Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The feeds!

Hi innernets! There is not too much to report today, except that when my Person came home she strapped this thing around my chest and my legs and then we went out!! Out into the Other Place where my Person goes every morning!! We have gone out there together a few times before, but I get kind of nervous Out There because it's very big and open. I spend most of time in HERE, where it is kind of small and all of the places have lids on them. Out There, there are no lids and everything is very tall and loud. But I am getting used to it, and today it was especially nice because the other times we have gone out it was very chilly even with my FUR on, but today it was very warm. So that was fun. Eventually, I got tired of sniffing around and so I just sat myself on the front steps. And my Person was okay with that for awhile but then she said "Well this isn't much fun for me!" and so she came over and picked me up and carried me inside. And I DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL so I growled at her. I growled all the way up the stairs and all the way inside. It was not so much that I did not want to come back inside, it was just that I like to do things on MY OWN TERMS and I get very grouchy when my Person decides for me instead of waiting for me to make up my mind. It is kind of frustrating sometimes because I am a VERY BIG DUDE, but nomatter how big I am or how loud I growl, my Person will always be bigger than me.

It is very tough to be a big man cat sometimes.

Anyway once we got back inside she took the strappy thing off and then she fed me, and in case you have not picked up on this, I can forgive pretty much anything if it is immediately followed by food and petting. Both of which my Person is very good at.

Anyway the reason I REALLY wanted to blog today was to tell you all that now I have something called an RSS feed. I don't know exactly what that means, but I do love anything having to do with food! My Person said that it basically means that more persons and cats can read my blog. And while that is nice what I am REALLY thinking and hoping is that since it is called a feed, if you go to it, maybe you will get fed! And maybe, since I am bringing you the feed, you will send me some of the food! So here is the thing you click on if you want some food:


Go check it out! I hope it is bacon!


Esmeralda said...

This is the most genius, amusing, touching readworthy blog I have read in ages. 9/10 cats agree.
I am a person with a Big Fluffy Man Cat (not very masculine, I know) and a Little Spindley Man Cat, both of whom, I shall be pointing in your direction. Big Fluffy Man Cat in particular enjoys a good blog.

Kismet said...

YAY! My Person and I are both ridiculously (RIDICULOUSLY) excited that someone is reading!!!

Esmeralda said...

There are lots of people reading, I think.
The first is Emma, who showed this to me in the first place. She lives at ems.lj (you may need to ask your person about that) and since shes quite popular with lots of other persons, she recommended it to everyone on her friends list. I recommended it to jay (feverdog.blogspot) who added it to his links, and I also recommended it to Little Spindley Man Cat & Big Fluffy Man Cat's Dad. Who is too lazy to blog anywhere.
In the big wide world of the interweb, I can be found at feline_ways.lj but I'm not nearly as kittenliscious as you are.

Come Back Brighter said...

Indeed there are more peoples reading, Kismet -- I took esmeralda's recommendation, and showed it to my own big man cat. I also recommended it to therecklesslady.lj whom I know is a friend to cats.

Yours is the best blog ever, you are a very talented cat.