Tuesday, April 25, 2006


My Person's computer is broken and gone! And so I cannot really blog so much anymore because it is very hard for me to use that other person's computer. My Person's computer is nice because the screen and everything is all attached, and I can just walk across it with my paws, and it more or less works out, but that other person's computer has a separate keypad thingy, and it's all tilty so I can't walk on it, and I tried once and I fell and right after I fell I took a quick bath so that anyone watching would think that I did it on purpose, but I don't really want to do that again, so I guess we will just have to wait for my Person's computer to be fixed!!

In the meantime I will try to blog in between. How I do it is, I write it all out for my Person with my paws and then she takes it with her when she leaves in the morning and then it magically appears later. I don't know if she is going into the innernets and dropping it off -- maybe that is where she goes all day?? -- but it works!

So today I will tell you about the newest way that I am being very helpful and a good cat. There are these stretches of days, maybe four or five, where my Person has to get up early and leave. (I think she can tell that I would rather have her stay with me because after those days she stays home for two whole days and plays with me!) My Person does not like to get up early, but I do not mind it very much, and I also do not mind it when she gets up early, because it means that I am going to get my FOODS! But before I get my foods, my Person goes into this big white box thing and runs water all over herself. I think that she does this because she knows that cats are very clean and she wants to be clean so that she can feed me, which is very nice of her. Now, I always go in there with her and I sit on top of her human litter box (which by the way is NOTHING like my litter box; it is white and also has water in it and YUCK, WHO WOULD WANT TO USE A LITTER BOX THAT IS FULL OF WATER?) and I sometimes poke my head into the big white box thing just to make sure that everything is okay, and I say mraw mraw! But this morning I was thinking about it and I thought to myself, Kismet, you should let your Person know that it is really good that she is getting up early to feed you and that you really appreciate it. So today instead of sitting on top of the human litter box, I sat on the side of the big white water box and when my Person's leg would come near me, I would reach my paws under the plastic sheet and grab it. Just to say, good job Person! And can you hurry up in there, because I think you are clean enough to feed me now!! And I think it might have worked, too, although I can't tell you for sure because I can't tell time and so I don't really know if she went any faster but it kind of seemed like it!!

Besides that, I have not peed on the couch for almost a week. I am basically the best cat ever lately!!!


Come Back Brighter said...

I also think it's good your person wants to be clean before she feeds you, and only fitting that you should sit on the white box thing to give encouragement.

And by the way, that having a bath after you fall off something so anyone watching thinks you did it on purpose? It fools them every time, you're a very clever cat.

Esmeralda said...

Hurry up and get the innernets fixed, person!