Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the road again

My Person offishully made friends with new Mr. Jahb, so we are going to be MOVING TO NORTH KAROLYNA!

I feel fine about the moving, innernets. Some cats get nervous and are resistant to change, but I am a large and advenchuriss man and I like going to new places, like out in the hallway or Out There or on top of the fridge (there's foods in there you know). It is good that my Person has me to help with the move because I have many talents that come in handy.

I can help navigate:

I see foods.

I can put together furniture:

The furniture is in here. I am pretty sure.

I can clean:

You missed a spot.

Sophie cannot do much of anything except for freak out when we are in the car and hide under furniture in the new 'partment. Sophie gets drugs when we go on trips, and we ride in the same carrier because she needs me around to feel safe. But SOMETIMES when we are in the movable masheen I have to leave the carrier to go in the front seat and see my Person and make sure that she knows where she is going and also to check around to see if there are any foods or other cats or vishus things hiding up there, because you just never know.

North Karolyna will be the fifth place I have lived. I have also lived with my Person in Brooklyn (above the eff trayn), Merruhlind, Virjinya, and now Whiskonsin. We also drove all the way to Californyuh and back, but my Person did not like that trip because I escaped in Noo Mexico and was gone for many hours in the middle of the night, and then when we drove back to Whiskonsin my broked heart did not like the meowntains in Colorado and I had foam come out of my nose and we had to stop at an emergency VETS in Nebraska and I am sad to say that I was too tired to even fight the VETS then, so it is a good thing that we will never live in Nebraska because that VETS probably thinks she can mess with me. Because of all of this my Person is nervous about the trip to North Karolyna. I don't really know what to say about that, innernets, because I am a big dude and sometimes on trips I just gotta do what I gotta do, but this trip is a lot shorter than the one to Californyuh and back so I don't know if there will be enough time to have any big advenchurs. Anyways my point is, I have been a lot of places and so I am a man cat of the world and the lady cats in North Karolyna better hold on to their ladyparts because I am coming soon!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

1. The VETS called my Person and said that all of Sophie's test results came back normal which I guess means that she passed, but I don't think it means she gets to grajooyate from anything, just that she probably doesn't have pankreea-tytus. The VETS said they are still not exactly sure what was wrong with my sister, but that she MIGHT still have pankreea-tytus, or maybe she just had a virus, or maybe her bowels are irritable. I have never talked to Sophie's bowels so I can't tell you if they are cranky, but they sure do stink sometimes. Anyways the VETS said my Person should just keep feeding Sophie her new foods and monitor her poops. I did not offer to help.

Beware of the back end, innernets.

2. Sophie is now eating different foods than me. She likes the new foods okay but not as much as she likes my foods, so she eats them slower. Because of this I eat my foods in the human litterbox room. (It is very undignified to eat in there, but I have to go where my Person puts the foods.) I am a big dude so I eat really fast and then I mraw mraw and paw at the door because I KNOW that Sophie's foods are out there and she hasn't finished them and if you SNOOZE YOU LOSE, KID, LET ME AT THOSE FOODS, but my Person never lets me out to eat them because she does not understand the rules of eating the foods.

3. This annoys me but so far I have not peed on anything even once about it.

4. But when my Person got back from visiting potenshul new friend Jahb, I did try to pee in her suitcase. Twice. But she caught me. Twice. She still has not unpacked the suitcase, but to keep me from peeing in it she just makes sure to keep it closed.

5. So now I sleep on it instead. HAHA PERSON!

6. My Person is talking to someone else who knows potenshul friend Jahb tomorrow morning and she said she hopes that Jahb will decide if he wants to be friends with her soon after that. I hope he decides soon and that he decides yes, because the friend Jahb my Person hangs out with now takes up way too much of her time.

7. By the time she gets home I have so much stuff to tell her that I just follow her around and mraw mraw for hours and it takes away from the other manly stuff that I need to be doing, like cleaning my whisker humps and prowling for hidden foods and watching the cat TV and ignoring that rabbit that lives here.

He doesn't help with the patrols or ANYTHING.

8. When we lived in Virjinya my Person's friend Jahb only took SOME of her time and I only had to mraw mraw at her about stuff for a little while before she was all caught up. It was a much better balance and my life was not quite so HARD then.

9. Sadie was wondering if I still wear shirts. (How YOU doin', Sadie?) All of my mancat shirts are in a place called Storij. Most of my Person's stuff is there since we had to move back to Whiskonsin so suddenly. HOPEFULLY if potenshul new friend Jahb decides he wants to be friends with my Person, she can go to Storij and get her stuff (and MY shirts). But for now, I am nude all the time. Drink it in, laydeez.

10. Right now the partment we are living in is in a big huge building of lots of partments so I have not had a chance to run Out There. But sometimes when my Person comes in the partment I TAKE OFF into the hallway! It is a very long hallway and I just trot down it, mraw mrawing the whole time so that any persons I pass know who I am and that I am a big dude who lives by them, just in case they didn't know. I never get too far before my Person comes out and scoops me up and says, "Where do you think you are going?" And I am all, "Down the hall, Person," which I think is pretty obvious, innernets, espeshully since she SAW ME GOING DOWN THERE, but my Person does not understand these things.

11. I have not gone into the hallway lately because the HOTS are here. I hate the HOTS. My Person has kept it nice and cool in the partment for us, so I am not going into that hallway no way no how, except if my Person left the door open I would HAVE TO even though the HOTS are out there, just because exploring is a manly thing to do so I would have no choice.

12. Obveeissly, those types of responsibilities come with being a man cat. It is hard to be me.

Thinking about my hardships.

13. I am glad that so many of my friends are still blogging and that so many people still remember me (not that I REALLY thought you would forget me, but who knows?). It is good to be back, innernets!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Man Cat Monday

But first a little update on my sister. After staying at the VETS while my Person was gone meeting potenshul new friend Jahb, Sophie is back home and doing fine. She is still not 100 percent herself, but she is a LOT more herself than she was last week, which means I have hissed and growled at her some because she has started bugging me again. My Person considers this a good sign, but I think it is mostly just annoying. We are both eating the foods and pooping. The VETS is sending Sophie's test out today and we may not get her scores until next week which is like A YEAR, so for now we are just hanging out and waiting. But for now things are good!

My Person said she liked potenshul new friend Jahb, but she has to talk to some more people who know him. But the other people who know him that she already talked to said that things look good and we should hear about that by the end of this week.


If you are new to my blog you may not know this, but I am the original man cat and I invented Man Cat Monday. I thought it would be a good way for man cats around the innernets to be manly, and also to get pointers from me on how to be a big man cat. So if you are participating in Man Cat Monday today, leave me a comment and let me know so I can come check you out.

Here is me for Man Cat Monday:

Watching the cat TV. Note how I totally ignore my Person and the camera. That is because I am too busy watching the cat TV to pay any attention to her. This is very manly.

Exploring the 'partment. I always look around for foods or other cats or vishus things that could get me or my Person. This is obviously very manly.

Showing off my ear hair and my whisker humps. Both manly.

Happy man cat Monday, innernets! I hope your day is manly. Let me know if you are participating!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My bachelor weekend

My Person is leaving today to meet her potenshul new friend Jahb, and she is taking Mac the mancat computer with her, so I won't be able to blog while she is gone (did she ask me if this was okay? No. No she did not). Sophie is going to the VETS while my Person is gone and Henry, the rabbit we live with, is at bunny camp, so I have the whole 'partment to myself. I can't decide what I will do. Maybe open a cigar bar or have some ladies over.

Decisions are exhausting.

Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know that my sister ate all of her foods while she was home AND she pooped! She did not each much breakfast yesterday, but my Person figured out a little later that it's because Sophie does NOT like cold foods. (I tried to explain that FOODS IS FOODS, KID, but she did not care.)

While she is at the VETS they will give her a lot of digestive tests, and just between you and me, innernets, I don't know how that's going to go, because I don't know how smart Sophie's digestives are. One of those tests is supposed to tell us if she has pancreeya-tytus, so we should know by the time my Person gets back! So if you could keep the purrs coming that would be great.

Let me know if anyone wants to come over while my Person is gone. I have two litterboxes all to myself and a big bed to sleep on and a whole WALL of cat TVs! Otherwise I will talk to you in a few days, innernets!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My sister is home!

Honestly innernets, my sister coming home was not a very huge deal. We did not have a big EMOSHUNAL reunion. My Person brought her in in the carrier and opened the door, and Sophie came RUNNING out! She did some laps around the room because she was so excited to be home, and then she settled on the bed and gave herself a long bath which was good because you have to get that VETS stink off of you as soon as you can. And then she slept for awhile! And then we had dinner, and my sister ate all of her foods, and both of us made sure to eat really slowly to really freak out my Person. And then we went to bed. The whole thing was no big deal, but you could tell my Person was real happy and thought it was a real big deal.

Sophie on her pillow.

This morning, though, my sister did not eat hardly any foods for breakfast. So my Person is worried again. She called the VETS and the VETS said that she wasn't concerned yet, because my sister got fed a lot of foods yesterday and might still just be adjusting to being at home. My Person has some medicine that makes cats hungry, and the VETS said to give Sophie some of that tonight and see if she will eat then, so that is the plan. My sister is going back to the VETS tomorrow anyway when my Person goes to meet her maybe-new-friend Jahb in another city, so either way the VETS will probably figure out what is going on and hopefully fix it. PLEASE keep purring that my sister keeps eating on her own! And also pooping, she hasn't pooped since she's been here. At least I don't think so. I don't really follow her around to check her litterboxing, innernets. I have other stuff to do.

Also, I clearly have not taught my sister very well how to deal with the VETS, because her VETS report card said this on it:

"Sophie has been a great patient. This morning she was very animated - rubbing, rolling and generally being very engaging which is probably normal behavior for Sophie when she is feeling well."

SIGH. You are not supposed to spend time making friends with the VETS, what you are SUPPOSED to do is ATTACK FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER. You should HEAR the noises I make at the VETS, innernets. A few months ago my Person took me in there because I was peeing on the rug (haHA!) and by the time I was done with them, the VETS knew not to mess with the big man cat. First I made this face:

Then they took me into another room to try to pull out some of my pees with a needle. And my Person said later that even through THREE SETS of closed doors, she could hear me yelling at them. Eventually the VETS told my Person they were going to have to sedate me in order to get the pees. HAHA! At that same visit my Person saw that in my file it said, "Be careful - this patient is AGGRESSIVE!!!" And my Person said that when she and Sophie left the VETS yesterday, the VETS said, "Your cats are so sweet!....Well, Sophie, anyway." VICTORY. My Person always tells them, "I'm sorry, I wish you could meet him at home! He is a nice cat!" I wish she would cut that out because I don't want those VETS coming over here, no way no how.

Keep the purrs coming, innernets! We do NOT want Sophie to have to have more expensive testing or an operayshun. We just want her to get well, NOW!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Innernets, I never thought a post about Sophie pooping would ever be a good thing EVER, but my Person and I are VERY excited to tell you that last night at the VETS, my sister Sophie both ATE FOODS ON HER OWN and POOPED!!!!!

I also just want to tell you that I myself eat the foods on my own and poop every day, but you don't see anyone getting very excited about it. Whatever. I'm just meowin'.

The VETS said they are still not exactly sure what is wrong with my sister. About a month ago, she had a similar blowing chunks-and-not-eating episode, but it was just one night and my Person just figured that all cats blow chunks sometimes, no big deal. But the VETS thinks now that maybe Sophie has pankreea-tytus. Apparently all of us cats have this thing called a pankreeyus. My Person says that the pankreeyus has something to do with making sure that we have enough sugars in our blood. Probably this means that my pankreeyus does not work because I AM ALWAYS VERY HUNGRY and none of my fluids are tasting very sweet. I guess in cats the pankreeyus also has something to do with the way we process our FOODS and also how we poop, so it would make sense that Sophie's pankreeyus does not work because her poops are always very stinky. Anyways, my Person does not know a whole lot about pankreea-tytus, but from what we have found on the innernets it looks like Sophie would just have to eat better foods to manage it. The VETS need to do a special test to see if Sophie's pankreeyus is broked, and if it is then we figure things out from there. If it's not then we still don't know what's wrong with her and they may still need to do some sort of operayshun or more tests.

But we are not thinking too much about that because we are just VERY relieved that my sister is eating foods and pooping! She is going to come home tonight just to see how she does. My Person is already annoying me by being a nervous wreck about it, and I am a LITTLE bummed because I have gotten a LOT of extra foods while Sophie is gone. But it is also KINDA boring without her here so I'm mostly okay with her coming back.

My Person is also going out of town at the end of this week to go visit a possible new friend Jahb in a new town. This Jahb is better than her friend Jahb who lives here, because the new Jahb would have more time for my Person and would give her more moneys and also take care of her if she got sick. I hate when my Person goes out of town (I usually express my rage by blowing chunks a lot, all over the place, and maybe peeing on some things if I feel like it), but I am glad she is going to try to make a new friend Jahb. But she doesn't want to leave Sophie alone while she is gone, so Sophie will be staying at the VETS for two extra nights this week, and they will do the pankreeya-tytus test then.

BASICALLY INNERNETS, we still do not REALLY know what is going on with my sister's insides, but she seems to be doing a LOT better. My Person also wants me to tell you that because of your donayshuns, we are able to pay for ALL of Sophie's vet bills this week! We will let you know how it goes when she gets home and we will post some pictures too!! PLEASE keep purring and keeping your paws crossed that she does not need any sort of operayshun!! I am so glad that I have such great friends on the innernets, even if it makes my Person cry when you guys are nice to me, and then she follows me around and tries to make me cuddle with her, and that is fine sometimes, but I have THINGS to do other times, you know? Mostly I'm just like, chill out, Person, of course they are nice to me, they are my friends. There are just SO MANY THINGS she does not understand.

Can't even nap in peace.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sophie update, part 2

We just heard from the VETS and my sister Sophie has not vommed ALL DAY LONG!

The VETS said they have forcefed her three times and are going to feed her once more before they leave for the night. She said Sophie has not thrown ANYTHING up, which is good news because, innernets, when Sophie was home this weekend, she spent a LOT of time blowing chunks. I am a dude who enjoys blowing chunks, so you must know that if I think she was overdoing it, she definitely was. And I am a neat chunk-blower; it's all in one spot. Sophie is not used to blowing chunks so it was just EVERYWHERE. I will spare you any more details. So far, Sophie has kept foods down for 8.5 hours!!

The VETS said they are still not sure what is wrong with Sophie but that she seems to be moving in the right direction and now what we really want is for her to poop. I think maybe if they knew how stinky Sophie's poops were they would not want that so much, but that is just my opinion.

We are definitely still not out of the woods and Sophie is NOT back to normal. She will stay at the VETS another night getting more water in an IV, and they will feed her more tomorrow. My Person has decided not to go visit her because we do not want to get her excited and then have her be sad when my Person leaves again. I always really liked it when my Person visited me at the VETS when my heart first broked, but then I have a LOT OF RAGE when I am at the VETS so having my Person there was good because it made me remember that I do not really hate all persons, JUST VETS. But Sophie is very different than me and since she seems to be doing okay, we do not want to risk messing that up.

PLEASE keep purring for my sister! There is still a chance she could need surgery and we DON'T WANT THAT, so keep the purrs coming!!!!!

KISMET OUT. Also VETS if you are reading this, feel free to send any foods that my sister does not eat my way and I will take care of them for you. But don't come near me when you deliver the foods because I hate you.

Sophie update

My sister Sophie spent all last night at the VETS getting water in an IV. I don't know what that means, but it sounds dumb because you can just drink water if you are thirsty. The VETS called my Person this morning and said Sophie did well overnight but is still not eating any foods (also dumb, give me the foods), so they are going to force-feed her and if she can't keep any food down still they are recommending something called a bare-e-um X-ray. I guess they feed Sophie some bare-e-um and then take a bunch of X-rays to see how it looks inside her insides, and that will tell them if there is something stuck in there. And if it shows that, they will probably recommend surgery.

My Person is driving me nuts, basically. She is panicky and stressed and a wreck, because all of this stuff is apparently going to cost around 2,000 moneys, which we just don't have. So she is not sure what to do.

Some persons have donated moneys and we want to say THANK YOU so much and that it helps, and that we appreciate it more than we can say. My Person also wants me to say that we are not posting about this so any of you will feel bad and give us moneys. The moneys are wonderful and they help us a lot, but I am just here blogging because that's what my blog is for, and my Person is hovering because she knows that all of you will understand how she is feeling.

I will keep you posted when we hear from the VETS again. (I hate the VETS.)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

my sister Sophie

I know I have been very bad at blogging, but I am blogging today to let everyone know that my sister Sophie is very sick. She has been in and out of the VETS for the past few days and it seems that she might have an intestinuhl blockage, which I guess means that she ate something she should not have eaten and it is stuck in her insides.

She is going back to the VETS today and my Person does not know what will happen. We are living in Whiskonsin right now, because my Person left her friend Jahb in Virjinya to move with us to Californyuh to live with this man person that we all liked, but we were not in Californyuh very long before that man person decided he didn't want us living there, so we had to come all the way back to Whiskonsin, where my Person is from. My Person has a new friend Jahb here, but she is only friends with him on a free-lanse basis so we do not have hardly any moneys. And in addishun to Sophie being sick and at the VETS a lot this week, I had to spend a night camping in the oxyjin tent this week on account of my broked heart. The VETS told my Person that Sophie will probably need a lot more X-rays and maybe an operayshun if there is something stuck in her insides, and we are just not sure what will happen.

My Person is very, very, very, very sad and feels like a failure because she does not have moneys to do whatever is necessary to help Sophie. So if you could purr for all of us, I would really appreciate it.

My sister bugs me sometimes a lot, but she is a very good cat.