Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have been VERY busy helping my Person with Brad Skool.

That is us working on some Brad Skool stuff.

I don't like Brad Skool. He takes ALL my Person's time and makes her sleepy and growchy. I peed on some magazeens to express my MAD, but my Person didn't even notice because she is so busy with Brad Skool.


Saturday, December 01, 2007


HI!!!! I are Sophie!!! I are VARY acited today because TODAY, I have been living with my bruther Kismet and the nyce laydee for ONE YEER!!!! I think that meens that I git to stay here forEVER and that I never have to go back owtsyd on Rohd Aylind!!!!!! And this mayks me VARY happy because I LOVE MY BRUTHER AND THE NYCE LAYDEE!!!!

I think that I have changed a LOT since I came to live with my bruther and the nyce laydee. I have lerned some VARY aportant things, like how to kleen myself, and that it is aportant to keep my booty hairs trimmed so that my poops don't get stuck to them, because then maybe the nyce laydee would not want to PET my booty, and I LOVE to have my booty petted!!! I have also diskuvvered some VARY DELISHUS FOODS!!!! like peetsuh krust and ranch dressing and cheez and pasketti sauce!!! But most aportantly, I have learned that it is VARY good not to live owtsyd!!!!

I thought it would be aciting to look at pikchurs and see how much I have changed now that I am a INDOOR CAT!!!

The nyce laydee says this pikchur is my first foto op. As yoo can see, I were VARY small. I look sad because it was cold and there was no FOODS!!!!

Here is another pikchur of me in Rohd Aylind. I am under a big masheen. This is the pikchur that made the nyce laydee think I should come live here!!

And here I are now!!!!!!!!

I am much kleener and I have also gayned ONE WHOLE POWND! And I have vary stinky poops.

I am vary glad to be a indoor cat. Thank yoo evarywun for being my frends!!!!!

I know that my bruther has not blogged in a vary long time, and I hope no one is mad that I am blogging before him. He will blog soon!!!!!