Monday, April 17, 2006


Hello innernets. I am posting this picture of my Uncle Greg and me to remind me of happier times before I launch into today's story. This picture is from Saturday night. I am wearing my brand new springtime shirt. (In case you can't read it, it says "put me in coach!" and has a baseball. My Person and I are not baseball fans really, but I needed a new T-shirt for springtime and she tells me that baseball is a spring thing.) I like this picture because you can tell how much I love my Uncle Greg -- I am most definitely NOT a lap cat, but I like to climb all over Uncle Greg because he is big and hairy and really understands me.

Now on to the bad story of today!!

First of all I want to start by saying that I only get fed twice a day. Now, I don't know if you have noticed, but I am kind of a big dude, and so I would like to be fed more than twice a day. I would like to be fed all the time!! I would like to eat seventeen cans of Friskies for breakfast alone. But my Person doesn't have that kind of money. So twice a day it is.

Usually my Person comes home before that other person, and she picks me up and talks to me, which is okay I guess, but usually I am not into that because come ON PERSON I AM HUNGRY! I look forward to this time of day. I sit by the door and I listen for the front door to open and I mraw mraw mraw my little head off when I hear someone coming up the steps. But today. TODAY. Today it was not my Person, it was that other person. And do you know what she did? Well I don't know, but I will tell you what she did NOT do -- she did NOT feed me! She went right into her room, and she fed Mona, and she filled a big box with clothes, and she left!

Well, this made me mad. Because I was HUNGRY! And I am BIG! And then I was MAD! So do you know what I did? I went and peed on the couch! I usually only pee on the couch when I am HUNGRY and my Person will not get out of bed to feed me. This usually only happens in the mornings. This was my first nighttime pee on the couch. But I was HUNGRY!

So eventually my Person came home, and I rubbed all over her legs, and she fed me right away. And then she found the pee. And normally when she finds the pee she chases me around a little, but today she just put a pillow on top of the pee and sat on it. So I think she agrees with me that this was DEFINITELY WORTH PEEING BECAUSE I AM BIG AND HUNGRY.

Now I am going to go sit on top of the TV box and think happy thoughts about Uncle Greg and my Person, and be happy that my Person comes home every day to feed me.


Anonymous said...

My name is Mister Mister and the herd of phelines I live with think your life in New York is very glamorous!Be careful checking your cupboards at night...our owners relocated several raccoon recently and they were gone a long time!Raccoon aren't mean but they will eat all your food!

Kismet said...

I like your name Mister Mister! Maybe I should go by Mister Kismet. Oooooh I really like the way that sounds!

I hear that you live in Texas. I bet going outside is fun there! When my Person takes me outside on my leash it is not very exciting. I just sniff at the garbage cans. A lot. Because there might be foods in there, you know?? That is probably my best chance to see a raccoon here! But if one tried to take my foods I would fight him. And I would win!