Friday, April 27, 2007

Out There on my leash!

Since it is getting nice outside again, my Person decided to take me out into the great jungle Out There on my leash this week! I was very excited. We live in the air in our building, and whenever my Person opens the door to go to the front door, I always come down the stairs with her because I am a very intrepid explorer. But when it was cold outside she would never let me go outside of the door. BUT THIS WEEK SHE FINALLY DID! I explored many things.
This is me sitting under this very big metal thing. It had gas, as you can see by the gas can in the back, but it was not the same smelly kind of gas that my sister Sophie has. I spent a LOT of time sniffing the big metal thing's blanket, because it smelled a lot like MEATS!!! And I REALLY like meats. I tried to lick the blanket a few times too, but my Person said "Kismet, that is gross" and made me move on to other things. She told me that the big metal thing is used for cooking meats and that is why it smelled like them. My Person does not eat meats, so it is really a miracle that I even remember what they smell like.

Since my Person would not let me lick the metal thing's blanket, I instead decided to eat some grass. I LOVE GRASS! I also looked around for some sellree, but I did not find any. I guess we do not grow our own sellree. But the grass was still VERY delishus.

The jungle is set up for a man cat, I think, because the grass is just tall enough that I can sit my booty on this big chair to eat it. It was a little difficult to get the eating stance right, though. I had to spread my very big back feets out to brace myself, and put most my man cat weight on my very big FRONT feets. It worked PERFECTLY once I figured it out, though! Here is a picture of my very big back feets in the right position. And also of my booty.
Being out in the jungle makes me feel like a WILD CAT! If you a young cat and scare easily you might not want to look at the next two pictures, because I do not want you to be spooked by my WILD CATNESS!
Although, if you have never been to the jungle, you might not even be able to find me in these pictures at all.

There are many things in the jungle that will distract you, and also some that will sneak up on you. That is why you have to be alert at all times. Notice how I am in the middle of my snack, but have made sure to stop eating when I hear DANGER approaching!

Once I decided that there was no immediate danger, I allowed myself to keep eating my snack - but I still kept my eyes out and my ears pricked!

It was a VERY GREAT trip into the jungle, but eventually we had to go back inside because the whole time we were Out There, my sister Sophie sat in the window and cried and cried and cried. She wants to type this part herself.

Hi! I are Sophie! I are yoozing my bruther's blog to tawk about how SCAYREE it was when my bruther was gawn! I sitted in the window and CRYED and CRYED. "WARE IS MY BRUTHER?? WY IS HE GAWN??? CAN YOU HEER ME, NICE LAYDEEE???" I thawted that maybe they had gawn to live outsyd, becuz I yoost to live outsyd, and I do not want to live outsyd AGENN, but if my bruther AND the nice laydee are going to live outsyd, I would rather be outsyd with them then alohn by myself in HEER. But then they kaym back! And I was so acited to see my bruther! And then we gotted FOODS!!!! My bruther wuns to typ now. It is nyc of him to let me yooz his blog becuz I know that he doesn't lyk it when I yooz his blog.

Anyway, my Person says that Sophie can't go outside in the jungle with us because she does not have a leash for her yet, and obveeisslee she cannot use mine because it would be WAY TOO BIG, and she also thinks that Sophie wouldn't even want to go in the jungle unless I was going too. So for now, jungle time is just me and my Person. I am not sure the jungle Out There is a good place for tiny girl cats, anyway.


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Eating grass Out There is very manly! It is fitting for a big man cat do explore outside. Licking the Out There meat smelling blanket is not so gross.


Daisy said...

Wow, Kismet, you got to go Outside on your harness and leash!! That's exciting and FUN! Your picture scairt me, just for a second, because I thought it was really a wild cat in the jungle grass. Too bad no sellree grows out there.

I hope Sophie gets a harness and leash soon, too.

The Crew said...

Gosh Kis, you're so brave to eat jungle grass! I only get to eat catgrass grown in a pot. I'm sure it's not as good as the real thing!


Karen said...

I ditto Icon Baxter's post! Very funny!

Loved the photos of you, Kismet. Your laydee is a great photographer, and YOU are a very photogenic Man Cat.

Caesar and Princess said...

I am glad to hear you got to go Out There.
This was a cool adventure. You look very manly and big

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Out there is great, isn't it! We especially loved your last two photos!


Kismet, my dad has one of those gas meat cooking things and he puts a blanket over it when he's not using it. I like to pee on it and then he yells at me (just a little). He doesn't understand that I'm performing a public service. That grill is MY territory and sometimes the raccoons come up to check it out. If they smell my scent on it, that should send them running.

I like to eat grass too. It's so juicy and tender this time of year in my private jungle.


One of us said...

wow that is one crazy adventure Kismet. you should be furry careful out there in the jungle ~poilnad tribe

Skeezix said...

Wow, Kizzy, yoo have a reely big booty. Vary impressiv. Make shur yoo watch owt for big game hunters, becuz yoo look ixzaktly like a mitey tiger and yoo mite git shot.

Did yoo see any vishus deer?

FelineFrisky said...

Hi! What an adventure! Yiu are very brave.

My 3 are very scared of the Big Outside. Too many "monsters" out there. We get our catgrass cut by a family of boys with growly machines they ride on. Then there's the water spouts that go off early in the morning. People travel in little cars with no doors on them, very fast up and down our street (golf carts), so they are safer to stay indoors.

You & Sophie are so very pretty! D :)

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You have such gorgeous eyes!!! And you are very very brave to go out there. My sister is a sissy too and she cries when I go out on my leash. Girls...


jeter harris said...

kismet, mi frend,
sumday i will take da eff trane an meet u fer a romp in da jungle. i go owt widowt da leesh ... it'z verree eksitin!
an btw, we hav da same can o' gas in mi backyard!
wut a coincidence!
luv--yer frend--jh

Forty Paws said...

What an exciting adventure!!! Great photo op too! We luffed looking at all your adventures and your big eyes. And your cute butt sitting on the pateeyo.

When we go out in our enclosure and eat grass, we come inside and yak it up. Sumtymes. Yup.

Luf, Us

DaisyMae Maus said...

We only get grass when Mom buys it at Petco ... sigh.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, we culdnt reely find yoo in yer supur fast mancat fotos! Yer red harness is soooo cul, maybe sumeday sophie can get a purpul one and join yoo when she gets biggur.

Merlin said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I haven't been outside in a long time. Not since I used to live there. If you don't count going to get in the car to go to the VET and I don't.

Mao said...

Hey, man, thanks for showin' me a good time in Brooklin. If yer ever in Castro Valley, pleeze drop by!

Rocky McGutterCat said...

Hey, ware cood we buy one of them meat blankits? That sownds pritty yummy.