Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remember me?

Hello innernets!

It's me, Kismet Man Cat. I would tell you more stuff about me in case you have forgotten me but let's be honest, who could forget me?! I mean have you seen my whisker humps??

Anyway, I have decided to come out of blogging retirement because I have been having many advenchurs and I think other cats and persons will really want to hear about them. It is going to take me a while to get everything changed here and to update my list of friends, on account of I am just a really busy dude, but if you have stuck around during my retirement please leave a comment to I can add you to my list and come visit you! I also want you to know that even during my hyaytiss, I still read all the blogs of my most best friends, like the Meezers and Skeezix, and Sophie reads Daisy the Curly Cat every single day because she REALLY loves her. So I have been AROUND, I just saved all my comments about my blogging friends for my Person. I saved them mostly for when she was sleeping, so I could wake her up and let her know what I was thinking and also that I was hungry so maybe she could give me some more foods? This never worked, but don't worry, innernets, I plan to keep trying anyway. See, there is just so much to blog about!