Thursday, November 30, 2006



The excepshuns were Mao, who thinks I'm getting voted out of my apartment by Mona and my Person. Okay this is obveeisslee not happening!!! First of all, let me make it very clear, I am my Person's ONLY CAT. She doesn't even LIKE Mona that much. Plus she just got something in the mail and she let me play with the box so this is just not happening OKAY THANKS.

Rosie and Cheeto thought that maybe I am going to get to be on the Big Bruther show, with other types of animals, like fishes or chiwahwahs. Now, this would not be so bad! Maybe I would see some of the chiwahwahs that I used to run with on the mean streets! But although this is a good theory, it does not explain the pink litter box.

So THEN Skeezix said maybe HE is coming to live with me!! How great would that be!! We could nap on top of the persons teevee, and then I could teach him about the ladies. But even though that would be fun, and would explain BOTH the Big Bruther shirt AND the pink box, I don't think this could be true, because I think the Food Lady would have told him about it. Or Mao. Plus they like him a lot.

So...I think MAYBE you guys are right. If I think about it, there has been some talk of a little sister lately. not sure how I feel about this, innernets. I have been my Person's only cat for a VERY LONG TIME and I have never had to share her with any other cats, and I don't know how it's going to be. And who IS this cat??? Did she come from Kara's like I did? Does she have problems with her pee??? DOES SHE WEAR SHIRTS???

What do you guys think??? (Except for you, MAO, unless you have something USEFUL to say. MRAW.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am back!

I am back, innernets! Unfortunately, the camera is not. My Person says that it is going to take some busyness days before it will be better. I tried to tell her that I am real busy EVERY day, what with the cleaning of my toes and surfing the innernets, but she said that isn't what she meant. So sorry, innernets -- no new pics! To tide you over again, here's another old one of me:

This is right after I opened my Halloween fun pack from Skeezix. I was overwhelmed with stuff to look at!

My Thanksgiving was good. My Person was gone, in Whiskonsin, but my very good friend Melissa came over to give me my foods. A couple of times she brought her Hozay. Her Hozay is a guy and he would come over and play with me and Mona while Melissa got the foods ready. He would rub on my belly a lot and he would not get mad when I would have to attack his very vishus hands, which I like. I think maybe I should get a Hozay of my own. He also told Melissa, "This cat has HUGE PAWS." And she said, "You don't even know!" It's true. I have the big feets.

My Person is back now, though, and I have to tell you that
STRANGE THINGS have been apaw in the apartment lately. Like tonight my Person brought home another litter box. It is EXACTLY the same as mine...but it's PINK. This is my litter box:

Okay but MY litter box is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. I don't need a new one. And if I did, I obveeisslee wouldn't want one that is PINK (sorry, Skeez). So what is going on??? And then the other day I accidentally overheard my Person on the phone with our very good friend Liz, and apparently Liz is getting me a shirt for Krismiss that says "Big Bruther" on it. I did some research online and found out that Big Bruther is a person TV show where persons get voted out of a house by the Big Bruther. Am I supposed to be voting persons out of the apartment? Because there are only two, and I'm not gonna vote out my Person, so I don't think this would be a very good show.

I'm pretty confused. Do you guys have any ideas???

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well. I have not posted in awhile. And I am probably not going to be able to post for an even longer awhile, for some reasons including my Person's camera is broken (I did not pee on it), and then the computer battery died so I can't use it unless it is plugged in, which is really hard for me because I always want to chew on that cord A LOT I THINK IT MIGHT BE VISHUS. But most importantly, my Person is going to Whiskonsin for Thanksgiving, and she is taking the computer with her, so I REALLY won't be able to blog.

So, since I am going to be gone for a long time and you might forget who I am, I am going to leave you with a list of things about mes
, and one of my favorite pictures of me, and whenever you are thinking "Who is that big guy again?", you can just come check it out!

Here is a picture of my in my pajamas. It was definitely not nighttime, but I was wearing my pajamas anyway. I like this picture because my ears are glowing, and my eyes look very green. This was back when my Person didn't know that guy Jahb and was home all the time and we watched lots of TV and took naps. Those were the days!

Now, here are some important things about me, in case you forget:
1) I like to sit my booty on things on the floor, like magazeens and plastic bags.
2) I blow chunks a lot. And then sometimes I eat it again. I did this last week. I think it was the biggest batch of chunks ever, and I ate it twice!
3) I have very big feets, and I am careful to clean in between all 20 of my toes at least three times a day.

Also, my Person wrote a great Tale of Devoshun for me in Skeezix's latest contest. It's very Kismet-y. You should go read it!

I hope you all have really good Thanksgivings. My Person won't be here, but I'll hang out with Mona, and my very good person friend Melissa is going to come give me my foods, including Friskies turkey and giblets on Thanksgiving Day. I also hope you are watching the big Michigan feetsball game today. My Person can't stop talking about it. Try not to forget who I am, and I will be back soon!

This is Kismet, mrawing off.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

To the vets!

I never blogged about this, because the whole situation made me kind of MAD, but the other week I had to go to the VETS! I have not been to the vets since I have been with my Person, but I spent lots of time there before I came to live with her. When I was living in a cage at the pet store, the volunteer people took me there to have my ballectomy, and to get poked with sharp things WHICH I DO NOT LIKE BY THE WAY, and then I had to go there a bunch more times when I started having problems with my yurinerry trakt and my peeing. (That was all probably because they took away my balls. You can't mess too much with that area because then the pee gets mad and won't come out.)

Anyway, my Person says I HAVE to go to the vet once EVERY SINGLE YEAR even though I am peeing just fine now, and not even on the couch anymore, but then she said that maybe peeing on the bed is not a good way to show that I am fine with the peeing, and anyway so we went to the vets. I wore my gray sweatshirt and I got carried down the street in the plastic box that I was in when I first came to my Person's. It's a real big box, because I don't fit in the smaller ones. I made sure to mraw mraw a lot while we were walking there so that the persons we passed by would know I was in there in case they couldn't see me, and I also mraw'd while we were sitting in the waiting room, and my Person would stick her fingers through the box door and say "it's ok Kismet!" But I tend to not believe her when I am in the plastic box in strange places, AND THAT TURNED OUT TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE THINGS WERE ABOUT TO BE VERY VERY NOT OK.

When they took us into the examinayshun room, the vet lady dumped me out of the plastic box because I was not coming out by myself no way no how lady! To her credit, the vet lady did compliment my sweatshirt when I got dumped out of the box, but that didn't mean I was gonna be nice to her. There is a certain way that I like to be introduced to new persons - I like them to bend down, and give me their hand so I can give it a real good sniff, and then if they have a coat or a vest I like them to put that on the chair so I can dig inside it, and then I like to walk on their laps for awhile and continue to sniff. The vet lady did none of this. She just dumped me out of that box WITHOUT EVEN A SNIFF AT ALL and then my booty was on a very cold metal table. So I sat there and hissed real loud for a long time, and the vet lady kept saying "you have such great teeth pumpkin!" And she tried to touch me and I kept dodging her, and then she tried to hold me down to poke me with things, but I was HAVING NONE OF THAT, and I growled and hissed and she had to call in reinforcements because I'm so big and skwirmy. A real big dude came in and he HELD ME TO THE TABLE AND LET ME TELL YOU I JUST SCREAMED FOR ALL I WAS WORTH. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my Person covering her ears and her eyes. THAT IS HOW LOUD I WAS SCREAMING. I EVEN HURT HER EYES. And they poked me a lot with sharp things which as I mentioned I DONT LIKE VERY MUCH. And then FINALLY they brought the plastic box back and I went back inside it and hissed some more. And then my Person said, "do you have any treats for him?" because she knows I like the foods. And then they gave me some treats, but I did NOT EAT THOSE BECAUSE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN POISONED.

And then I got carried back down the street in the plastic box, and my Person let me out when we got back in the apartment, and I hid in the closet for awhile.

Then my Person cleaned my cat box and as soon as she did that I had to pee, you know, because as soon as the cat box is clean you always have to pee or poop right away, and when I was done peeing she took some of my pee in a plastic tube and took it away. And then a few days later she told me that my pee aytch is normal. I didn't know that my pee had an aytch, but I guess it's good that it's normal. And I don't know how long a year is, but it better be a long time, because I do not want to go back to the vet lady anytime soon.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My very first Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my most Favorite Things to Do

1. Eat the foods, espeshully my Purina Yurinerry Trakt Health Dry Food
2. Clean in between my very big toes
3. Take very long and important naps on top of the persons teevee
4. Sit my booty on things, like plastic bags or magazeens
5. Walk/lay/sit on the computer, whether it is opened or closed
6. Try to open the wooden boxes in the kitchen to make sure there are no other cats or foods or mices hiding in there
7. Talk to my Person
8. Sit on the side of the big white box where my Person pours water on herself, and grab her leg sometimes, and make sure everything is okay in there, and sometimes I sing along with her if she is singing in there, although why she is singing in there I don't understand because HELLO THERE IS WATER IN THERE AND STOP SINGING AND GET OUT AND BY THE WAY I AM PROBABLY HUNGRY RIGHT NOW AND ALSO VERY BIG
9. Wrestle with Mona
10. Watch the feetsball with my Person
11. Clean up the apartment by sweeping the floor with my very big paws. I also do this to Mona's litterbox. She is very bad at litter box maintenance.
12. Mraw mraw mraw. A lot. That is why my blogger link is kismetmrawmraw. Because I am Kismet. And I mraw mraw.
13. Knock things off of the dresser, like the vishus dangly things that attach themselfs to my Person's ears and neck and wrist and fingers. THEY ARE VISHUS AND MUST BE STOPPED and my Person does not understand this and so she gets mad sometimes but it is WORTH IT because I am PROTECTING HER!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know I am late writing about Halloween, but there has been lots going on, like the other day I peed on my Person's bed for no reason as far as I can remember, and then I went crazy and chewed holes in some of my shirts, and all sorts of other things! So here is what has been going on.

Last week sometime, my very good friend Melissa came over to help my Person make her Halloween costume (she went as a Chia Pet. Do you know what this is??? I googled it. It is very hairy and green:)

and Melissa brought with her a birthday present for ME!!

In case you can't read it, it says "sup ladies". !!! It is basically the best man cat t-shirt ever, and I really like the color, too, because I don't have any shirts that are bright blue like that, except for my polo shirt, and that doesn't count because it has a collar. I was SO excited when I saw it because now I don't even have to SAY anything to the ladies when they are nearby -- they will just see it on my shirt, which will allow me to maintain my air of mystery while also letting them know that, hey -- I dig you.

Anyway, so then I got down to work helping Melissa and my Person make her costume.
As you can see, my Person made her costume out of this green stuff, and in this picture, I am carefully eyeing my Person to make sure that we cut the right amount. I was also careful to make sure that the green stuff was acceptable, so the first thing I did was sit my booty on it to make sure it was comfy. And it was! I wanted to just keep sitting on it, but my Person needed to cut it and stuff, so I had to move. Then she used this very sharp thing and put STRING IN IT to attach the green stuff together, and I just about went crazy, because the string was flashing back and forth and I just wanted to KILL IT MRAW and so I got kicked out of the costume making for awhile. But when my Person tried it on I made sure to tell her she looked real nice and green and stuff. And my help paid off, because when it was all done, I think it turned out ok:
After my Person's costume was done, Mona and I tore into my prize pack for winning 3rd place in Skeezix's Halloween costume contest! I wanted to open it nice and slow, but Mona is a huge stona, and she pushed me out of the way and stole all my nip. Here we are, digging in:

I mean look at her. She is chewing through the bag to get to the nip. That is sign number one of a problem, cats!!

Anyway, so I hope you all had GREAT Halloweens, and that if you have peed on anything lately, you at least remember why.