Friday, April 13, 2007

I help TOO!

Hi! I are Sophie! I are using Kismet's blog becuz I red his post about helping fold the lawndree and I wanted to show evrywun that I helped too!
Here I are! After I saw my bruther helping fold the clohz, I wanted to help too, becuz I want to do EVRYTHING my bruther does! I love my bruther!
Here I are agenn! My tayl is vary fluffy! Luk how nyclee the clohz are foldid! I helped!
OOh, something SHYNEE!

My bruther does not lyk it when I yooz his blog.


Daisy said...

Oh Sophie, you are just so cute, I love you!

Karen said...

Sophie, you are soooo cuuute! And as much as I loved your clever post, the labels you used at the bottom were very funny.

Keep loving everyone, sweetie.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Miss Sophieeeeeeee! I fink you are furry byootiful wood you like to go on a date wif me?

Yore frend Buddy

The Meezers said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Sophie you is cute. Kismet, that is SOME look you gots there!!!

BK said...

Kismet, you look so grumpity grumps in that picture! Surely it's not that bad if Sophie uses your bloggie sometimes?

Skeezix said...

Boy, Kizzy does NOT look happy! Better git yer own blog insted of hogging his! But good job with the lawndry!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kismet, cheer up! You're still the king of your blog, and everyone thinks that you're so generous to share your blog with your cute little sister.


(P.S. I think of you when I spread my many toes and wash in between them.)

yao-lin said...

You are very cute and helpful!

Fat Eric said...

Sophie, you look so cute helping with the laundry. Although Kismet is obviously not thrilled.

Sophie, you should join in Floofy Friday with a tail like yours. And do sign up for the Gorgeous Gingers - we need more girls in our gang!

Boy said...

Opps! you're a sweetie sophie!

Mattingly said...

Sophie you are such a helpful kitty! I'm sure your person is very appreciative of all you do. You are quite a cutie too! And Kismet... I'm real happy there is nothing medically wrong with your pee!

The Crew said...

Sophie, you're getting so big! And what a good daughter you are (like me!) to help with the laundry.

Your friend

Caesar and Princess said...

Sophie. You are very very very cute and adorrrrrable.
Kismet. Share.

boys.... harrrumph

Forty Paws said...

Sophie, you are purrecious!! G.T. lufs to help fold laundry here.

Luf, Us

Rosie & Cheeto said...

SOPHIE!! Sooo nice to meet yoo! Yoo are such a grate helpur and its so nice of yer big mancat bro to show yoo just how a gud cat shuld act!

If yoo haven't noticed, a lot of us luk up to yer big bro Kizzy!

Sophie, We're sooo happy that yoo finalie blogged! Yer sooo cute!