Friday, April 21, 2006

I am a very good boy!

This morning my Person got up MUCH later than she normally does. As you can imagine, I was VERY hungries and kind of disgruntled because, I mean, I have not had any morsels of foods for over 8 hours, I am basically WASTING AWAY HERE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES OR AT LEAST I WOULD BE IF YOUR EYES WERE OPEN AND NOT IGNORING ME.

Although, I have to be honest and tell you that I got fed THREE TIMES yesterday!! Because that person who lives with my Person came home before my Person and she actually FED me this time, and she is lucky that she did or I might have left her a present in her bed, if you get what I am meowing, but then my Person came home later and she fed me too!!! I was very mrawly, because I was happy to see her, but I think she thought that I was mrawly because I was hungry, because she kept saying "I know you already got fed, you are not fooling anybody you faker!" but she still fed me, so whatever, it worked out, and so maybe I should not have been SO hungries this morning, but the extra foods just made me want MORE foods, and besides 8 hours is a long time to go without foods nomatter how many foods you had the night before.

Anyway so she just kept NOT GETTING UP. So I did several things to try to remind her that I was hungries. First, I walked all over her front and said MRAW MRAW in my most polite voice. But she did not move. So then I got up onto the windowsill, which is right behind her bed, and I put my big paw on her face, and I said MRAW MRAW in a little less of a polite voice. But she did not move. So then I walked all over the bed and made sure to stop every few seconds and MRAW MRAW a little louder, but she STILL DID NOT MOVE.

So then I started to get kind of mad, and I went out into the other room, and I sat down on the couch, and I VERY SERIOUSLY considered peeing. Because I was HUNGRY! And BIG! And MAD! And the combination of those three things has the tendency to be kind of lethal and urine-filled. And so I squatted, and everything, but then I thought, Kismet, maybe you should just go back in there one more time.

So I went back into her room and I went and sat right next to her and she opened her eyes! And said "mraw mraw Kismet!" And then she helped me build a blanket fort.

Now, I like blanket forts. In the picture, you can see me in one of them. They are very warm and nice and snuggly. To build them, my Person just pulls the blanket up over myself, and I dig with my paws, and then I usually get very comfy and drowsy and I curl up and sometimes I even purr! So I kind of enjoyed the blanket fort, and I also enjoyed being right up close to my Person. But I was also still VERY hungries. So I sat in my fort for awhile, and I was just about to go think about peeing some more, when my Person got up! And she fed me! And all was right with the world! And I did not even vom!

And later my Person sat down on the couch, after patting it to check for pee, and when she did not find any pee, she told me what a good boy I am. And right before she left she rubbed behind my ears the way I REALLY like. I mean I REALLY like it. My eyes close all by themselves and sometimes my tongue falls out of my mouth because it feels so good! So now I am thinking that maybe I should not pee on the couch anymore, and then my Person will be so happy that she will ALWAYS feed me three times a day!

But this won't happen, because the next time I am very hungries and MAD, the bad Kismet will take over and drag me to the couch and make me pee.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There Kismet,

You gigantic boar cat, you.

Sorry to hear about your vomitus problems. I have health issues also, including RLS.

Anyhoo, just thought that as two felines out here on the innernets(?) we should keep each other posted on the latest issues faced by the modern urban cat community.

Check out my personal. I just love heavy, gruff Brooklyn accents.