Saturday, January 03, 2009


HI!!! I ARE SOPHIE!!! I are VARY ACITED today acuz I am on STUFFONMYCAT!!!

Yoo can klik HEER to see me, OR JUST LOOK HEER:

There was WUN time that my bruther bloggged abowt how I was NOT faymiss (the entry is at the bottom of the payj HEER), BUT NOW I IS!!!!!

I am VARY acited!! Don't worry, I will still be yore frend even though I am a silebritee now!!!!!

My bruther wunts to type something TOO:

Sup innernets. LOOK, I have submitted MY OWN HANDSOME MAN CAT PHOTOS to stuffonmycat, and they never get POSTED, so I GUESS MAYBE THEY ARE JUST NOT INTO HANDSOME MAN CATS OVER THERE, and would rather feechur ORNJ CATS WHO ARE STINKY SOMETIMES.


I don't really care, because my whisker humps will ALWAYS be bigger than Sophie's. I know you know what I'm sayin'.

HI! I ARE SOPHIE! I ALSO WUNTED TO SAY that there are some VARY nyce persuns leeving comments on my stuffonmycat pikchur!!! THANK YOO PERSUNS!!!! I AM GLAD YOO LIKE MY PARTY DRESS TOO!!!!!