Thursday, April 27, 2006


My Person got her computer back yesterday and she brought it home and she sat on my favorite chair and played with it for awhile, and I sat behind her head and put my paw on her shoulder now and then because she seemed kind of stressed out. And I did not realize why until I came to do my blog this morning and saw that all of the pictures of me are GONE! And all of Person's pictures are gone TOO! So I am really having a hard time blogging because I am kind of mad at the computer. Why did it eat all of my pictures????? I would have given it some of my foods if it was hungry! (Well, maybe not.)

Luckily just last week my Person had sent a bunch of my pictures to the very nice man who introduced us, because I am going to be on a calendar for the place where I lived before my Person met me (I am a pin-up! I always suspected I was handsome!), and so she emailed him and asked if he could send the pictures back to her, so now I have SOME of them. I have chosen this one for today because it is very sunny in my apartment today and one of my most favorite things to do is lay in the sun. I am always very smily when I do this, as you can see from the picture. And it seems to be sunny and warm more and more lately and I am hoping it will stay that way for awhile because boy, do I love laying in the sun!

Uncle Greg came over last night too, while my Person was still pounding away on the computer. Before we all went to bed I asked him very nicely if he could please feed me a little bit of wet food and he said NO, but I think he felt bad afterwards because then he gave me some Friskies chicken treats.

Now, the burst of energy from those treats made me very awake, so instead of doing my usual bedtime rounds just once, I did them THREE TIMES. What I do is, every night I make sure that the apartment is secure and everything is safe before my Person goes to sleep. I like to make sure that Mona is not coughing up hairballs all over the floor, and I make sure my water dish is full, and I sweep up the area around my food mat with my paws, and I clean the sides of my litter box, and I paw at the front door to make sure it is closed. My rounds are really super important and I do not take them lightly but I have to be honest and tell you that I am not sure that my Person really appreciates it, because sometimes when I am checking the perimeter I open those boxes on the walls in the kitchen, just to make sure that there is no foods there that might go bad before the morning, or that there are no other CATS hiding in there, but because I have paws it takes me a few tries to open them, and the doors kind of open and bang shut again, and my Person yells "KisMET JUST COME TO BED!" at me. And I am all mraw MRAW PERSON I AM DOING THIS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY THERE COULD BE CATS IN THIS BOX YOU DON'T KNOW IT COULD REALLY HAPPEN SOMETIME.

Anyway, when I finally got to bed Uncle Greg made me a blanket fort and they both told me what a good boy I am. I hope they take more pictures of me soon, because I feel like kind of a faker posting old ones all the time. I am kind of thinking about peeing on the computer to show it how mad I am, but I think that would just make my Person more stressed out, and I don't want that. So I will just probably sit on the back of the chair and glare at it for awhile.


Come Back Brighter said...

Several things I want to say today, stop me if you get bored -- just claw me or something.

To begin with, have you suggested to your person that on the innernets there is a thing known as flickr where she might want to store pictures, in case her computer gets too hungry again and eats everything.

I'm glad that there have been some pictures of you recovered and sent back to your person -- it doesn't surprise me that you're a pin-up, although judging by today's picture I'm not sure it's the most elegant of modelling careers a big man cat could have chosen.

Also, I think that sitting and glaring at the computer is a much better idea than peeing on it -- I know that peeing often makes you feel better when you're upset, but I think recently you have seen there are other options too. Glaring could be just as effective.

And finally -- please, don't claw me, I have almost finished -- I think it's a very respectable thing you do, to check everything is okay at night. Clearly your person doesn't think to check in the boxes for cats or check on Mona, or any of the important jobs you do. So it is best for everyone for you to continue, and though she might not understand, she would be grateful to you if she did.

Kismet said...

Did you hate my picture Jay?? Do you think it makes me look skanky? I think I look adorable! Wait until you see the one I have picked out for next time!

My Person did not get up until 745 this morning and I usually get my foods no later than 730 and I WAS PISSED LET ME TELL YOU! I walked all over her face and I knocked things off her tables and she just rolled her eyes at me. But even though I was so mad I still did not pee!! But I did poop in Mona's litter box. But when I was done I was very nice and I scraped the sides off with my paws so that it would be cleaner for her.

Thank you for APPRECIATING THE IMPORTANCE of my nighttime rounds. My Person will get it sometime, when there is a stray cat running around and I catch him!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kismet. Your Person told our mama about your blog, and we wanted to say hi and be friends with you. We write a cat advice column, and we have our own blog too (although we don't write in it as much these days, since our Country Cat life is filling most of our time with drowsing in sun puddles and hunting mice. But come over and visit us at our blog or our advice website if you'd like. We're always glad to make friends with other cool cats. And we all love blanket forts, too! :-)