Saturday, December 30, 2006


Here are my boodwah pictures in Skeezix's pink satin robe. I am very sorry that it took FOREVER but my Person was in Whiskonsin and then the camera that I never peed on even once had to FINALLY get fixed for good. So without further adoo, here we go:

Dashing, even in pink satin.

With the neck open and a bad boy stare, for the ladiez.


I hope you all enjoy the photos and that they give some of you urges. Also, here is my sister Sophie's reaction to me in the robe:

"What is he WEARING???...That would match my socks!!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sister stuff again

Innernets, I am so bad at blogging. I have been waiting and waiting for the camera to be fixed, and then my Person told me that it came back but it WASN'T fixed, and that the man at Best By (and what is Best By??? Is it a place where they decide when things expire, like on the foods it sometimes says Best By 12/1, and that kind of makes sense because maybe they are trying to decide if the camera has EXPIRED) said that they have to send it in at least FOUR TIMES before they decide that it can't be fixed. I never noticed any balls on the camera but now I am thinking that it must have big ones because it only took me ONE try to be fixed, and I am a pretty big guy. Anyway, so we still have no camera, and I just want to remind everyone that I never peed on it EVEN ONCE, and so I still have no pictures of my sister and me.

BUT I want to let everyone know that things with my sister are a LOT better. She is REALLY little and so you would think that she would be scared of me, because I am a big dude, but she is not scared at all. She lived on the streets like me, so she is pretty tough even though she doesn't look it because she is really busy being tiny. I like to play with her a LOT - we run around all night long while my Person is sleeping -- but then sometimes she drives me nuts. I mean, I am four, I got THINGS to do, I can't just PLAY all day -- I gotta clean my toes, I gotta nap on the cable box, I gotta blow chunks -- but most of the time she is pretty okay. At night when my Person sits on the couch -- the one I pee on sometimes -- and types on the computer, me and Sophie curl up next to her and sometimes we hold paws and sometimes I give her a bath, because she is not very good at bathing herself, and I like things to be clean, so I think that's the nice thing to do. Also, she REALLY loves the foods, just like me! It is nice to have someone else down by my Person's feets, mraw mrawing. Even though Sophie's mraw mrawing just kind of sounds like skweeking.

Anyway, so things are better, and I am REAL EXCITED to take my boodwah photo in a pink satin robe for charity!!!! (If you are not sure what I am talking about, and you are thinking, "Kismet, you are a big man cat, and you have a Hugh Hefner robe, and you should not run around in pink satin", go here and check it out! And donate some money, because it is all for a real good cause -- other cats and persons who need money for their VET bills, and for Kittykind, which is where I met my Person and Kara, whose apartment I lived in before I met my Person.)

And also, I have to tell you that although I like my sister mostly, I am still not sure how I feel about sharing my Person. Cuz she is MY Person. But I am trying to be a good boy. And sometimes it is hard but I am doing mostly okay!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sister stuff

Things are getting a little bit better. My Person moved my sister into the room with the big white box and the person litter box, and every now and then she goes in there to play with her and then she comes out and I can smell my sister on her. At first that made me REAL mad and I would hiss and growl -- because HEY, LITTLE CAT, THAT IS MY PERSON -- but now whenever my Person comes out, she comes right over to me and pets me a lot and when I don't hiss she smooches me and tells me what a good boy I am and how proud of me she is. I like to make my Person happy so I am trying real hard to not hiss and growl so much but it's HARD!!

Sometimes when my Person goes in to play with my sister she leaves the door open. And she will sit down and have my sister on her lap, and then I go in and sniff around. I have done this twice now, and I only hissed once. I THINK THAT IS PRETTY GOOD INNERNETS.

It helps to have Mona around, too, because Mona is really good with new cats. There is a big crate in the corner of the living room, and when my Person is hanging out in there she moves my sister into the crate so I can see her and smell her and my Person can keep an eye on us. And even though when I go over there I mostly want to hiss, Mona just goes right up to the crate and pokes her nose through, and she and my sister ACTUALLY TOUCH NOSES. I am not ready for that yet, but Mona says it is okay and that I should not be so scared and mad. So I am trying just REAL hard to be a nice big man cat. Because I trust my Person AND I trust Mona.

I really appreciate all the advice you guys have left me and I know my Person does too (she is not so nervous now). It makes me feel a LOT better that a lot of you guys have gone through this and survived, and some of you actually LOVE your sisters!! I hope someday I can play with mine. She hasn't hissed at me at all since the first night, so I think she wants to play someday too.

And, my Person says to tell you that my sister's name is Sophie. And that we can't post any pictures because the STUPID CAMERA IS STILL BROKEN AND I DID NOT EVEN PEE ON IT EVER. And I also want you to know that I have not peed on the couch or anywhere I am not supposed to even though I have been pretty MAD, and I think this makes me a very good boy. What do you guys think?? It seems better now, right?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sisters SUCK

My sister is here. I PRETTY MUCH HATE HER. She is in this big crate thing in the corner of the apartment, and she is very tiny, and every now and then I make sure to go over and hiss at her. My Person took her out once and brought her over to me, and I hissed real good and growled real loud too. This is MY apartment, lady cat! You can't just roll up in here without some trouble!

My Person is REAL worried about this, and I can tell, and I feel bad about that, but I CAN'T HELP IT IS MY TURF. Occasionally I have made sure to hiss and growl at my Person too, just so she remembers I'm boss and she shouldn't be bringing other cats in here without asking me.

Any advice, cats? How do I get rid of her? What do I do??

Thursday, November 30, 2006



The excepshuns were Mao, who thinks I'm getting voted out of my apartment by Mona and my Person. Okay this is obveeisslee not happening!!! First of all, let me make it very clear, I am my Person's ONLY CAT. She doesn't even LIKE Mona that much. Plus she just got something in the mail and she let me play with the box so this is just not happening OKAY THANKS.

Rosie and Cheeto thought that maybe I am going to get to be on the Big Bruther show, with other types of animals, like fishes or chiwahwahs. Now, this would not be so bad! Maybe I would see some of the chiwahwahs that I used to run with on the mean streets! But although this is a good theory, it does not explain the pink litter box.

So THEN Skeezix said maybe HE is coming to live with me!! How great would that be!! We could nap on top of the persons teevee, and then I could teach him about the ladies. But even though that would be fun, and would explain BOTH the Big Bruther shirt AND the pink box, I don't think this could be true, because I think the Food Lady would have told him about it. Or Mao. Plus they like him a lot.

So...I think MAYBE you guys are right. If I think about it, there has been some talk of a little sister lately. not sure how I feel about this, innernets. I have been my Person's only cat for a VERY LONG TIME and I have never had to share her with any other cats, and I don't know how it's going to be. And who IS this cat??? Did she come from Kara's like I did? Does she have problems with her pee??? DOES SHE WEAR SHIRTS???

What do you guys think??? (Except for you, MAO, unless you have something USEFUL to say. MRAW.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am back!

I am back, innernets! Unfortunately, the camera is not. My Person says that it is going to take some busyness days before it will be better. I tried to tell her that I am real busy EVERY day, what with the cleaning of my toes and surfing the innernets, but she said that isn't what she meant. So sorry, innernets -- no new pics! To tide you over again, here's another old one of me:

This is right after I opened my Halloween fun pack from Skeezix. I was overwhelmed with stuff to look at!

My Thanksgiving was good. My Person was gone, in Whiskonsin, but my very good friend Melissa came over to give me my foods. A couple of times she brought her Hozay. Her Hozay is a guy and he would come over and play with me and Mona while Melissa got the foods ready. He would rub on my belly a lot and he would not get mad when I would have to attack his very vishus hands, which I like. I think maybe I should get a Hozay of my own. He also told Melissa, "This cat has HUGE PAWS." And she said, "You don't even know!" It's true. I have the big feets.

My Person is back now, though, and I have to tell you that
STRANGE THINGS have been apaw in the apartment lately. Like tonight my Person brought home another litter box. It is EXACTLY the same as mine...but it's PINK. This is my litter box:

Okay but MY litter box is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. I don't need a new one. And if I did, I obveeisslee wouldn't want one that is PINK (sorry, Skeez). So what is going on??? And then the other day I accidentally overheard my Person on the phone with our very good friend Liz, and apparently Liz is getting me a shirt for Krismiss that says "Big Bruther" on it. I did some research online and found out that Big Bruther is a person TV show where persons get voted out of a house by the Big Bruther. Am I supposed to be voting persons out of the apartment? Because there are only two, and I'm not gonna vote out my Person, so I don't think this would be a very good show.

I'm pretty confused. Do you guys have any ideas???

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well. I have not posted in awhile. And I am probably not going to be able to post for an even longer awhile, for some reasons including my Person's camera is broken (I did not pee on it), and then the computer battery died so I can't use it unless it is plugged in, which is really hard for me because I always want to chew on that cord A LOT I THINK IT MIGHT BE VISHUS. But most importantly, my Person is going to Whiskonsin for Thanksgiving, and she is taking the computer with her, so I REALLY won't be able to blog.

So, since I am going to be gone for a long time and you might forget who I am, I am going to leave you with a list of things about mes
, and one of my favorite pictures of me, and whenever you are thinking "Who is that big guy again?", you can just come check it out!

Here is a picture of my in my pajamas. It was definitely not nighttime, but I was wearing my pajamas anyway. I like this picture because my ears are glowing, and my eyes look very green. This was back when my Person didn't know that guy Jahb and was home all the time and we watched lots of TV and took naps. Those were the days!

Now, here are some important things about me, in case you forget:
1) I like to sit my booty on things on the floor, like magazeens and plastic bags.
2) I blow chunks a lot. And then sometimes I eat it again. I did this last week. I think it was the biggest batch of chunks ever, and I ate it twice!
3) I have very big feets, and I am careful to clean in between all 20 of my toes at least three times a day.

Also, my Person wrote a great Tale of Devoshun for me in Skeezix's latest contest. It's very Kismet-y. You should go read it!

I hope you all have really good Thanksgivings. My Person won't be here, but I'll hang out with Mona, and my very good person friend Melissa is going to come give me my foods, including Friskies turkey and giblets on Thanksgiving Day. I also hope you are watching the big Michigan feetsball game today. My Person can't stop talking about it. Try not to forget who I am, and I will be back soon!

This is Kismet, mrawing off.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

To the vets!

I never blogged about this, because the whole situation made me kind of MAD, but the other week I had to go to the VETS! I have not been to the vets since I have been with my Person, but I spent lots of time there before I came to live with her. When I was living in a cage at the pet store, the volunteer people took me there to have my ballectomy, and to get poked with sharp things WHICH I DO NOT LIKE BY THE WAY, and then I had to go there a bunch more times when I started having problems with my yurinerry trakt and my peeing. (That was all probably because they took away my balls. You can't mess too much with that area because then the pee gets mad and won't come out.)

Anyway, my Person says I HAVE to go to the vet once EVERY SINGLE YEAR even though I am peeing just fine now, and not even on the couch anymore, but then she said that maybe peeing on the bed is not a good way to show that I am fine with the peeing, and anyway so we went to the vets. I wore my gray sweatshirt and I got carried down the street in the plastic box that I was in when I first came to my Person's. It's a real big box, because I don't fit in the smaller ones. I made sure to mraw mraw a lot while we were walking there so that the persons we passed by would know I was in there in case they couldn't see me, and I also mraw'd while we were sitting in the waiting room, and my Person would stick her fingers through the box door and say "it's ok Kismet!" But I tend to not believe her when I am in the plastic box in strange places, AND THAT TURNED OUT TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE THINGS WERE ABOUT TO BE VERY VERY NOT OK.

When they took us into the examinayshun room, the vet lady dumped me out of the plastic box because I was not coming out by myself no way no how lady! To her credit, the vet lady did compliment my sweatshirt when I got dumped out of the box, but that didn't mean I was gonna be nice to her. There is a certain way that I like to be introduced to new persons - I like them to bend down, and give me their hand so I can give it a real good sniff, and then if they have a coat or a vest I like them to put that on the chair so I can dig inside it, and then I like to walk on their laps for awhile and continue to sniff. The vet lady did none of this. She just dumped me out of that box WITHOUT EVEN A SNIFF AT ALL and then my booty was on a very cold metal table. So I sat there and hissed real loud for a long time, and the vet lady kept saying "you have such great teeth pumpkin!" And she tried to touch me and I kept dodging her, and then she tried to hold me down to poke me with things, but I was HAVING NONE OF THAT, and I growled and hissed and she had to call in reinforcements because I'm so big and skwirmy. A real big dude came in and he HELD ME TO THE TABLE AND LET ME TELL YOU I JUST SCREAMED FOR ALL I WAS WORTH. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my Person covering her ears and her eyes. THAT IS HOW LOUD I WAS SCREAMING. I EVEN HURT HER EYES. And they poked me a lot with sharp things which as I mentioned I DONT LIKE VERY MUCH. And then FINALLY they brought the plastic box back and I went back inside it and hissed some more. And then my Person said, "do you have any treats for him?" because she knows I like the foods. And then they gave me some treats, but I did NOT EAT THOSE BECAUSE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN POISONED.

And then I got carried back down the street in the plastic box, and my Person let me out when we got back in the apartment, and I hid in the closet for awhile.

Then my Person cleaned my cat box and as soon as she did that I had to pee, you know, because as soon as the cat box is clean you always have to pee or poop right away, and when I was done peeing she took some of my pee in a plastic tube and took it away. And then a few days later she told me that my pee aytch is normal. I didn't know that my pee had an aytch, but I guess it's good that it's normal. And I don't know how long a year is, but it better be a long time, because I do not want to go back to the vet lady anytime soon.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My very first Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my most Favorite Things to Do

1. Eat the foods, espeshully my Purina Yurinerry Trakt Health Dry Food
2. Clean in between my very big toes
3. Take very long and important naps on top of the persons teevee
4. Sit my booty on things, like plastic bags or magazeens
5. Walk/lay/sit on the computer, whether it is opened or closed
6. Try to open the wooden boxes in the kitchen to make sure there are no other cats or foods or mices hiding in there
7. Talk to my Person
8. Sit on the side of the big white box where my Person pours water on herself, and grab her leg sometimes, and make sure everything is okay in there, and sometimes I sing along with her if she is singing in there, although why she is singing in there I don't understand because HELLO THERE IS WATER IN THERE AND STOP SINGING AND GET OUT AND BY THE WAY I AM PROBABLY HUNGRY RIGHT NOW AND ALSO VERY BIG
9. Wrestle with Mona
10. Watch the feetsball with my Person
11. Clean up the apartment by sweeping the floor with my very big paws. I also do this to Mona's litterbox. She is very bad at litter box maintenance.
12. Mraw mraw mraw. A lot. That is why my blogger link is kismetmrawmraw. Because I am Kismet. And I mraw mraw.
13. Knock things off of the dresser, like the vishus dangly things that attach themselfs to my Person's ears and neck and wrist and fingers. THEY ARE VISHUS AND MUST BE STOPPED and my Person does not understand this and so she gets mad sometimes but it is WORTH IT because I am PROTECTING HER!

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know I am late writing about Halloween, but there has been lots going on, like the other day I peed on my Person's bed for no reason as far as I can remember, and then I went crazy and chewed holes in some of my shirts, and all sorts of other things! So here is what has been going on.

Last week sometime, my very good friend Melissa came over to help my Person make her Halloween costume (she went as a Chia Pet. Do you know what this is??? I googled it. It is very hairy and green:)

and Melissa brought with her a birthday present for ME!!

In case you can't read it, it says "sup ladies". !!! It is basically the best man cat t-shirt ever, and I really like the color, too, because I don't have any shirts that are bright blue like that, except for my polo shirt, and that doesn't count because it has a collar. I was SO excited when I saw it because now I don't even have to SAY anything to the ladies when they are nearby -- they will just see it on my shirt, which will allow me to maintain my air of mystery while also letting them know that, hey -- I dig you.

Anyway, so then I got down to work helping Melissa and my Person make her costume.
As you can see, my Person made her costume out of this green stuff, and in this picture, I am carefully eyeing my Person to make sure that we cut the right amount. I was also careful to make sure that the green stuff was acceptable, so the first thing I did was sit my booty on it to make sure it was comfy. And it was! I wanted to just keep sitting on it, but my Person needed to cut it and stuff, so I had to move. Then she used this very sharp thing and put STRING IN IT to attach the green stuff together, and I just about went crazy, because the string was flashing back and forth and I just wanted to KILL IT MRAW and so I got kicked out of the costume making for awhile. But when my Person tried it on I made sure to tell her she looked real nice and green and stuff. And my help paid off, because when it was all done, I think it turned out ok:
After my Person's costume was done, Mona and I tore into my prize pack for winning 3rd place in Skeezix's Halloween costume contest! I wanted to open it nice and slow, but Mona is a huge stona, and she pushed me out of the way and stole all my nip. Here we are, digging in:

I mean look at her. She is chewing through the bag to get to the nip. That is sign number one of a problem, cats!!

Anyway, so I hope you all had GREAT Halloweens, and that if you have peed on anything lately, you at least remember why.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feetsball part 2

My Person went to Dal-less a few weeks ago. We all know how I feel about my Person leaving, but she was not gone for too long and she was going to visit one of my most favorite persons, Liz, so I was MOSTLY okay with it. I am not sure what a Dal is, or why my Person needed to go to a place where there are no Dals (maybe it is another word for the eff trayn), but since Liz lives there, it is probably nice. Anyway, when my Person came back, she brought me a present from Liz!
It is a feetsball jersey! It is not Michigan, which is my Person's team, but it is a team that is near Dal-less. So now I can PLAY feetsball instead of just WATCHING it! I don't have the capri pants that the boy persons wear when they play feetsball, or the hat, but I think I would be pretty good at it anyway. I have very big paws and I think I would be able to catch a feetsball in between them.
Here is the back of my jersey:
I am not sure what a longhorn is. I think maybe it is another word for tail, because my tail is kind of shaped like a horn, and it is very long. Liz obveeisslee thinks that I would be good at feetsball too, because she picked #1 for me! I am hoping to get a team together soon. Mona is going to be my tackle dummy, because she is skwishy and likes to tackle. I will report from training camp soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I got 3rd place!!!!

I'm so excited because I placed THIRD in Skeezix's halloween costoom contest!!!. If you look, you will notice that the 2nd place winner is a little dish named Tiggy, who dressed up as a Playboy bunny after being inspired by my Hugh Hefner robe (that I got from Skeezix!!!). It was a really great contest.

In case you missed it, here I am in my costoom:

My Person and I took several varyayshuns of this photo before we decided on this one. Here is another one:

I need to thank my Person for helping me take such great photos. It was my idea to try different backgrounds, and she didn't really like carting me and my Elvis pumpkin around. She also didn't like the haunted house. I think she was scared, which is dumb, because hello, you have a big man cat here to protect you.

Anyway, thanks a LOT to everyone who voted for me!! And if any of you happen to be lady cats, I will be more than happy to share my Halloween bag with you. Mraw.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am okay!

Just a quick post to say thank you for all of the emails and comments wondering where I have been and if I am okay. I AM okay! I am very busy getting ready for Halloween, and playing with my birthday presents, and getting ready for cold weather. Here is a picture of me in my layered look for fall: I like this picture a lot (if you make it bigger, you can REALLY see my big whisker humps). The down vest was a birthday present from my friend Ted, and the gray sweatshirt is the first shirt my Person EVER bought for me. This is a very good look for fall, cats. The gray sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple, and the vest adds that extra bit of warmth AND stylishness. I have tested the outfit in all the major activities in my day: sitting on top of plastic bags, napping, cleaning my toes, and of course, eating the foods -- it works in all of them! I have also been very busy blowing chunks. When it gets colder, I get even more excited about my foods than normal. I must work on this! Anyway, I promise to be better about blogging in the future. I have missed all of my friends. ESPESHULLY YOU LADY CATS. You know who you are. Mraw.

Here's another pic just for you:
That's my bad boy look. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's my birthday!!!


I have had a REALLY GREAT birthday. It did not start off so good because early this morning I got REALLY HUNGRY and so I mraw mraw'd a lot and threw some things off the dresser and played with some other things that I was not supposed to (my Person wears many vishus dangly things around her neck and in her ears and at night they leave her alone and they sleep on the dresser and I ATTACK THEM! And she does not like this even though I am all mraw MRAW PERSON THEY ARE VERY VISHUS), and so I got locked out of the room. But my Person felt bad when she did it. I know this, cuz she said "Birthday boy I'm SO sorry but you are DRIVING ME NUTS!" and then she smooched me before she tossed me out. I pouted for awhile. However, it should be noted that I did NOT pee on the couch.

Anyway, when my Person got up she gave me my present!!! Of course, she already gave me the great big cat bed, and Skeezix already got me my AWESOME robe, so I was not really expecting a whole lot more. But THEN my Person pulled out THIS!

(Please excuse that expression on my face. I was hungry. I am usually hungry. And also, peeved about being locked out of the room. And also, maybe high.) IT IS A CORDUROY AND FLEECE VEST!!! It is PERFECT for the not hots that we are having right now, and I also think it is very manly. It makes me look like I am getting ready to go hunt. (Hunt some vishus dangly things that attack my Person during the daytime, maybe.)
Here is another picture. You can see here that my new vest has two pouches near my booty. They are small -- just the right size for sneaking some nip outside, or keeping a few morsels of crunchy dry food! And, as you can tell, it can be worn with the collar down OR up. It is very cozy. I like it a lot!

After she gave me my vest, my Person had to leave to go see Jahb, her very good friend that she spends time with every single day. (Jahb lives Out There and I have never met him.) I spent the day doing all of my favorite things! First, I took a nap on top of the persons teevee.
You can tell it was a REALLY good nap because my big feets are crossed, which I only do when I am at my most VERY comfortable. Then, I sat on some papers on the floor (because I LOVE to sit on things), and I chased some of my toys around, and I sniffed some nip!! And THEN after ALL of that, when I finally got back on the innernets, I was so excited because SO MANY of my friends stopped by my blog to say happy birthday. And Skeezix posted an entire happy birthday blog to me and said some VERY nice things. AND my friend Melissa sent me a card in my email!!!! AND THEN (oh yes, there is MORE!) my Person came home and brought me the most DELICIOUS DINNER.
It is suhlahmee and turkey. FROM THE DELI!!! (That means it is REALLY fresh. My Person went to the deli and told them it was my birthday and they gave her all this meats!!!!) I ate almost two entire bowls of it. And then I blew chunks because I was so excited that I forgot to chew. But it's ok because there is a whole other bowl waiting for me when I am recovered from the blowing of the chunks.
So, as you can see, I had a GREAT birthday! And, I have also been with my Person for one year today, so it was a DOUBLY important day!! Thank you very much to all of my friends on the innernets who took time to say happy birthday. It means a lot to this big man cat!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Awhile ago I posted about this very nice Hugh Hefner robe that I REALLY wanted for my birthday. Well my best friend on the innernets, Skeezix, sent me a gift certificate so that I could buy it!!! Can you BELIEVE IT??? And it came in the mail TODAY!!!

So, what do you think???

Here I am, putting my best paw forward.

Here I am, experimenting with my "tough cat" face. You can kind of see my kitty manhood in this pic. I'm sorry. One of the things I REALLY like about this robe -- besides the fact that it is SO SOFT AND COMFY -- is that it lets a little bit of my chest hair poke out. Very important for a man cat.

Here is a view of the back. In this picture you can really see how soft my robe is. This is my "come over here, pretty cat lady" look.

And, this is me looking very thoughtful. If I was on a cat dating site, I think this would be the picture I would put on my profile. I feel it conveys a certain..."hello ladies. I am very nice, and in a robe. Want to come over?"

And then I settled in on my new big cat bed and tried to look reegul.

I REALLY love my robe. And just to give you an idea of exactly how big I am, my Person got me the medium size. On the package it came in, it says the medium is good for big dogs, like cocker spaniels and corgis. And it fits me perfectly.

THANK YOU, SKEEZIX!!! You are the best friend in the entire world and innernets.

In other news, my Person has stripped her throat. She has been staying home a lot the past week or so and I didn't know why, I just sensed that I should stay very close to her and that we should take lots of naps. But today she came home early and was on the phone with Bonnie, her person, from Whiskonsin, and said she has a stripped throat. What does this MEAN?? I googled it, but all I found were pictures of cheerleaders who had been stripped of deep throat. What does THAT mean?? Throats are confusing, espeshully stripped ones. My throat is not stripped. It is furry and white. And my Person's throat has never been furry, and it doesn't LOOK anymore stripped than normal. I will just keep a close watch on her. It will be easy to take naps with her now that I have this great comfy robe!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


On the weekends my Person and I watch feetsball. Feetsball is a game where boy persons wear colored capri pants and round hats and run around a big back yard with a pig skin. A pig skin sounds like it would be big and pink and floppy and delishus, but in fact it is small and brown and shaped like an eyeball. Anyway, there are different feetsball teams from different places. Since my Person went to school in Michigan, that is who we cheer for.

One of my best person friends, Liz, gave me a Michigan shirt awhile ago. I wear it while we watch the games:
Feetsball is very important and my Person yells at the person teevee and jumps around a lot and gets very worked up when we watch it, so I try to be the calm one. Here I am, sitting on top of the teevee, trying to send the team good vibes.

My Person thinks I must be a good luck charm, because Michigan won this weekend! Feetsball is kind of confusing, but my Person says there are a lot more games to come, so hopefully I will understand it more and more each time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Early birthday present??

A few days ago I was watching the cat teevee and my Person was on it! This happens sometimes, usually in the mornings or at night. She was downstairs talking to this guy who lives right next door to us. His name is Tommy. Tommy might be part cat, I think, because he is always outside with no shirt on, and he is VERY VERY furry. Sometimes I sit by the cat teevee and I talk to Tommy when he is on it, and sometimes he talks back. The cat teevee is a strange invenshun. Anyway, she was talking to Tommy about how there was this great chair down the street and would he please go get it for her. He was drinking some dark stuff out of a glass -- maybe it was Friskies grayvee -- and he seemed really happy (I would be too if I had a whole big glass of Friskies grayvee), and so he said he would go get it for my Person.

And THEN my Person came off the cat teevee and inside, and she was carrying the big chair! Except, I think she was just talking in code so that I wouldn't know it was really a birthday present for ME, because the big chair is obveeissly a big cat bed. For a big man cat. Like ME!

I was very excited, because I have never had my very own bed before. I do have a sleeping bag that I really like, and the pimp lair (my box), and I do like to sleep in my Person's bed and on top of the people teevee, but it is just special to have your VERY OWN BED!

So here I am, checking it out.
(Please note that I immediately put my Friend of Skeezix pin on the bed, to make sure everyone knows it is MINE!) My Person had put this blanket on top of my bed, another sign it was surely mine, because this is the blanket that I really like to hump on. It is very important to dig underneath blankets to make sure there are no other cats or foods or mices hanging out under there, and also to see if it is an appropriate place to make a blanket fort. My new bed passed all of these tests.

Then I checked out the bottom of my bed. The big basked part of it sits on top of this great fort! It is the perfect size for a big man cat like me, and has these great windows for me to see out of and ledges for me to lean on and check out all the happenings in my apartment, like the feets that walk by and the Monas that get high off of nip.

Then I made SURE my bed was comfy. As you can see, I am very smily and am even licking my lips because I am so happy in my bed!

Here is one more picture just so you can get an idea of how big my cat bed is. It is a big, huge, baskety cushion. Kind of like a big food bowl, only for man cats instead of food. You can also see my profile and my whisker humps here, and my FOS pin again. I am in my PJs in this picture, because that is what you wear when you go to bed.

You should all ask your persons for big cat beds too! Maybe there are some hanging around outside your houses, by your Tommys. You never know!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Secrets and birthdays

Since I have come to live with my Person, I have not told her very much about my past. Some of it would make her sad -- for example, I wound up with her because somebody else abandoned me at the pet store -- and some of it she wouldn't believe (like before that, I was very well known on the streets for my man cat walk, and I ran with a gang of small chiwahwahs). Anyway, because of all of the mystery surrounding my past, my Person -- and me too! -- doesn't know exactly when my birthday is. So she decided to just celebrate it on the day I came to live with her, which was October 3.

Before I came to live with my Person and after I got left at that pet store, I stayed with this very nice lady named Kara. Kara had never had cats before, but she did a really good job with me. I don't know if Kara reads my blog, but if she does, I want to say thanks for taking such good care of me. And for really turning me on to modeling for a camera. I mean, that has really changed my life.

Like here is an action shot of me. I am twitching my ear in it, because sometimes it feels like there are things in my ears.
I look very tall in this picture, which is nice, I think. And if I hadn't lived with a fotogruffer like Kara, I might never know how to take pictures of myself or how to pose!

Anyway, I am going to be four, but I am not going to have a big birthday party like Skeezix did. I will probably just chill out with some nip and wrestle with Mona and hang out in my box (which I have named the pimp lair). But, I am hoping that my Person is going to get me a present. And in case any of you want to give her some ideas, this is what I really want!!

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT (and ignore that little dog. I did not roam the streets with him.) Is that the best thing EVER for a big man cat like myself???? It would be so great to put on my lounging robe and hang out in the pimp lair. And I think it would give me that playcat air, AND I think it would really make the lady cats want to come over and see what I'm all about.

I would also like some more shirts, and some new cozy blankets to make blanket forts out of. But even if I get nothing, it will be good to turn 4, and to know that I have been with my Person for one whole year!

And innernets - don't tell her about the chiwahwahs. I think then she might want to get one, and I don't want to share my shirts. OR my Person.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Skeezix's birthday!

My best friend Skeezix turned two on Saturday and he threw a big party for all of his friends on the innernets. To help all of his friends celebrate, he sent out these GREAT party pax to them. We weren't supposed to open them until Saturday, but my Person had plans before the party started, so after I got into my PJs on Friday night we opened my pak together!

Here I am in my nightshirt, very carefully pushing the party pak over to my Person. (It's important to make sure your person knows exactly what to do, or she might get distracted)

And here I am digging into the goods! You'll notice that there were some delicious cans of the foods, a tinsel ball, two toy mice, a BIG BAG OF CATNIP, and some pins and magnets with Skeezix's face on them. In this picture, I am most interested in the plastic bag. I figured it was too small to put my booty on, so I just dug in it and smelled it real good for awhile.

But then, I DID manage to get my booty on top of that plastic bag! So I sat on top of it and admired the party pak contents for awhile. Later on, I played with the tinsel ball and one of the toy mice and lost both in the black hole under the persons TV. I lose lots of toys there and they are never ever seen again, except for sometimes when my Person gets them out for me, which doesn't happen very often.

A few days later, Skeezix sent me this great game to play during the party called "Pin the Tail on the Mao-Butt". So on the day of the party, before my Person left, she helped me play it! Here I am, selecting the tail I wanted to use.

My Person cut it out for me. I tried to do it myself, with my claws (they are inside of my very big toes), but I don't have the best aim ever. So she helped, and then handed it over to me. Here I am, taking it from her.

Then my Person picked me up and spun me around (I JUST WANT TO MAKE PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT IF IT WAS NOT FOR A GAME, I WOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS KIND OF BEEHAYVYUR), plopped me down, and I pinned my tail right on that Maobutt!!

And then I posed with it. I was trying very hard to look modest, even though I am pretty sure that it was the best job of pinning the Maobutt tail on to ever happen.

Besides pinning Maobutt tails on, I also sniffed some nip and met some ladies at Skeezix's party. I had some drinks, too, but not too many, because nobody likes a tipsy man cat. AND THERE WAS FOODS, AND I REALLY LIKE FOODS. All in all, a great party. Happy birthday, Skeezy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Here is my and my Person. This picture is from earlier this week. It is very rewarding to have a Person, but it is also a big responsibility. You have to tuck them in at night, and train them to give you the foods and the snuggles when YOU want them, and you have to make sure that they get up on time in the morning. I am just figuring out the best way to do that last one. I used to pee on the couch, but then I realized that the couch is not in the same room where my Person sleeps, so she would not notice the pee until she was already up, and that was not fun for anybody. Then I started jumping on top of her dresser and mraw mrawing really loudly, and then knocking things onto the floor, but that just made her yell "Kis-MET HONESTLY WHAT IS IT??" I couldn't think of another way to make sure she got up on time for a long time, but now I think I've got it. Listen closely, cats!

First, you listen for the loud box to start beeping. The loud box will usually be right next to the bed, and it will beep to let you know that it is time for you to help your person get up. Persons will usually ignore this, or they will hit the box, and it will stop beeping. (It doesn't like being hit, so it stops beeping for awhile in hopes that the person will go back to sleep and be late for important things. Anyway, so you have to make sure you hear it the first time, because depending on how mad it gets, it might stop beeping and never start again.) Once the box has stopped beeping, you jump onto the bed and sit right next to your person's face. Sometimes they will open their eyes and look at you, but if your person is like my Person, she will just tell you that you are cute and then go back to sleep.

Now, this next step is VERY IMPORTANT!!! What you do is, you take your very big front foots, and you put it VERY GENTLY on your person's face, and you say quietly "Mraw?" And then you just keep your paw there and keep quietly mrawing until your person gets up. It works every time!! And once they are up, they will certainly feed you and pet you and tell you what a nice, cute, handsome, big boy you are.

Sometimes you will be so excited about successfully getting your person out of bed, you will eat your morning foods too fast, and then you will vom. If this happens to you, I suggest walking away from the vom for awhile, and then coming back to inspect it. One of two things will happen then. You will either forget that it is foods that you already ate and you will eat it again, or a cat who lives with you -- like a Mona -- will come and eat it for you. Either way, DO NOT PANIC.

I hope you have found this entry informative and helpful. This is Kismet, mrawing off.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was reading my friend Skeezix's blog about cats who like boxes, and I realized that I have never really given boxes a chance. So I looked around our apartment and I couldn't find one. First, I tried to go in my room.
My room is right next to my Person's room. Since she knows I like to lay on top of things, she puts the things she puts on her feets in there. Some of them are clacky and pointy and I do not lay on top of those, but a lot of them are flat and made of cloth, so I do like to lay on those. My room also has some things hanging in it, like my Person's things that she wears, and many of them have evil vishus ribbons or strings that hang down, so I fight them when I am in my room.
But even though I really like my room, it is not the same as a box. So I left my room to look for one.
I couldn't find one for a long time. But then, yesterday, like magic, ONE APPEARED!!

I went to check it out immediately. First, I crawled inside and pawed at the paper that it came with. It is very important to throw out some of the paper (you can see here the paper that I kicked out of the box - it is under my very big front feets), and to make sure that the paper left inside the box is comfortable and willing to meet your demands.

After I cleaned out the paper, I went inside, flopped on my side, and took a bath. Because for me, being comfortable enough to take a bath is a very key thing.

As I am sure other cats will agree, the fact that I was able to take a bath inside the box was a very good indication that it was the box for me. Only one test remained -- would I be able to NAP??


Now, in his entry about boxes, Skeezix posted a link to a page that gives very detailed instructions on how to turn a box into a cat car. I have bookmarked it and I hope that my Person will find it, because it would be sweet to have a car so I could cruise around and pick up the ladies.

Now I have to go lay in my box. I think that might help my Person find the link, too.