Monday, December 15, 2008


HI!!! It's ME, SOPHIE! I know my bruther has not BLOGGED in FOREVER, but I think he will soon. BUT I, SOPHIE, had a VARY SCAYREE ADVENCHUR, and wunted to blog abowt it, so he said I COULD! I LOVE MY BRUTHER!

One day not vary long ago, the nyce laydee kaym home after visiting Mr. Jahb. She had MANY BAGS in her hands when she was coming in the door. SOME OF THEM HAD FOODS IN THEM!!! I LOVE FOODS!!!

Whenever the nyce laydee comes in the door my bruther tries to run owtsyd. He has gotted owt a FEW times, but he never gets vary far before the nyce LAYDEE catches him. So when she was coming in this time with all the BAGS of FOODS, she yoozed her feets to push him back. And while she was doing that, I, SOPHIE, RUNNED OWT!!!!

I am not shur why. I lived owtsyd before so I know what it is LYK owt there, and I used to be VARY ascayred of going owt EVER, but heer in VirJINya I am VARY afassinayted by the owtsyd. And since my bruther always wunts to go owt, and I wunt to do WHATEVER my bruther does, I thawt maybe I would TRY IT!

WELL, the nyce laydee didn't SEE that I had gotted owt! So she just shut the door and went upstairs to do something on the compyooter that I am Not Allowed to touch (acuz I kinda broked it, but that is not the story I am telling right now). AND I, SOPHIE, WAS ALONE OWTSYD!

To tell yoo the trooth I was VARY afyoozed abowt how I had gotted owt there in the first place and why. So I just stood owt there staring at the door and meowing REAL LOWD and APITIFULLY. And the nyce laydee was gone FOREVER, but she said later that when she was upstairs on the compyooter she could HEER me meowing, and she thought, "Oh no, a stray cat must be owtsyd! It is cold owt, I will go see if it is ok."

So she FINALLY came back down and who did she see owtsyd but ME!!! SOPHIE!!!! She was VARY aprized and opened the door and I RAN RIGHT IN and went under the kowch and would not come owt for a long time, like maybe ten whole MINUTES. My paws were VARY cold and the whole thing really made me remember what it is LIKE to live owtsyd and I don't think I will try to go owt again. Unless my bruther does too, acuz if HE is doing it, it is probly VARY afassinayting!