Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The chunks

There were some unforchewnit things happening this morning. I was SO EXCITED about my foods that I blew them as chunks....and then I ate them (the foods that I already ate)...and then I blew them as chunks AGAIN.


I was VERY embarrassed. What kind of big man cat can't handle his foods to the point where he blows them as chunks TWICE??? So I made a sad try at eating them a THIRD time, and then became very disgusted and walked away. What's worse is that my Person was watching ALL OF THIS and so I figured now she probably thinks I am a wimp too.

BUT THEN Sophie saw how grouchy I was, and she told me that I should go in my Person's room (where we attack the vishus danglees), and that everything would be fine in a few minutes. And then she went and ate all those foods for me!! All the foods that I had already eaten and thrown back up. I thought that was REAL nice of her. Real sisterly. She drives me nuts sometimes, but other times she is pretty ok. Plus, the fact that she can eat foods that are already eaten just proves that I have been teaching her REAL well. Before you know it, she will be humping like a pro!

So this is me, happy after the eatings of all the chunks. I am wearing a sweatshirt and sitting my booty on a box:

I like this picture because even though I have just had some non-man-cat behavior, I am still looking like a big man cat. I am very tall, and my whiskers are long and my whisker humps are still big, and so are my feets!

I hope all of your Tuesdays were less chunky than mine.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Man Cat Monday

I am quite smily in this picture. I am sitting on the couch (the one I pee on sometimes), and it was very warm and cozy in the 'partment. Part of being a big man cat is knowing how to pose for pictures. Sometimes you have to look feerce, and sometimes it's ok to smile. This is also a good man cat picture because you can see my big whisker humps, the hair inside of my ears (my Person cuts it sometimes because she says it makes me look like an old man, but I think having hair in weird places just makes me more of a MAN CAT!), and you can also see one of my very big feets curled under me on the couch (the one I pee on sometimes). These are all VERY important man cat elemints!

If you are going to participate in Man Cat Monday, leave me a comment so I can come check it out!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

There have been lots of comments from cats wondering if they can participate in Man Cat Monday. I think everybody who thinks he might be a big man cat or WANTS to be a big man cat should definitely put up a picture on Man Cat Monday! If you want, I will come to your blog and let you know if I think you are lookin' like a big man cat. Just leave me a comment on Man Cat Monday and I will do it! And I am real glad that everyone is so excited about it too.

Today is Thursday, and I tried real hard to think of a fun Thursday day, but I couldn't. So instead I am going to do a Thursday Thirteen. I am going to write thirteen things about my sister Sophie, because there has been some interest in that. But remember, this is MY blog!!! Sophie might blog someday but for now she is real busy running around and making messes.

So, here we go - 13 things about Stinky Sophie!
1.) Sophie is real little. She only weighs six pounds, which is less than HALF of what I weigh.
2.) Even though she is little, she is TOUGH. She lived on the streets just like me!
3.) All of her feets are white, and so is her chest and her belly. She is kind of a tuxedo cat, like Rocky, except a weird orange tuxedo.
4.) Her paw pads are all pink. Here is a picture of back feets:
5.) As you can see from the picture, Sophie is not very good at litter box things. She always has litter on her feets. And sometimes poop on her booty.
6.) She will eat ANYTHING. Even gross stuff like spinnich. My and my Person's friends, like Liz and Melissa, think this is because Sophie lived on the streets. But hello, so did I, and I do not eat those GROSS FOODS!
7.) She has learned some of my most important habits, like throwing things off the dresser and attacking the vishus dangly things that sometimes attack my Person's neck. My Person does not seem to be happy that I have taught Sophie these things, but it helps a lot to have someone else helping me with my patrols.
8.) She LOVES to play with cat toys. I myself have never been much for toys, except for the occasional vishus ribbon wand, but Sophie will play with all of them.
9.) Her purrer is REAL loud.
10.) She does not hump.
11.) She also does not really have any whisker humps.
12.) Sophie does not mind pawdicures. She will sit real still and let my Person give her all the pawdicures in the world. I am working on teaching her that pawdicures ARE BAD, but maybe I should just let my Person give her the pawdicures for both of us instead.
13.) She is pretty good at wrestling. But I always win. Because after all, I am the big man cat!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Man Cat Monday

I have decided to start my own blog day-of-the-week: Man Cat Monday. Us big man cats are very under-represented in the blog world. So any other man cats out there, feel free to participate!!
This is an old picture of me. As you can see, I am keeping the apartment safe for my Person by battling the vishus ribbon. (That's a very important part of being a big man cat.) In this picture it looks like the vishus ribbon is winning, but clearly I lived to battle another day, and the vishus ribbon has never been heard from again. This particular breed of vishus ribbon was actually ATTACHED TO ONE OF MY PERSON'S SHIRTS and I detached it myself with my very big paws. She could have been killed! Of course, like normal, my Person did not seem to realize the danger she was in and instead just took pictures and laughed at me while I waged my battle. It is hard to be me sometimes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stinky sister

I think that Skeezix has a new challenger for the title of stinkiest cat in the world: my sister Sophie. I am not sure why but Sophie seems to have a problem with passing very stinky gas from her booty very frequently. At first I was very confused because we eat the same foods -- from the exact same BOWL even most of the time -- but then I remembered that Sophie is always very busy eating any persons food she can get her paws on, including tortillas, rice kayks, peetas, and krusts from peetsuh. I know I am spelling some of these things wrong but who cares because they are all GROSS AND NOT THINGS THAT CATS SHOULD BE EATING AND THAT IS PROBABLY WHY SOPHIE'S BOOTY STINKS ALL OF THE TIME. It is very undignified to be stinking of smelly gas all the time. My Person has noticed it too because she sings a song to Sophie about a smelly cat. And I have to share a litter box with this cat. I mean honestly, cats.

Here is a picture of us laying together. This was not during a very stinky moment or you can believe I would not have been sitting that close to her.

As you can see, we are right next to the computer. I am thinking about teaching Sophie to blog, but she is awful bad at typing so I think it would take hours of lessons, and if she is going to be stinking all the time, I'm not sure I can put in that kind of time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keeping busy

One of the best things about having a new sister is that when my Person goes to see her friend Jahb, Sophie will help me do stuff all day. Some of that stuff is good, like hanging out in box forts:
Here I am beatboxing for Sophie. While we are in a box.
Sophie really likes it when I beatbox.
But SOME of the things we do are naughty. Like today while my Person was visiting Jahb, I went under the sink. Now I do this a lot because under the sink is where my Person keeps all the plastic bags that I like to sit my booty on. They are all under there in a big skwishy pile, and I like to lay in them because it is very cozy. It also smells like foods under there sometimes but I could never figure out why until today, when Sophie came under the sink with me and dove STRAIGHT INTO THE PLASTIC BIN. The plastic bin is where my Person puts the plastic bags, one at a time, and fills them up with things she does not want. But when Sophie dove in there, DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? The plastic bin TIPPED OVER and the wooden box door FLEW OPEN and THINGS SPILLED OUT and THOSE THINGS INCLUDED EMPTY CANS OF FOODS!!!!! (My Person must put them there when she is done giving us the foods, but I never noticed this because once the foods are on the floor, I am all about the foods.) As I have said before, my Person is REAL good about getting all of the Friskies grayvee out of the can, but there were some little foods tidbits in those cans, and Sophie and me just LICKED those cans a LOT! And then Sophie chewed on some paper, because she will eat anything in the whole entire world including something called hummus, which is slimy and gross. Anyway, Sophie and me were real excited about this discovery, and my Person seemed real happy too!! She always comes in saying "hi, guys!" real happy-like, and she did that today too, but when she saw the plastic bin all tipped over she said "wow, guys, that is a great surprise to come home to. I am really excited about cleaning that up." !!!! So maybe it wasn't as naughty as I thought.

Also Sophie has had her first shirt!!!!!
I think we can all agree that she has MY fashion sense.

Also, I blew chunks today. Just the one time though.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hanging out

Lately I have been hanging out a lot with Sophie. She is REAL crazy and hyper, and she follows me around a lot because she wants to be just like me. A few of my friends on the innernets have told me that they want to be like me, too, but I have never had THIS kind of admirayshun before. Here is some pics of us watching the cat teevee together. I start watching it first, and then she comes and sits with me and watches it too. She is real young so she doesn't know what all is going on on the cat teevee, so I try to explain things to her, like the hairy Tommy who is always on.

I am also getting lots better at sharing my Person. It helps that Sophie is also real good at sharing. Like at night time, when it is time for all of us to go to bed, Sophie stays down by my Person's feets until I am done humping and am all settled in, and ONLY THEN does she come up and find a spot to get comfy. That is real important and good of her. Sometimes she eats my foods, but then I just go to her dish and eat HER foods, so that works out okay. I am also trying to` 23 (that was Sophie trying to help me blog) teach her that although foods are very delicious and we love them, we are DISCRIMINAYTING in the foods that we eat. Now I, personally, will TRY most all foods if they are offered to me, but that does not mean that I walk all over persons and eat their foods without permission, and to be honest most of my Person's food is not very good. Sophie, on the other paw, will climb all over persons who are eating ANYTHING and she will eat it all. Including something called rice kayks, which I will not even touch with one toe, because they are so gross. So as you can see, I am trying to be a real good big bruther.

Here is one more pic of Sophie:
This is probably her begging for rice kayks or something equally unapeeling. Anyway, I hope all of my friends on the innernets are having a good week, and thank you guys a LOT for all the GREAT comments on my last blog with my boodwah picture. I was a little nervous about posting it but I did secretly think that I pulled it off, and you guys made me feel GREAT about it! Espeshully all you lady cats. You know who you are. Mraw.