Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Innernets, I do not know what is going on lately, but it has been SO HOT in our apartment! At first I thought it might just be because I am a big hairy dude, but I think my Person knows that it is hot too. She has been sleeping on top of the blankets and she has not been helping me put my shirts on lately, which I think is very nice of her, since I would probably die of hotness if I was wearing them. Because of the hotness, I have not been sleeping in the bed with my Person -- partly because the blankets make me hot and partly because she is sleeping on top of them all and so I can't make any blanket forts -- so I just sleep under the bed at night and during the day I really like to sleep on the floor because it is much much cooler. The only downside to this is that I fall asleep in strange places. Like in the pictures, I crawled under the white wood fort thing to catch up on my reading, but then I fell asleep! I have also been taking poops in Mona's litter box, but that is more because it's there than because it is hot. Anyways, I am hoping that the hotness will not last for so very long because I miss my shirts and sleeping with my Person and not feeling so SUH-LEEPY all the time! (I mean, I am a cat, so I am sleepy most of the time anyway, but usually I can at least manage to curl up in some adorable position before it happens.)


Anonymous said...

omg! Ooooooooh Mr.Kismet. I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen your nakedness. *squeeee* you hot hot fur-man you! :)

Come Back Brighter said...

It's all about the adorable positions and posing with your shit off, isn't it, you big vain man cat? I can't blame you for it, though, you're a very handsome cat.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Deer Kismet --
Wut a coincidence! It's very hot at my howse, too! So hot that I have been running arownd in the newd with my shirt off --- woooo woooo woooo! Unfortunately, I'm so skinny, I kinda look like a topless Barney Fife without my shirt on, so my big bruther Mao sez "Put it back on, Doofus!"