Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The foods, how you torment me

I am very excited to post in my blog today because today I found out that there are actually some persons and cats out there reading what I am writing!! Since that was my biggest blogging hope, I am a very happy man cat tonight. Today did not start off so happy, because I got so excited about my foods this morning that I vommed all over the kitchen floor! Sometimes my Person does not notice the vom right away, and I kind of forget that it is vom and I eat it again. This is gross. I know this is gross. But I can't help it because it LOOKS the same and it SMELLS the same and foods just DOES something to me and I get SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FOODS and before I know it I have gobbled it up! But today my Person noticed it right away and so she scooped it all up and so I was pretty hungries all day long.

Now, so that you do not think I am gross for eating the foods again that I have already eaten, I am going to post some pictures of myself so you can see that I am very handsome and do not look at all like someone who would eat the foods that he already ate.

The first picture, the one on top (I wanted to put it down here, but it seems to involve a lot of innernets skills that I don't have) is me doing one of my most favorite things: digging in my Uncle Greg's jacket! Whenever Uncle Greg comes over he puts his jacket on top of my favorite chair and I go right over to it and I stick my head in it and I dig around with my paws. I do this in hopes that he has brought me some pepperoni in his pockets, but I also do it because he is big and hairy and he smells delicious! So after I dig around in his jacket, I like to sleep underneath it and breathe it all in.

Now just thinking about that made me all warm and fuzzy (but I am already fuzzy. All the time!) Anyways, the second two pictures are me on top of the boxes that are nailed to the wall in the room where the food is. I like to go up there because it makes me taller than all of the persons!! Also, my big paws come in very handy when I am up there because I can OPEN THE BOXES from the top and see all the foods inside! But like I said before my Person doesn't eat any meat and so most of the food in there is gross and I don't want any of it, but I still think that being able to open the boxes is going to come in handy sometime so I am glad that I can do it. My Person likes these pictures because she says you can see my whisker humps very well, whatever that means. In the first one I am very awake and I look like I have just smelled something meaty and delicious that is probably not mine and I am probably not supposed to be eating or even smelling or thinking about eating. In the second one, I am mad because I am not smelling anything anymore and I miss the smelling. Sometimes, the smelling is almost as good as the eating. ALMOST.

Really, in some way, it is all about the FOODS!!


Come Back Brighter said...

You're not gross at all, Kismet, eating what you've already eaten is reasonable cat behaviour -- especially if you're hungry.

And your pictures prove you're not gross, a handsome big man cat like you could never be gross.

Kismet said...

I like you, Jay. I feel that if you were to come over I would want to climb on you. And that you would probably give me foods!!!!!

I vommed on the couch once though. And I pee on it a lot. So if you ever come over, don't sit there.