Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have been VERY busy helping my Person with Brad Skool.

That is us working on some Brad Skool stuff.

I don't like Brad Skool. He takes ALL my Person's time and makes her sleepy and growchy. I peed on some magazeens to express my MAD, but my Person didn't even notice because she is so busy with Brad Skool.


Saturday, December 01, 2007


HI!!!! I are Sophie!!! I are VARY acited today because TODAY, I have been living with my bruther Kismet and the nyce laydee for ONE YEER!!!! I think that meens that I git to stay here forEVER and that I never have to go back owtsyd on Rohd Aylind!!!!!! And this mayks me VARY happy because I LOVE MY BRUTHER AND THE NYCE LAYDEE!!!!

I think that I have changed a LOT since I came to live with my bruther and the nyce laydee. I have lerned some VARY aportant things, like how to kleen myself, and that it is aportant to keep my booty hairs trimmed so that my poops don't get stuck to them, because then maybe the nyce laydee would not want to PET my booty, and I LOVE to have my booty petted!!! I have also diskuvvered some VARY DELISHUS FOODS!!!! like peetsuh krust and ranch dressing and cheez and pasketti sauce!!! But most aportantly, I have learned that it is VARY good not to live owtsyd!!!!

I thought it would be aciting to look at pikchurs and see how much I have changed now that I am a INDOOR CAT!!!

The nyce laydee says this pikchur is my first foto op. As yoo can see, I were VARY small. I look sad because it was cold and there was no FOODS!!!!

Here is another pikchur of me in Rohd Aylind. I am under a big masheen. This is the pikchur that made the nyce laydee think I should come live here!!

And here I are now!!!!!!!!

I am much kleener and I have also gayned ONE WHOLE POWND! And I have vary stinky poops.

I am vary glad to be a indoor cat. Thank yoo evarywun for being my frends!!!!!

I know that my bruther has not blogged in a vary long time, and I hope no one is mad that I am blogging before him. He will blog soon!!!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Man Cat Monday


The innernets and I have not been getting along lately. The innernets, in fact, has not even BEEN IN MY PARTMENT for MANY WEEKS NOW. My Person was only able to find the innernets Out There, and since my Person DOES NOT REALLY LET ME GO OUT THERE, I could not use the innernets. This has made me very grouchy. I would have mraw'd to fix the rowter, but there was not even a rowter to fix until today, and then some other guy came into my partment and fixed it before my Person even gave me a chance. IN FACT, she locked me in the bedroom while he was here! She probably did not want him to be jealous about my innernets-fixing-skills. I guess I can understand that.

Anyway, but I have innernets now, innernets! SO NOW I GET TO FINALLY POST!

So I am posting a Man Cat Monday post. It has been a VERY LONG TIME since I have been able to do this so I hope that I remember how!

This is me weighing in on the scale in the person litterbox room. I do this every single day. I know that this might not SEEM very manly, but it is very important to keep an eye on your fizeek. You do not want to start losing weight, because that will make you smaller and so not so much of a BIG MAN CAT. But you also do not want to get fat! It is a delicate balance, being a man cat. I find that my sea lion yoga really helps me keep my bulk in check!

If your persons have a scale, I recommend weighing in!

Now that I have gotten the innernets into shape, I hope to post more often. Also, my fifth birthday is coming SOON! It is on Wednesday! That will also be two years that I have been with my Person. I hope she is getting me something good. And manly.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

How persons get to my blog - Thursday Thirteen

Sup innernets. I have not done a Thursday Thirteen post in a LONG time, so I thought I would do one today. I found some time in my very busy schedule, which includes things like pushing the empty foods dishes around the kitchen floor and peeing on my Person's magazeens.

Here are thirteen search frayziz that persons use to get to my blog. Some of them make perfect sense and some of them are VERY weird, which just proves that persons do not always know what is going on, espeshully on the innernets. Maybe they need me to come fix their rowters?

1. mancat

Well, this makes sense. I am a big man cat! I hope that persons who come to my blog looking for man cats find exactly what they are looking for. I hope that they are not confyoozed by the Sophie posts, because Sophie is NOT a big man cat.

2. meen big cats

I am kind of confyoozed by this one, because even though I am a very big cat, I am not meen! I am very grouchy a lot, but I have very good reasons to be grouchy. Like a tiny orange cat who bites my tail and follows me around, or a Person who does not want to give me my foods EXACTLY WHEN I WANT THEM AND THEN SOMETIMES SHE LOCKS ME OUT OF THE ROOM. But not meen!

3. do cats sniff other cats bottoms

Well. Yes. We do. Sometimes. I hope you found my blog useful, person who searched for this! I also hope that you do not have to sniff Sophie's bottom, because it is usually stinky and sometimes has poops on it.

4. cheez its popcorn

These are some of my most favorite foods! Cheez Its MUCH more than popcorn, but I will try the popcorn sometimes. The best way to eat Cheez Its, I have found, is to take the whole cracker into your mouth and crunch it into small pieces, and then spit the pieces back out and eat them one by one. Not only does this keep you from chewing with your mouth full - which is very undignified - but it makes the Cheez It last longer too. Persons tend to just eat MANY CHEEZ ITS AT ONE TIME, THE WHOLE CRACKERS, which is very gross. So I hope whoever searched for this learned how to do it the right way!

5. i love ruffles


6. very pretty big cats

Hmm. I am not sure what to make of this one. I am HANDSOME, not pretty. But I am big. I guess maybe some girl persons might think I am pretty if they did not know I was a man cat. I think that this is probably okay.

7. cat is very stinky

Yes. Sophie is very stinky. I hope that if you use this to find my blog, you understand that I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

8. chiwahwahs

As you might know if you have been reading my blog for awhile, before I came to live with my Person, I roamed the streets with a gang of chiwahwahs. I was their leader, because chiwahwahs are VERY small and they needed a big man to defend them. I wonder if some of my old chiwahwah friends were looking for me! If so, hi guys! I am good and still big.

9. lyrics a big man like you gosh dem

...I am not sure what this means, innernets. I am a big man. I can rap. But I do not think I have ever posted my rap lyrics here. Maybe this person was looking for inspirayshun for a rap song about a big man. Make sure to send it to me when you are done!

10. my cat is a real man

I am a real man TOO! Maybe your cat and I should get to know each other. I am always looking for new man cats to be friends with!

11. cat what makes the scared

Hmm. This is a very good question. I do not really get scared, ever. Sophie gets scared a LOT. Things that scare Sophie: the door opening, when I go Out There, when persons pick her up, loud noises, when my Person cleans the poop boxes, persons she doesn't know...these are just a few. There are MANY things that can scare Sophie cats. I hope this answers your question.

12. wet hots

Sometimes I do get wet, because I like to drink water from the fawsit, and when I stick my head under there my whisker humps and my face get wet. And I HATE THE HOTS. THE HOTS MAKE ME VERY GROUCHY. And sometimes the hots can be wet too! My blog was probably exactly what this person was looking for.

13. dogs pikchurs


I hope you have enjoyed my Thursday Thirteen post. And that, if you have found my blog by searching the innernets, you found what you were looking for. Feel free to email me if you need more help!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fashun Show Friday!!!

HI!!! I ARE SOPHIE!!!! I are here to do a FASHUN SHOW FRIDAY post!!! I have been meening to post pikchurs of me in my byootiful sun dress for a VARY long tyme, but the nyce laydee has not been aybul to help me until now. I can blog all by myself but I need her to do the pikchurs. She is VARY bizzy, so I am glad she is helping me now!!!!

The nyce laydee bought me my sun dress to ware during the summer. It is vary light and summery!!!!

Here I are relacksing in my dress. As yoo can see it makes my VARY happy to ware it!!!!!

I lyke my sun dress becuz it matches my socks, and I think it looks vary nyce with my ornj furs!!!

Here I are from the side:

The straps are vary dayntee which is nyce becuz I are VARY small!!!!!

When I am waring my sun dress, I lyke to sit in the sun!!!!

Also, today is the birfday of the scayree laydee who loves me a LOT who yoost to live with us. She is vary scayree becuz she gets VARY acited when she sees me, and she lykes to touch my feets. But she is also VARY nyce, so I wunted to say happy birfday!!!! And here is a pikchur of me and one of my feets. But pleez do not try to touch it!!!!!

I hope yoo all lyke my sun dress and the pikchur of me and my feets!!!!! My sun dress makes me feel VARY pretty.

Thank yoo Kismet for letting me blog!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Big Advenchur

Innernets, I have not been able to blog lately, because my Person is so busy using the compyooter to do things for Brad Skool, and then when she was done with Brad Skool for 4 days I thought I would FINALLY get the compyooter back, but then she crashed her moovable masheen and had to use the compyooter to figure out how to get the moovable masheen to be not sick anymore, and she was REAL upset so I had to be on man cat alert, and then I was all set to blog YESTERDAY, when I GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE PARTMENT.

We live close to the ground now - in Brooklyn we lived high up - so now when persons open the door sometimes I run Out There. I do not ever go very far. I just like to eats the grass and explore in the backyard. And my Person sometimes just follows me around to make sure that I do not leave to pick up the laydees or find my chiwahwah gang, and it is fine. But YESTERDAY, my Person was taking the moovable masheen to the doctor, and when the door opened, it was a big smelly man.

Now, since I am a big dude living with all GIRLS, normally I am very excited to have other mans around. Like my friend Ted who took me outside on my leash, or that person who used to live with my Person's boyfrend Joe, who told me many times that he thought I was a bobcat. But THIS guy was not even interested in me at all, and when he opened the door and I ran outside, he just LET ME GO.

At first I thought this was so great. Because I got to get away from Sophie for awhile, and eat lots of grass and explore and make sure that there was nothing vishus Out There waiting to eat my foods or attack my Person. And also to see if there are other foods hiding Out There, or maybe other cats, because there could be. You never know.

But eventually, I started to get kind of HOTS. I don't know if you remember, innernets, but I DO NOT SO MUCH LIKE THE HOTS, and I am a big guy, and I am kind of hairy, and I was outside for MANY HOWRS, and it just got VERY HOTS.

So when my Person came back in a DIFFERENT moovable masheen, she got owt and I ran over and mraw mraw mraw'd. And she said, "what are you doing out here??" And then she got REAL MAD. Not at me, because I am her big guy, but at that big smelly man, who I guess was there to fix some stuff in the partment, which is just dumb, because I AM A BIG MAN AND I CAN FIX THESE THINGS. So she scooped me up and gave me lots of smooches and called me a very good boy for not running away - as if I would leave the place where the FOODS is - and took me back inside. And I found the coolest place in the whole partment to lay down and recover from my big advenchur.

Which is in the front closet.

Anyway, while I was getting cool, my Person got BACK on the compyooter and there was a email from the man who owns the partment. And he said that the reepareman had let me out and tried to find me but he couldn't, and that he hoped I would come back home. And that was it. MY PERSON WAS REAL MAD AT HIM!!!!! But she couldn't say anything to him because he owns the partment.

So, she gave me lots of treats instead.

Then Sophie started to get scared that I was not really ME but just another stray cat who LOOKS like me. And I didn't want my Person to think that too so I made sure to do lots of Kismet moves last night, like throwing lots of things off of the tables and mrawing REAL LOUD to get fed REAL EARLY in the morning. And growling at Sophie. I think Sophie is still scared - she is usually scared of SOMETHING - but I am pretty sure that my Person knows that I am me, because she told me my feets are real big a few times already today.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to not trust the big smelly men in your partments. And be careful of the HOTS! And never forget where your foods lives.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Man Cat Monday

My favorite place to lay is on the back of the couch. I stretch out, which means I take up a LOT of space because I am VERY long, and I let my paws dangle, and I put my head down. It is very comfy. I call it my cat yoga, because there are certain poses that I do. When I do my yoga, my Person says that I look like a little sea lion.

PERSONALLY I do not see the resemblance. I am a very big man cat, and these sea lions do not seem very vishus. But, I did name some of my yoga poses after the sea lions, because you are supposed to name yoga poses after animals.

This is forward-facing sea lion:

This is backward-facing sea lion:
Man cat lives are very stressful and it is important to do things like sea lion yoga to de-stress. Give it a try the next time you are stressed out, like from maybe NOT GETTING THE FOODS WHEN YOU WANT THE FOODS or having SMALL ORNJ CATS ATTACK YOUR TAIL WHICH IS NOT A TOY. It helps!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Man Cat Monday


I was saving this post for Man Cat Monday, and while I waited TONS of cats posted pictures of them wearing their own ties! We are all heading off to the office today.

I am challenging authority by wearing mine to the side. I am also going to give MOST of my paperwork to Sophie.

Friday, July 27, 2007


HI! I ARE SOPHIE! This has ben a VARY bizzy week, becuz the big DAWG was heer for a long long tyme. But the big dawg is gone now, and I are VARY happy abowt that, becuz it means that I can sit on the kowch again and eat my foods!!!!! I do lyke to hang owt in the laydee's room, but it is nyce to be able to come owt too!!!!! I are VARY excited to be blogging today becuz I are doing my VARY FIRST fashun show Friday!!!!!!! The nyce laydee got me a VARY BYOOTIFUL shert. I think it is maybe even something that my hero Daisy would wear!!!! I HOPE SO. I want to be just lyke Daisy when I grow up!!! Heer I are in my shert: As yoo can see it has BYOOTIFUL ruffles on the sleeves!!!! And the ruffles have FLOWERS on them!!!!!! Heer is what it luks lyke from the frunt: The BEST PART is the back!!!! The shert has vary ladylyke buttins and some more flowers: The flowers match my ornj fur, and the ruffles match my socks!!!!
I think my shert is vary byootiful!!! It makes me feel VARY pretty. Do yoo lyke it???

Tuesday, July 24, 2007





Notice how he looks very happy. This is because he thinks man cats and small orange cats are TOYS.

My Person says he is only here for a few days while my friend Jess takes the bar icksam. This is probably some sort of class where you learn how to avoid getting sick, so I guess it makes sense that she could not take her dog with her, because he might get sick while she is learning to bar it, but I still do not understand why he had to come stay with ME.

I am on a foods strike. Sophie was doing it with me, but she caved last night. SO IT IS JUST ME NOW, CATS.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


HI! I ARE SOPHIE! I was going to try to do a werdless Wensday post but I can't acuz I have stuff to SAY!!!

This pikchur is of my tayl! I are helping the nyce laydee reed the newspaypur!!! I do not reed the newspaypur but I do lyk to EET IT!!!! It are VARY delishus!!!! I think the nyce laydee REELY appreesheeayts my help!!

Thank yoo Kismet for letting me blog today!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I got a package from Jake and Bathsheba yesterday night!!!!!!!!! I was VERY excited, but there is a process to opening packages. You can't just RIP INTO them. That would be very undignified.
First, you have to sniff. This is the only way to tell if there are suspishus things inside, like other cats, or GREAT things, like FOODS! After you make sure that there is nothing scary or nothing that you don't want to share, you can let other cats in your house, like little orange sisters, sniff it too. Even though it is YOUR present, and not hers. Because maybe you are just REALLY NICE like that. After the sniffing is done, you might want to just get comfortable on the present. Sometimes, the best part of the present is the box itself! (You can also see my big whisker humps and my very long whiskers here.) And always remember to make sure to remind everyone that the present is FOR YOU AND NOT THEM. Anyway, after all of that, you can open the box! Inside mine was a Drinkwell Fountain to help with me pee problems, and Bathsheba even signed it on the bottom! (She can do that because she has so many extra toes) There was also a bag of TEMTAYSHUNS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Temtayshuns. I was able to get them out of the box before Sophie saw them, too, but my Person says I have to share with her anyway. I don't think I should have to, though, because Sophie really wanted to play in the box my presents came in, so I let her have it.

She likes to eat newspaypurs and chew on weird things, and there was lots of newspaypurs in the box, so it was a great size - and snack! - for a Sophie!

Friday, July 13, 2007



I have been letting my sister Sophie use my blog a lot lately, and I will let her use it in the future too, even though I don't really LIKE TO, but I am NICE, and sometimes my Person says "Kismet be NICE", but for now I am blogging on MY BLOG!

I wanted to write about the great advenchurs I have been having in Merruhlind. I was worried about moving here because our partment in Brooklyn had a GREAT jungle outside, and I didn't know anything about Merruhlind before we got here except that I knew there was no eff trayn, but let me tell you, the jungle here is BIGGER!

PLUS we live ON THE GROWND now, so whenever my Person opens the door to leave, I just RUN RIGHT OUTSIDE and INTO THE JUNGLE! And my Person does not like this, and she grabs me and carries me back inside over her shoulder, and I don't LIKE THAT, and I GROWL, and sometimes I will use my very big front feets to grab onto things so that she can't take me inside that easily, and when I do that she says I am just like a toddler, and I don't know what that means, but it is probably something real big and VISHUS like ME!

Anyway, last weekend my friend Ted came to visit, and he took me outside LOTS! Here I am with Ted:
My Person said "Just make sure he stays on his leesh!" but Ted understands being a big man cat in the jungle, so he let me off my leesh to do some exploring and patrolling. There were many dogs yapping at me from the fenced-in jungle behind the partment, but I was not scared of them. I just kept on exploring. If you are in the jungle, it is important to keep focused like that at all times!
When my Person won't take me out into the jungle, which is A LOT, I watch the cat teevee with Sophie. Sophie does not like to go outside, probably because she used to LIVE outside, which I think would be GREAT, except that you would not get the foods from my Person, and I like the foods from my Person.

My Person is done with her first mester of Brad Skool, so the person that used to live with my Person is coming to see us today! I am hoping that she brings presents, and that she will remember how big I am and that I like to be told how big I am. She was always good at this, so I think she will remember. Sophie is very scared of her.

And because my sister is formerly feral, and it's Friday, here is a pic of her too. I AM NICE. Plus, this picture really deminstrayts her feralness. She likes to dig in the garbage for foods, and to lick the foods cans after we eat the foods. It is very undignified.

AND, we got some awards lately - The Rockin' Boy Blogger (which I got from Jake and Speedy) and Rockin' Girl Blogger (which Sophie got from the lovely Bathsheba WHO HAS EXTRA TOES IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW) awards, and Sophie won the schmooze award from Fiona and Ali too! Thanks for nominating us, everybody!

I have been real bad about updating my friends' links, maybe because certain small orange cats keep TAKING MY BLOG, so if you read our blog and would like to be added to the links, please leave a comment and I PROMISE to add you. It is just hard to get the computer from my Person sometimes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



But afore I can do the survay I haf to tell evarywun that this is my BRUTHER'S blog, and that I have just been YOOZING IT a lot laytlee, and that he is going to blog again SOON. Here are a pikchur of him so yoo know that I am not lying.

As yoo can see, he is still VARY big!!!! I luv my bruther!!!!


What were you doing 10 years ago?
I am VARY yung, so I was not alyv! But if I was, I was probablee a cat foods tayster becuz I LOVE the foods!!!!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was living outsyd in Rode Aylind!!!! I was also VARY VARY yung, even yunger than I am now!!! And I was living with my mom and my dad and my bruther, and thare was a meen man who did not lyk us!!!

Five snacks you enjoy:
I LOVE THE FOODS!! I will eet anything the nyce laydee lets me eet, lyk her food, or YORE food, but if I hadta pick theez would be my five:

1. TEMTAYSHUNS!!!! Sometimes when the nyce laydee gives my bruther and me the FOODS she forgets to close the door to the kabinit, and I steal the WHOLE BAG OF TEMTAYSHUNS, and I take it into my cat tent and chew on it until I can get it open and then my bruther and I eat the WHOLE THING!!!!
This is what I look lyk in my tent:

Yoo can tell it is me becuz my feets are white!!!!!
2. PEETZUH!! Peetzuh is VARY delishus. It has 2 vary delishus parts: the cheez, and the krust. I like to steal entire krusts in my mouth and run away with them, but they are vary hard to eat so this is only for profeshunuls!!!
3. Baked potaytoz!!! When the laydee eats theez, she puts sower kreem and cheez on them, so if I can get a good bite, thare are many delishus things ON TOP of the potayto itself, which is also delishus!!!
4. FRISKEEZ!!!! Friskeez always tastes better from my bruther's bowl. He does not mynd switching with me halfway throo the meel, either. HE IS THE BEST BRUTHER!!!
5. When I am VARY hungry, I chew on my tayl. It is not that taystee.

Five songs to which you know the lyrics:
I do not know the werds to any songs, BUT I sing a lot anyway! The laydee calls it my "cherping".

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Buy my bruther and the nyce laydee LOTS of presents!!
  2. Buy myself a whole lot of FOODS!!! An entyre peetsuh, JUST FOR ME!!!
  3. Get a WHOLE LOT OF KLOHZ and praktiss being just lyk DAISY!!!!
  4. Pay to have the whole nayburhood fenced in so my bruther could go owtsyd as much as he wants! He gets VARY growchy when the nyce laydee does not let him go owt.
  5. Mayk shur that EVARYWUN is as happy as ME!!!

Five bad habits:

  1. I steel foods.
  2. Sometimes, thare is poops on my booty.
  3. I lyk to play ALL THE TIME and sometimes I attack my bruther's tayl to mayk him play with me.
  4. The things on the nyce laydee's dresser are NOT toys. I have a hard tym remembering this.
  5. I lyk to chew on fingers. Not vary hard, though!!!

Five things you like doing:

  2. Having my booty petted!
  3. Hanging owt with the nyce laydee
  4. BLOGGING!!!!!!
  5. Following my bruther arownd. He is VARY fassinayting.

Five things you would never wear again:

I do not reely have many klohz. I have a black tee-shirt that says S Katty Kat on it, becuz that is my rapper naym. And I have a pink polo shirt, but it is kinda big on me, becuz I am VARY small. I also have a white tee-shirt. I would ware all of them agenn!!!!! I would maybe not like to ware shooz on my feets, but that is all. I would also REELY LUV a pretty party dress, becuz I am a GERL!!!!

Five favourite toys:

  1. My fuzzy wyte snohflayk ball
  2. My bloo fether wand (I played with this so much I broked it)
  3. My BRUTHER!!!!
  4. The nyce LAYDEE!!!
  5. The things on the nyce laydee's dresser are NOT TOYS.

I am asposed to tag FIVE OTHER CATS but I do not know too many other cats acuz I don't have my own BLOG! I will try though!!!!

I know that Skeezix already tagged her, but I HAFTA TAG DAISY becuz she is my HERO!!!!
And Dragonheart, acuz he does not have any hayrs and I bet not having to clean all of that fluff is VARY nyce!!!!
And Finn, acuz he told me I was pretty!!!!!
And TRIP acuz he seems acited all the time lyk me!!!!
And last but not leest, JAZPER acuz we lived on Rohd Aylind together!!!!!


Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi!! I are SOPHIE! I are yoozing my bruther's blog for SOPHIE SUNDAY!!!!!!! I know it is TEKNIKLEE Man Cat Monday, but I wunted to blog abowt ME, and I couldn't do it yesturday becuz the nice laydee had to use the compyooter to typ things for her frend Brad Skool, so my bruther sed I could blog today INSTED!!! MY BRUTHER IS THE BEST!!!! I am very acited!!!!

The nice laydee cut the furs on my butt!!!! I am VARY fluffy, and the hairs back there were VARY long and when I sit down they fan owt and sometimes poops would get stuck to them so the nice laydee trimmed them for me!!! Here is a pikchur:
As yoo can see I am still VARY fluffy, but now the hairs are shorter and they take less time to kleen, AND NOW I can sit in things like this:
without my butt hairs hanging out!!!! The nice laydee sed that this is a candul holder but I fit in it vary nyclee!!!!!
Here is a pikchur of me and my bruther watching the cat teevee!!!!
My tayl is in the pikchur, but it is not big becuz I am ascayred, it ALWAYS looks like that. I am VARY fluffy!! I lyk to watch the cat teevee with my bruther!!!
Here is a pikchur of my feets!!!
I am vary oranj, except for my toes and my tummy and my feets and my chest!! And my paw pads which are pink becuz I am a GIRL!!!!

I hope you lykt my blog!!! I like to eat the foods and kleen the hairs on my tummy and lay on top of the laydee!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Man Cat Monday

When you are posing for pictures, it is very manly to sneak a fang in there now and then, just to remind the persons that you are WILD and VISHUS! I also think this picture is manly because I look very big, like a kooger or a bobcat!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I LIVE IN MERRUHLIND NOW INNERNETS!!! And LET ME TELL YOU, it has been quite a PROCESS getting here. I have read on other blogs about movable masheens that other cats' persons have, and I was never very sure what they were talking about, but after all of my furniture and belongings, including my LITTER BOX, were taken out of my partment in Brooklyn, I was shoved into the prison box with Sophie, and put in the BIG LOUD MASHEEN.



Sophie just curled up and got scared and stayed in the corner, but I just got MAD. MAD! So first I mraw mraw mraw'd real loud, and my Person said "it's ok, Kismet!" very many times, and stuck her fingers in the prison bars so I would know she was right there, but clearly it was NOT OK AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, so then I did what I had to do.

I pooped.
In the prison box.

And my Person had to open the door of the prison box to get the poop out, which she did not seem to enjoy, and as soon as she did that I walked right out of that box and settled myself on her lap. And I got to watch all of the sights flying by! Like we went over a bridge, but not the rainbow bridge, at least I don't think so, because I seem to be okay and still HERE, and I stood up and looked out the window, and then eventually I just settled down on my Person's lap.

We drove to a place where my Person and Sophie and me got into a whole DIFFERENT masheen, and in that one my Person had to drive, and so I had to stay in the prison box. But after all of the pooping and walking around the other masheen I was actually kind of sleepy, and Sophie was still REAL SCARED, so I tried to be a nice big bruther and I cuddled with her and gave her a bath while she was sleeping. This was nice on TWO counts, because she was stinky after sitting on my poops for a little while, and because it is nice to have someone to cuddle with when you are scared.

Anyway, so after many many YEARS in the masheen, we FINALLY got to our new home in Merruhlind. Our partment in Brooklyn was high up in the sky, but our partment in Merruhlind is very low. When I watch the cat teevees, it is like I am RIGHT ON THE GROUND! And because the partment is so close to the ground, it is VERY cool inside, which is nice, because our partment in Brooklyn got SO HOTS in the summer, and the HOTS make me real grouchy. And HOTS.

When we got to the partment all I wanted to do was EXPLORE, and make sure there was no other cats or foods hanging around, but my Person just shut me and Sophie up in the bedroom while she brought all of her stuff in. I was real mad and mraw mraw'd a lot but Sophie was still scared so she hid in the closet, so I could not mraw a WHOLE LOT, because I had to make sure Sophie was okay.

After all of the stuffs was brought in, my Person had to put some furniture together. So I helped, because putting stuffs together is a real man cat thing to do. First, I looked at the directions.
Because I am a big man cat I actually prefer to not read the directions and just put things together, because I don't NEED to read the directions, because I just KNOW where everything goes, because I am a BIG MAN CAT, but the lady persons get upset if you don't read them so I had to do it. After looking at them for a minute, I then made sure that all of the pieces were there.
Here I am giving them a good sniff. After making sure all the pieces are there it is very important to give them a smell to make sure that they have not been peed on or that there are not any foods or other cats hiding in there.

Then I took a bath.
It's important to stay clean when you are assembling furniture because you don't want the furniture to get all dirty because YOU are dirty! Then, I used my very big claws to open the boxes, and then I was kinda tired so I took a break.
Putting stuff together is VERY tiring, so after I sat for awhile I realized that I didn't really want to do anymore, so I took on the role of supervisor. I just helped my Person and her person (Bonnie from Whiskonsin, who is her mom) put the stuff together - I told them where the parts went, and they followed my instructions.
It worked out pretty well and now we have lots of furniture!

Besides helping to put stuff together, I have just been trying to help my Person adjust to the new partment and to hanging out with Brad Skool. Brad gives my Person lots of stuff to read and she has also started reading this thing called the newspaper. She reads it every single day, and the newspaper is very nice to sit your booty on, and Sophie also likes to eat it, because Sophie likes to eat everything. So, we have to sit with my Person while she does all of her reading. She is also gone a LOT less than she was when she was hanging out with Jahb, so all in all I think that I approve of Merruhlind and Brad Skool, but I do miss the eff trayn and that person who lived with my Person in Brooklyn.

Now that I am settled, I can blog more! I am very excited about this, and I hope everyone still remembers who I am!

Also, just so you know, Sophie is just fine now. My Person said that she thinks that Sophie was REAL scared because the only other time that Sophie has been in a movable masheen was when she was brought to live with us in Brooklyn, and so Sophie probably thought she was going to live with a new person again. But after a few days she was just fine. I, of course, was never worried, because I know that my Person could never go anywhere without me, because I am the best and cleanest big man cat ever in her whole life. And of course, she could not put together the furniture unless I was here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whiny Wednesday

My Person is gone in Whiskonsin and Merruhlind finding a partment for us there, and so it's just me and Sophie and that nice person who lives with my Person, and so I have nobody to hump and nobody to talk to me about how big my feets are, but just so that I don't forget all my routines I have been trying to keep up with them, like sitting my booty on the white cover on the person's litter box while the nice person stands in the white box with all the water, but while I was doing that today SOPHIE knocked something over in the other room and I was so SURPRISED that I FELL INTO THE BOX WITH THE WATER.

Here is my booty afterward.
It is wet.
And then the person who lives with my Person TOLD MY PERSON about it so now my Person knows that I have been doing undignified and not very man cat like things while she is gone.


Saturday, May 05, 2007


GUESS WHAT, INNERNETS! I have not been able to blog much lately, and I will not be able to blog much for awhile, because my Person sat down me and Sophie and told us that we are MOVING!

She told us that she is not going to hang out with her friend Jahb anymore. At first I was REAL excited, because my Person leaves to spend time with Jahb almost every single day, and if she is not going to hang out with him anymore, that means she will have more time to hang out with ME! (and Sophie, too, I guess) But THEN she said that instead of Jahb, she is going to go see her friend Brad Skool. I don't know much about Brad Skool, except that he lives in someplace called Merruhlind, and that for her to spend enough time with Brad Skool, we have to go live in Merruhlind!!!

I am not sure how I feel about this. I do not think I am too mad because I have not had the urge to pee on anything. But this means there will be no more eff trayn, and no more partment in Brooklyn, and MAYBE NO MORE JUNGLE EITHER. But my Person says that Merruhlind is not THAT far away and that she is only going to be with Brad Skool for one year, and then she will be the masters of Brad Skool. To be honest this is all kind of CONFYOOZING, but overall it sounds like I might get to see my Person more often so it should be ok.

But anyway, since we are moving, I have to do many things to help my Person get ready, like sit in boxes to make sure that they will hold all of our Friskies, and sweep up the floor with my very big paws so that other persons will want to live in our partment. I will try to blog when I get a chance, but it might be awhile! DONT FORGET ABOUT ME INNERNETS!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Out There on my leash!

Since it is getting nice outside again, my Person decided to take me out into the great jungle Out There on my leash this week! I was very excited. We live in the air in our building, and whenever my Person opens the door to go to the front door, I always come down the stairs with her because I am a very intrepid explorer. But when it was cold outside she would never let me go outside of the door. BUT THIS WEEK SHE FINALLY DID! I explored many things.
This is me sitting under this very big metal thing. It had gas, as you can see by the gas can in the back, but it was not the same smelly kind of gas that my sister Sophie has. I spent a LOT of time sniffing the big metal thing's blanket, because it smelled a lot like MEATS!!! And I REALLY like meats. I tried to lick the blanket a few times too, but my Person said "Kismet, that is gross" and made me move on to other things. She told me that the big metal thing is used for cooking meats and that is why it smelled like them. My Person does not eat meats, so it is really a miracle that I even remember what they smell like.

Since my Person would not let me lick the metal thing's blanket, I instead decided to eat some grass. I LOVE GRASS! I also looked around for some sellree, but I did not find any. I guess we do not grow our own sellree. But the grass was still VERY delishus.

The jungle is set up for a man cat, I think, because the grass is just tall enough that I can sit my booty on this big chair to eat it. It was a little difficult to get the eating stance right, though. I had to spread my very big back feets out to brace myself, and put most my man cat weight on my very big FRONT feets. It worked PERFECTLY once I figured it out, though! Here is a picture of my very big back feets in the right position. And also of my booty.
Being out in the jungle makes me feel like a WILD CAT! If you a young cat and scare easily you might not want to look at the next two pictures, because I do not want you to be spooked by my WILD CATNESS!
Although, if you have never been to the jungle, you might not even be able to find me in these pictures at all.

There are many things in the jungle that will distract you, and also some that will sneak up on you. That is why you have to be alert at all times. Notice how I am in the middle of my snack, but have made sure to stop eating when I hear DANGER approaching!

Once I decided that there was no immediate danger, I allowed myself to keep eating my snack - but I still kept my eyes out and my ears pricked!

It was a VERY GREAT trip into the jungle, but eventually we had to go back inside because the whole time we were Out There, my sister Sophie sat in the window and cried and cried and cried. She wants to type this part herself.

Hi! I are Sophie! I are yoozing my bruther's blog to tawk about how SCAYREE it was when my bruther was gawn! I sitted in the window and CRYED and CRYED. "WARE IS MY BRUTHER?? WY IS HE GAWN??? CAN YOU HEER ME, NICE LAYDEEE???" I thawted that maybe they had gawn to live outsyd, becuz I yoost to live outsyd, and I do not want to live outsyd AGENN, but if my bruther AND the nice laydee are going to live outsyd, I would rather be outsyd with them then alohn by myself in HEER. But then they kaym back! And I was so acited to see my bruther! And then we gotted FOODS!!!! My bruther wuns to typ now. It is nyc of him to let me yooz his blog becuz I know that he doesn't lyk it when I yooz his blog.

Anyway, my Person says that Sophie can't go outside in the jungle with us because she does not have a leash for her yet, and obveeisslee she cannot use mine because it would be WAY TOO BIG, and she also thinks that Sophie wouldn't even want to go in the jungle unless I was going too. So for now, jungle time is just me and my Person. I am not sure the jungle Out There is a good place for tiny girl cats, anyway.