Monday, June 11, 2007

Man Cat Monday

When you are posing for pictures, it is very manly to sneak a fang in there now and then, just to remind the persons that you are WILD and VISHUS! I also think this picture is manly because I look very big, like a kooger or a bobcat!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I LIVE IN MERRUHLIND NOW INNERNETS!!! And LET ME TELL YOU, it has been quite a PROCESS getting here. I have read on other blogs about movable masheens that other cats' persons have, and I was never very sure what they were talking about, but after all of my furniture and belongings, including my LITTER BOX, were taken out of my partment in Brooklyn, I was shoved into the prison box with Sophie, and put in the BIG LOUD MASHEEN.



Sophie just curled up and got scared and stayed in the corner, but I just got MAD. MAD! So first I mraw mraw mraw'd real loud, and my Person said "it's ok, Kismet!" very many times, and stuck her fingers in the prison bars so I would know she was right there, but clearly it was NOT OK AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, so then I did what I had to do.

I pooped.
In the prison box.

And my Person had to open the door of the prison box to get the poop out, which she did not seem to enjoy, and as soon as she did that I walked right out of that box and settled myself on her lap. And I got to watch all of the sights flying by! Like we went over a bridge, but not the rainbow bridge, at least I don't think so, because I seem to be okay and still HERE, and I stood up and looked out the window, and then eventually I just settled down on my Person's lap.

We drove to a place where my Person and Sophie and me got into a whole DIFFERENT masheen, and in that one my Person had to drive, and so I had to stay in the prison box. But after all of the pooping and walking around the other masheen I was actually kind of sleepy, and Sophie was still REAL SCARED, so I tried to be a nice big bruther and I cuddled with her and gave her a bath while she was sleeping. This was nice on TWO counts, because she was stinky after sitting on my poops for a little while, and because it is nice to have someone to cuddle with when you are scared.

Anyway, so after many many YEARS in the masheen, we FINALLY got to our new home in Merruhlind. Our partment in Brooklyn was high up in the sky, but our partment in Merruhlind is very low. When I watch the cat teevees, it is like I am RIGHT ON THE GROUND! And because the partment is so close to the ground, it is VERY cool inside, which is nice, because our partment in Brooklyn got SO HOTS in the summer, and the HOTS make me real grouchy. And HOTS.

When we got to the partment all I wanted to do was EXPLORE, and make sure there was no other cats or foods hanging around, but my Person just shut me and Sophie up in the bedroom while she brought all of her stuff in. I was real mad and mraw mraw'd a lot but Sophie was still scared so she hid in the closet, so I could not mraw a WHOLE LOT, because I had to make sure Sophie was okay.

After all of the stuffs was brought in, my Person had to put some furniture together. So I helped, because putting stuffs together is a real man cat thing to do. First, I looked at the directions.
Because I am a big man cat I actually prefer to not read the directions and just put things together, because I don't NEED to read the directions, because I just KNOW where everything goes, because I am a BIG MAN CAT, but the lady persons get upset if you don't read them so I had to do it. After looking at them for a minute, I then made sure that all of the pieces were there.
Here I am giving them a good sniff. After making sure all the pieces are there it is very important to give them a smell to make sure that they have not been peed on or that there are not any foods or other cats hiding in there.

Then I took a bath.
It's important to stay clean when you are assembling furniture because you don't want the furniture to get all dirty because YOU are dirty! Then, I used my very big claws to open the boxes, and then I was kinda tired so I took a break.
Putting stuff together is VERY tiring, so after I sat for awhile I realized that I didn't really want to do anymore, so I took on the role of supervisor. I just helped my Person and her person (Bonnie from Whiskonsin, who is her mom) put the stuff together - I told them where the parts went, and they followed my instructions.
It worked out pretty well and now we have lots of furniture!

Besides helping to put stuff together, I have just been trying to help my Person adjust to the new partment and to hanging out with Brad Skool. Brad gives my Person lots of stuff to read and she has also started reading this thing called the newspaper. She reads it every single day, and the newspaper is very nice to sit your booty on, and Sophie also likes to eat it, because Sophie likes to eat everything. So, we have to sit with my Person while she does all of her reading. She is also gone a LOT less than she was when she was hanging out with Jahb, so all in all I think that I approve of Merruhlind and Brad Skool, but I do miss the eff trayn and that person who lived with my Person in Brooklyn.

Now that I am settled, I can blog more! I am very excited about this, and I hope everyone still remembers who I am!

Also, just so you know, Sophie is just fine now. My Person said that she thinks that Sophie was REAL scared because the only other time that Sophie has been in a movable masheen was when she was brought to live with us in Brooklyn, and so Sophie probably thought she was going to live with a new person again. But after a few days she was just fine. I, of course, was never worried, because I know that my Person could never go anywhere without me, because I am the best and cleanest big man cat ever in her whole life. And of course, she could not put together the furniture unless I was here.