! I am hoping to get a team together soon. Mona is going to be my tackle dummy, because she is skwishy and likes to tackle. I will report from training camp soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I got 3rd place!!!!

I'm so excited because I placed THIRD in Skeezix's halloween costoom contest!!!. If you look, you will notice that the 2nd place winner is a little dish named Tiggy, who dressed up as a Playboy bunny after being inspired by my Hugh Hefner robe (that I got from Skeezix!!!). It was a really great contest.

In case you missed it, here I am in my costoom:

My Person and I took several varyayshuns of this photo before we decided on this one. Here is another one:

I need to thank my Person for helping me take such great photos. It was my idea to try different backgrounds, and she didn't really like carting me and my Elvis pumpkin around. She also didn't like the haunted house. I think she was scared, which is dumb, because hello, you have a big man cat here to protect you.

Anyway, thanks a LOT to everyone who voted for me!! And if any of you happen to be lady cats, I will be more than happy to share my Halloween bag with you. Mraw.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am okay!

Just a quick post to say thank you for all of the emails and comments wondering where I have been and if I am okay. I AM okay! I am very busy getting ready for Halloween, and playing with my birthday presents, and getting ready for cold weather. Here is a picture of me in my layered look for fall: I like this picture a lot (if you make it bigger, you can REALLY see my big whisker humps). The down vest was a birthday present from my friend Ted, and the gray sweatshirt is the first shirt my Person EVER bought for me. This is a very good look for fall, cats. The gray sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple, and the vest adds that extra bit of warmth AND stylishness. I have tested the outfit in all the major activities in my day: sitting on top of plastic bags, napping, cleaning my toes, and of course, eating the foods -- it works in all of them! I have also been very busy blowing chunks. When it gets colder, I get even more excited about my foods than normal. I must work on this! Anyway, I promise to be better about blogging in the future. I have missed all of my friends. ESPESHULLY YOU LADY CATS. You know who you are. Mraw.

Here's another pic just for you:
That's my bad boy look. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's my birthday!!!


I have had a REALLY GREAT birthday. It did not start off so good because early this morning I got REALLY HUNGRY and so I mraw mraw'd a lot and threw some things off the dresser and played with some other things that I was not supposed to (my Person wears many vishus dangly things around her neck and in her ears and at night they leave her alone and they sleep on the dresser and I ATTACK THEM! And she does not like this even though I am all mraw MRAW PERSON THEY ARE VERY VISHUS), and so I got locked out of the room. But my Person felt bad when she did it. I know this, cuz she said "Birthday boy I'm SO sorry but you are DRIVING ME NUTS!" and then she smooched me before she tossed me out. I pouted for awhile. However, it should be noted that I did NOT pee on the couch.

Anyway, when my Person got up she gave me my present!!! Of course, she already gave me the great big cat bed, and Skeezix already got me my AWESOME robe, so I was not really expecting a whole lot more. But THEN my Person pulled out THIS!

(Please excuse that expression on my face. I was hungry. I am usually hungry. And also, peeved about being locked out of the room. And also, maybe high.) IT IS A CORDUROY AND FLEECE VEST!!! It is PERFECT for the not hots that we are having right now, and I also think it is very manly. It makes me look like I am getting ready to go hunt. (Hunt some vishus dangly things that attack my Person during the daytime, maybe.)
Here is another picture. You can see here that my new vest has two pouches near my booty. They are small -- just the right size for sneaking some nip outside, or keeping a few morsels of crunchy dry food! And, as you can tell, it can be worn with the collar down OR up. It is very cozy. I like it a lot!

After she gave me my vest, my Person had to leave to go see Jahb, her very good friend that she spends time with every single day. (Jahb lives Out There and I have never met him.) I spent the day doing all of my favorite things! First, I took a nap on top of the persons teevee.
You can tell it was a REALLY good nap because my big feets are crossed, which I only do when I am at my most VERY comfortable. Then, I sat on some papers on the floor (because I LOVE to sit on things), and I chased some of my toys around, and I sniffed some nip!! And THEN after ALL of that, when I finally got back on the innernets, I was so excited because SO MANY of my friends stopped by my blog to say happy birthday. And Skeezix posted an entire happy birthday blog to me and said some VERY nice things. AND my friend Melissa sent me a card in my email!!!! AND THEN (oh yes, there is MORE!) my Person came home and brought me the most DELICIOUS DINNER.
It is suhlahmee and turkey. FROM THE DELI!!! (That means it is REALLY fresh. My Person went to the deli and told them it was my birthday and they gave her all this meats!!!!) I ate almost two entire bowls of it. And then I blew chunks because I was so excited that I forgot to chew. But it's ok because there is a whole other bowl waiting for me when I am recovered from the blowing of the chunks.
So, as you can see, I had a GREAT birthday! And, I have also been with my Person for one year today, so it was a DOUBLY important day!! Thank you very much to all of my friends on the innernets who took time to say happy birthday. It means a lot to this big man cat!