Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just me and my pee

Even though the VETS said that my pee is normal (which I knew. It is very smelly and when I pee a lot of it comes out. TOTALLY NORMAL, PERSON), I have still been peeing on the chair a lot. I have been hearing my Person say that she might just get rid of the chair, and I really hope that she does not do this, because peeing on the chair is the BEST! First I hop up onto it and use my very big front feets to clean off the surface. This is very important because you can't just pee on ANYTHING, it has to be clean! So I use my feets to scrape it off. This is also good in case there are some foods or other very tiny cats that you cannot see, because you would not want to pee on either of these things. Then I shake my booty a little bit, and I put my front feets on the back of the chair and lift my tail up and just pee away. It is VERY comfy to pee like this, because the chair is so skwishy and soft. My Person has caught me a few times and everytime she says "Kismet NO! We do NOT pee on the furniture!" and she grabs me and puts me in front of the litterbox. And I just say, mraw mraw Person, obveeisslee WE do not pee on the furniture, I am the one who pees on the furniture MRAW MRAW." And then just to throw her off I use my front feets to sweep up the floor in front of the litterbox, but when she is not looking I go back and pee on the chair. Sometimes it takes two or three tries before I get all of the pee out, but it is worth it to be so comfy!

Since I know that my peeing on the chair makes my Person upset, I have tried to make up for it by being a very good boy in other ways. Like, I keep her company when she is in the big white box pouring water all over herself.
Here I am supervising the pouring of the water. I do not really understand the whole act of pouring water over oneself, but nomatter how loud I sit there and mraw mraw (and sometimes I even reach in to grab her leg and try to pull her OUT), my Person will not stop doing it, so I like to make sure that the water is not too hot for her. Then while she is in there, I catch up on my reading about the famous ladies.
Yesterday, I also helped with the laundry. First, I supervised the folding of the clothes. This is very important, because I like things to be CLEAN! I also particularly liked this shirt because it has the word HAM on it, and I like ham. I know my friends the meezers like it too!
(If you make this picture big, you can see the chair (the one I pee on) in the background. Doesn't it look skwishy and like you want to pee on it too???)
After that, I helped my Person make the bed. This is ALSO important, because I sleep on that bed every night so I HAVE to make sure that there are no mices or other cats hiding underneath the blankets, and I also have to approve of where they are all placed.
This is me giving it the paws of approval.

Anyway, I know my Person doesn't like me peeing on the chair, but with all of the nice good boy things I have been doing lately, how could she REALLY be mad?


Daisy said...

Kismet, you have given me some food for thought. I have never peed on furniture before, but you make it sound like so much fun. I am sure if I tried it my Mommie would yell "Daisy No NO!". So, maybe I will not try it. I have to think on it for awhile.

It sounds like you have been a very good boy, otherwise!

The Meezers said...

Kismet, you is right, that chair is just the purrfekt fing to pee on. it would be a shame if your person gets rid of it. Maybe she should just let you use it as a litterbox and when the cushion gets too stinky, get a new for you.
Where did you gets the ham shert? i wants a ham shert too! - Miles

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

You are such a good boy for keeping your Person company while she is in the big white box.
We don't think she will stay mad at you! How could she?

Jake and Bathsheba said...

I don't know, Kismet. Peeing outside the litterbox anywhere in the house gets me in very big trouble with my dad. He loves me a lot, but, as he says, that's where he has to "draw the line." He banishes me to the deck, which isn't really much of a punishment because I love the deck. Part of it is covered so I don't get rained on, and I have a great fleecy bed out there. Plus I've found that the plastic grill cover is a great place to mark with my pee. Dad doesn't like that either.


Karen Jo said...

I'm glad that your pee is normal, but peeing on the chair is not a good thing, no matter how comfortable it is. I think you should work hard on peeing in the litterbox.

Anonymous said...

Once a cat has started peeing somewhere it's very difficult to get them to stop, because the smell in that spot reinforces their instinct to pee there. So yes you probably will have to get rid of the chair.

You need to look at why he is avoiding his box. Is the litter changed often enough? Has something changed in the vicinity that makes him feel unsafe in his litter box? (For example, since Sophie's arrival, maybe he feels she could sneak up behind him or something? Or, I've heard of a case where a cat stopped using their litter tray because it was in view of the back window, in view of another local cat, which used to hang around outside and intimidate the cat).

The Furry Kids said...

Hmmm - peeing in a chair. That gives us lots of ideas. We haven't done that yet. You might want to just stick to peeing on that one chair. We've heard that if you start peeing all over the place, Moms and Dads get real mad. it sounds like you've been real good lately. It looks like you did a real good job supervising with the laundry.
Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

Jake and Bathsheba said...

I couldn't help it. I peed on something in the house again today. And to think that I warned you against doing it. I can't even heed my own advice. I'm so ashamed. Or not. Hmm. Over there; that looks like it could use a little squirt. Maybe no one will notice. . . .


I don't know how Mom and Dad put up with you, Jake!


Boy said...

you know, kismet, I used to pee on mine mummy's chair and even her bed!
But then she got me to the shooty person's pwace, and gotted mine fun things cut off.
After that, I didn't feel wike peeing anywhere else but in mine toiwet.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Maybe your Person can find a litter box that will fit on your chair. If nothing else, that would make it clear visitors don't sit on that chair. :-)

Worth a thought, anyway.

Forty Paws said...

Oh yes. Dorf would pee on that chair. He also helps with the bean baths. But he doesn't fold laundry or help make beds.

Luf, Us