Saturday, August 26, 2006

More presents!!!

Awhile ago, I was the 10,000th visitor to my friends the Meezers' blog. (That is a LOT of visitors!) I was very excited. And so the Meezers sent me some presents!!

Here I am, checking out the goods! They sent me two very DELICIOUS LOOKING dinners (one is lobster! I have never had lobster, but doesn't it sound FANCY? I think big stars like P. Diddy eat lobster. P. Diddy is a very stylish rapper. I would like to drink Cristal with P. Diddy, but my Person says I am not old enough to drink. ANYWAY SO I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE LOBSTER). They also sent me TWO CATNIP TOYS, and a little jar of catnip (Mona and I have already dug into that. Mona is very high right now). There are also some cat treats that look yummy, AND A BAG OF CHEEZ-ITS!!!!!!!! The Meezers are really good friends. You can tell that they really care about their friends and pay attention to them, because a kazshooyul observer would not remember that I LOVE CHEEZ-ITS.

So that was SO EXCITING. I wish I could get mail like this every day!!

Aside from all the great stuff inside the package, I am also excited about the package itself.

I really like to sit on top of things like this envelope! Whenever there is ANYTHING on the floor -- plastic bags, deeveedees, newspapers -- I really like to sit on them and take a bath and sometimes even a nap. I also like to sit on them and talk with my Person. Some of our best talks happen when I am sitting on top of things on the floor. So here I am, having a bath on top of the envelope from the Meezers. They didn't even KNOW that I like to sit on things, and they STILL sent my presents in a cushy envelope!! They are really good friends and if you are not already reading their blog, you should go do it now!!

Here is a picture of me sitting on one of my Person's cushy bags that she carries around:

This was a very good nap.

I've gotten a little distracted here. The point of this post is: THANK YOU MEEZERS AND CONGRAJULAYSHUNS ON HAVING 10,000 VISITORS TO YOUR BLOG!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


My best friend Skeezix sent me a present!!!! I was so excited because we never really get any mail, and when we do it is usually for my Person (although I have lots of friends who send me things sometimes). But this whole package was for me, and it was a surprise, too!

Here is my present:

IT IS MY VERY OWN "FRIEND OF SKEEZIX" SHIRT!!!! Which makes sense, of course, because I am friends with Skeezix. (Those things on the left side of the picture are my Person's feets. I know that they are not as handsome as MY feets, but try not to hold it against her. My feets are very big and nice and furry, and it is hard to top them. I also think it is interesting that the bottom part of her nails are pink just like mine are when you cut them too far. You would think that this would make her understand how much fun pawdicures are NOT, but NO. ANYWAYS.)

Here is another picture of me in my shirt:

That one is a little closer up so you can see the shirt's picture better. See? That is what Skeezix looks like. He is wearing a crown. I would not wear a crown, but I would wear bling, because that is just the kind of big man cat I am. I am very proud to wear my Friend of Skeezix shirt and I encourage all of you to make friends with him so you can wear them too. He is debuting them in his fall kullekshun soon! I am kind of like his runway model. I am okay with that. I can work the cat-walk. The ladies will love it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nips and buns

Today I sniffed some nip and cuddled with my bunny. You can see the nip on the floor in this picture. I like to lay right down in it after I am done sniffing and chewing on it, because then I have nice nipped dreams. My bunny does not share the nip, which is nice, but he does not mind laying in it with me.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This is one of my most favorite snacks:

It is technically a persons food, but they are delicious! They are small cheesy crunchy things. Sometimes when my Person is eating them she will give me one. Even though I am a very big dude, the entire thing does not fit in my mouth, so I have to chew it up into little pieces, spit them out, and then eat them one at a time.

I also like ham and other meats, but my Person does not eat the meats, so I don't get them very often.

Do any of you like strange persons food?


When my Person gets home at night she gives me my foods and then she usually gets on her computer. This is kind of a problem for me, because after I eat my foods I am so much in the mood to blog. So what I do is, I come sit on the table with the computer and I wash my paws and my face and I let my Person pet me for awhile (this is nice because she has been gone all day long and I miss her). But then after my paws and my face are clean, I just stare at the computer sadly. And sometimes, I chew on the corner of the screen. And then she gets the hint and lets me blog. She is a pretty good Person. I have her trained pretty well.

Unfortunately tonight I really do need to take a bath. My back feets, espeshully in between my very big toes, are dirty. So now I have to go do that.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just hanging out

It has been a very lazy few days for me here in Brooklyn. I haven't done a whole lot other than lay around and cuddle with my Person. I am glad that it stopped being so hots because I missed being able to cuddle with her. MAKE NO MISTAKE, THOUGH, I ONLY CUDDLE ON MY TERMS. If she picks me up and takes me into her room, I am all, no thank you very much and don't you try that again mraaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Anything exciting happening with any of my friends?

Thursday, August 10, 2006


My new friends the Crew tagged me to take part in a blogging game! I am very excited because this is my first blog game. I didn't even know you could HAVE blog games!!

Here are the rules. I copied them from the Crew's blog:

Post 5 weird things/habits about your furkids and yourself. Choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog

So here are 5 weird things about me!

1. I get very very MAD when I don't get fed the exact SECOND I get hungry in the morning, and I have a variety of ways of letting my Person know. Most often, I climb on top of her dresser, mraw mraw until she looks at me, take my very big paw, knock something onto the floor, and then look at her with an expression that VERY CLEARLY SAYS "WHAT? THAT IS WHERE IT GOES. ALSO DID YOU KNOW THAT I AM HUNGRY?"

2. After I finish eating my foods, I sweep the floor around it with my paws. I also like to help my Person sweep the floor when she is cleaning.

3. I do not like that other person who lives with my Person, and whenever the door to her room is open, I go in and knock everything off the shelves to let her know.

4. I like to sit on the side of the big white box when my Person is inside pouring water on herself, and every now and then I reach in and grab her leg. Just to say, good job Person! You are clean! And also, I am still hungry!

5. I can open the wooden boxes in the kitchen where all the foods are. Except it is all yucky foods that I would never want to eat, so so far being able to do this has not done me much good, but I am confident that it will in the future!

I am going to tag my best friends Skeezix, Rocky the Gutter Cat, and Mao; I am also going to tag Derby with the excellent whisker humps, and Emma's Kat, because Emma thinks I am handsome, and I would like to sit on her lap, if you get what I'm sayin'.

Thanks, Crew! That was fun!

EDIT: Oh I think I am supposed to post things about my Person too. The Crew did, anyway. Okay. Um.

1. She is very tall and only has fur on her head. What's that about??
2. She does not like to eat Friskies. Or anything with any meats in it, actually. That is DEFINITELY weird.
3. Everytime I am laying on the white fort thing with my feets sprawled out, she will walk by and grab my back feets and say "Look at those feets Kismet! They are so big! What are those feets doing!" and this doesn't make any sense to me because hello, they are just sitting there. Not confusing, Person!
4. She wears clacky things on her feets that make her even TALLER THAN SHE ALREADY IS!
5. She is from Whiskonsin, which I have never been to, but it sounds like a very magical place. It is named after whisker humps so the cats there must have HUGE ones, and she says they also have lots of cheese there, and I LOVE cheese!

Okay. There we go. My Person and me!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Self portraits

I have been trying to take some new pictures of myself for my catster page so that the ladies can see what I look like now. Most of my pictures on there are pretty old. Plus I was thinking about starting a myspace (my Person says no, you have to be 14, but Skeezix has one and he isn't even one!), and everyone on there takes pictures of themselves all the time!

But it is hard to do because although I am a very big dude, my arms are not as long as a person's, so the pictures come out kind of....close.

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The hots are BACK

Yes. The hots are back. I am very hots. My Person has been putting cold water all over me every chance she gets. I have heard that cats are not supposed to like water, but I really like it when she does that. It is the only thing in the world that makes me feel better when it is so HOTS!

I have been punishing my Person for leaving me without telling me where she was going. I attacked her hands a few times, and I have ignored her some, and this morning I blew chunks in the corner of the big red box that she took with her when she left. I did not get any on her stinky clothes or anything -- just a little vom so she would know I was mad. And also, hots. And also, hungry. Most of the time.

Like this:
I have also been waiting for my lady friends to call, and hanging out with my big feets crossed:
Nothing else to report, EXCEPT THAT IT IS SO HOTS. I recommend cold water. I really do.