Thursday, March 11, 2010


SUP INNERNETS!!! I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I know some of you have been worried about me but DO NOT WORRY, innernets friends, I am doing fine! I am still ginormous and me and my man paws and my very large whisker humps are doing well!

I have been on my Enalapril and my Lasix for almost two months now and I am back to acting like my normal man cat self. I love my FOODS, and Sophie BUGS ME sometimes, and I like to sit on the side of the persons water box and mraw mraw mraw, and I knock things off the dresser at night and I hump my Person and I am VERY dignified. If you didn't know my heart was broked, you would think I am just a big dude going about his big dude life. Except for the parts of me that they undignifiedly shaved. Those are still growing back.

I am sorry that I have not been very good at updating and that I made some of you worried! I promise to try to be better because there are still many THINGS I feel the world should know about, like how Sophie is afraid of string cheese (HELLO IT IS CHEESE) and how I just ate some Cheez-Its today, and how there's a bunny that lives with us now and he is weird. Whatever.

My Person also asked me to beg your forgiveness because she is still working on thank-yous for everyone who donated us the dollaz. I don't really beg on account of I'm a big dude but she is sorry.

To prove to you that I am still me, here is a pikshur! I am not one to brag but I am still pretty handsome, even with a broked heart.

Also, innernets, I really want to thank you again for all the purrs you sent my way when I was not feeling so good and was spending lots of time camping in oxyjin tents. They made me feel better but they REALLY made my Person feel like she was not so alone. It is normally my job to do that, and you really stepped in when I couldn't do it for her. So thank you again. You guys are awesome, and not just cuz you respect the whisker humps, if you know what I mean.