Saturday, December 30, 2006


Here are my boodwah pictures in Skeezix's pink satin robe. I am very sorry that it took FOREVER but my Person was in Whiskonsin and then the camera that I never peed on even once had to FINALLY get fixed for good. So without further adoo, here we go:

Dashing, even in pink satin.

With the neck open and a bad boy stare, for the ladiez.


I hope you all enjoy the photos and that they give some of you urges. Also, here is my sister Sophie's reaction to me in the robe:

"What is he WEARING???...That would match my socks!!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sister stuff again

Innernets, I am so bad at blogging. I have been waiting and waiting for the camera to be fixed, and then my Person told me that it came back but it WASN'T fixed, and that the man at Best By (and what is Best By??? Is it a place where they decide when things expire, like on the foods it sometimes says Best By 12/1, and that kind of makes sense because maybe they are trying to decide if the camera has EXPIRED) said that they have to send it in at least FOUR TIMES before they decide that it can't be fixed. I never noticed any balls on the camera but now I am thinking that it must have big ones because it only took me ONE try to be fixed, and I am a pretty big guy. Anyway, so we still have no camera, and I just want to remind everyone that I never peed on it EVEN ONCE, and so I still have no pictures of my sister and me.

BUT I want to let everyone know that things with my sister are a LOT better. She is REALLY little and so you would think that she would be scared of me, because I am a big dude, but she is not scared at all. She lived on the streets like me, so she is pretty tough even though she doesn't look it because she is really busy being tiny. I like to play with her a LOT - we run around all night long while my Person is sleeping -- but then sometimes she drives me nuts. I mean, I am four, I got THINGS to do, I can't just PLAY all day -- I gotta clean my toes, I gotta nap on the cable box, I gotta blow chunks -- but most of the time she is pretty okay. At night when my Person sits on the couch -- the one I pee on sometimes -- and types on the computer, me and Sophie curl up next to her and sometimes we hold paws and sometimes I give her a bath, because she is not very good at bathing herself, and I like things to be clean, so I think that's the nice thing to do. Also, she REALLY loves the foods, just like me! It is nice to have someone else down by my Person's feets, mraw mrawing. Even though Sophie's mraw mrawing just kind of sounds like skweeking.

Anyway, so things are better, and I am REAL EXCITED to take my boodwah photo in a pink satin robe for charity!!!! (If you are not sure what I am talking about, and you are thinking, "Kismet, you are a big man cat, and you have a Hugh Hefner robe, and you should not run around in pink satin", go here and check it out! And donate some money, because it is all for a real good cause -- other cats and persons who need money for their VET bills, and for Kittykind, which is where I met my Person and Kara, whose apartment I lived in before I met my Person.)

And also, I have to tell you that although I like my sister mostly, I am still not sure how I feel about sharing my Person. Cuz she is MY Person. But I am trying to be a good boy. And sometimes it is hard but I am doing mostly okay!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sister stuff

Things are getting a little bit better. My Person moved my sister into the room with the big white box and the person litter box, and every now and then she goes in there to play with her and then she comes out and I can smell my sister on her. At first that made me REAL mad and I would hiss and growl -- because HEY, LITTLE CAT, THAT IS MY PERSON -- but now whenever my Person comes out, she comes right over to me and pets me a lot and when I don't hiss she smooches me and tells me what a good boy I am and how proud of me she is. I like to make my Person happy so I am trying real hard to not hiss and growl so much but it's HARD!!

Sometimes when my Person goes in to play with my sister she leaves the door open. And she will sit down and have my sister on her lap, and then I go in and sniff around. I have done this twice now, and I only hissed once. I THINK THAT IS PRETTY GOOD INNERNETS.

It helps to have Mona around, too, because Mona is really good with new cats. There is a big crate in the corner of the living room, and when my Person is hanging out in there she moves my sister into the crate so I can see her and smell her and my Person can keep an eye on us. And even though when I go over there I mostly want to hiss, Mona just goes right up to the crate and pokes her nose through, and she and my sister ACTUALLY TOUCH NOSES. I am not ready for that yet, but Mona says it is okay and that I should not be so scared and mad. So I am trying just REAL hard to be a nice big man cat. Because I trust my Person AND I trust Mona.

I really appreciate all the advice you guys have left me and I know my Person does too (she is not so nervous now). It makes me feel a LOT better that a lot of you guys have gone through this and survived, and some of you actually LOVE your sisters!! I hope someday I can play with mine. She hasn't hissed at me at all since the first night, so I think she wants to play someday too.

And, my Person says to tell you that my sister's name is Sophie. And that we can't post any pictures because the STUPID CAMERA IS STILL BROKEN AND I DID NOT EVEN PEE ON IT EVER. And I also want you to know that I have not peed on the couch or anywhere I am not supposed to even though I have been pretty MAD, and I think this makes me a very good boy. What do you guys think?? It seems better now, right?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sisters SUCK

My sister is here. I PRETTY MUCH HATE HER. She is in this big crate thing in the corner of the apartment, and she is very tiny, and every now and then I make sure to go over and hiss at her. My Person took her out once and brought her over to me, and I hissed real good and growled real loud too. This is MY apartment, lady cat! You can't just roll up in here without some trouble!

My Person is REAL worried about this, and I can tell, and I feel bad about that, but I CAN'T HELP IT IS MY TURF. Occasionally I have made sure to hiss and growl at my Person too, just so she remembers I'm boss and she shouldn't be bringing other cats in here without asking me.

Any advice, cats? How do I get rid of her? What do I do??