Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

There have been lots of comments from cats wondering if they can participate in Man Cat Monday. I think everybody who thinks he might be a big man cat or WANTS to be a big man cat should definitely put up a picture on Man Cat Monday! If you want, I will come to your blog and let you know if I think you are lookin' like a big man cat. Just leave me a comment on Man Cat Monday and I will do it! And I am real glad that everyone is so excited about it too.

Today is Thursday, and I tried real hard to think of a fun Thursday day, but I couldn't. So instead I am going to do a Thursday Thirteen. I am going to write thirteen things about my sister Sophie, because there has been some interest in that. But remember, this is MY blog!!! Sophie might blog someday but for now she is real busy running around and making messes.

So, here we go - 13 things about Stinky Sophie!
1.) Sophie is real little. She only weighs six pounds, which is less than HALF of what I weigh.
2.) Even though she is little, she is TOUGH. She lived on the streets just like me!
3.) All of her feets are white, and so is her chest and her belly. She is kind of a tuxedo cat, like Rocky, except a weird orange tuxedo.
4.) Her paw pads are all pink. Here is a picture of back feets:
5.) As you can see from the picture, Sophie is not very good at litter box things. She always has litter on her feets. And sometimes poop on her booty.
6.) She will eat ANYTHING. Even gross stuff like spinnich. My and my Person's friends, like Liz and Melissa, think this is because Sophie lived on the streets. But hello, so did I, and I do not eat those GROSS FOODS!
7.) She has learned some of my most important habits, like throwing things off the dresser and attacking the vishus dangly things that sometimes attack my Person's neck. My Person does not seem to be happy that I have taught Sophie these things, but it helps a lot to have someone else helping me with my patrols.
8.) She LOVES to play with cat toys. I myself have never been much for toys, except for the occasional vishus ribbon wand, but Sophie will play with all of them.
9.) Her purrer is REAL loud.
10.) She does not hump.
11.) She also does not really have any whisker humps.
12.) Sophie does not mind pawdicures. She will sit real still and let my Person give her all the pawdicures in the world. I am working on teaching her that pawdicures ARE BAD, but maybe I should just let my Person give her the pawdicures for both of us instead.
13.) She is pretty good at wrestling. But I always win. Because after all, I am the big man cat!


Anonymous said...

that's an excellent list. and, as long as YOU are telling it, it doesn't count as Sophie taking over your blog. we're glad you've got her well trained on what to attack. now, if you could work on teaching her about the litter box stuff...

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yer list is awesome! We like Sophie already...yoove tawt hur the importunt things likes attacking the danglie things frum yer ladys neck but yoo also need to teach her abowt not eatting evarything so she gets stinkie!

Yoove come so far, but yoo still have a long way to go!

LZ said...

Glad to hear more about your little sister. Sounds like she's pretty cool to have around...unlike SOME little sisters...

I am posting a Man Cat Monday picture for sure! I've started my own harem (with Rocky's help) so I'm pretty sure I'm a Big Man Cat, but you are the expert!


Daisy said...

Sophie's feet are really pretty. Except for the dirt stuck to em. I think I would like her.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Daisy sez I have big mussels. Duz that qwalify me as a big man cat???

Merlin said...

I like your list, Kismet. Sophie sounds a lot like my new little bro. I'm glad that you two are gettin' along alright and everything.

Spinnich is gross, though, what's up with that?

The Crew said...

I've been teaching my sister Misty for 8 months now and she's still learning. You just have to be patient with the young ones.


Kismet said...

Skeez - I don't think you are a big man cat, yet. But I know you WANT to be one, so you should put up a Man Cat Monday picture anyway! Make sure it is one of your manliest.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Dat's a furry good list abowt Sophie.
I will partissypate in man cat munday,but I don't haf big whisker humps

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Your sister seems very sweet. How about some more pictures of her?

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Sounds like yoor being a good big brofur. I only haf older sisfurs so der wuz nuffing to teech dem. Spinich is yuky, I trid sum and spit it on da floor. I only eat crunchies and stinky goodness. I'll see if I can partisipate in man cat monday, I am a big man cat. I am 16 pounds of mussel!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Man cat Monday sounds like a fantastic idea Kismet!!
That is very nice of you to write about Sofie on your blog.

Emma's Kat said...

Thanks for telling us a little more about your sister Sophie! So glad the pair of you are getting along so well! And I'll have to tell Marley about Man Cat Monday. I think he'd like to do that and get your opinion too! :)

Fat Eric said...

Oooh, I am definitely a Big Man Cat, I think Man Cat Monday is an excellent idea.

Sophie has cute toes. Have you thought of signing her up for the Gorgeous Gingers page? Please do!

Just Ducky said...

I think we can do Man Cat Monday! Tune in tomorrow.