Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ever since the new person that lives with my Person came to live with us (Sophie calls her the "scayree laydee who loves me a LOT"), interesting things have been appearing in the apartment. First it was that great bed for me and now it is this:
I am not exactly sure what it is, but I am pretty sure that it is a present for me and Sophie. I think that Sophie looks very proper sitting underneath this thing so maybe it is a girl cat thing that I do not understand. Anyway, when it showed up Sophie was very quick to jump under it without even inspecting AT ALL! So I had to check it out to make sure that everything was okay, because that is what a good big brother does.
You can see that my tail is a little bushy, because the thing might have been vishus. You can also see that Sophie looks very confused. This is because inspecting and patrolling are man cat things to do, and since I do them, Sophie never has to.
It turned out there was no need to worry. After closer inspection I decided that the thing was NOT vishus, and Sophie sat under it for a long time. What do you guys think it is? Since it is RIGHT outside Sophie's pink cat box, I think it might actually be a present for me - a sheeld to protect me from the litter that she shakes off of her paws and that she kicks out of the box. And if you remember that day when all the poops got on the wall, you will know that I really do need a sheeld! It is also right under the cat tv, and so it might be a thing for cats to sit under when other cats are watching the cat tv. That way if some cats don't feel like watching right then, the episohds will not be ruined for them and they can watch later!

This was the good part of my post. Now for the bad part: I am going to have to go to the VETS soon. I peed on the chair TWICE this week and my Person is real worried because before I came to live with her I had lots of problems with my yurinerry trakt and blocks. I don't know what a yurinerry trakt is, but it means I can't eat dry foods very often, and I also can't play with blocks, because if I get a block it makes the pees not come. Anyway, I tried to remind her that peeing on things is just what I DO - like the couch that I used to pee on sometimes - but she is still worried because she can't remember the last time I peed in a place I was not supposed to more than once in a week. So now we are going to the VETS. And I HATE THE VETS. And thinking about GOING to the VETS just makes me want to PEE MORE. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will be good for me and bad for the VETS!


Jake and Bathsheba said...


Pee problems cannot be ignored because they can be very serious in a big man cat. We're glad that your person is taking you to the vet right away, because you need to be healthy to keep your family safe. Best of luck at the vet; give 'em hell! And get well.


(Remember, Bathsheba is the proud recipient of three stars on her medical records. Those vets have to EARN their fees. Beware the gauntlets!)

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, what a funny luking thing the new purson has. It luks like it has pointy points to scratch yer if yoo luk closlie it has a stringy thing to play with. It's a back scratchur, play toy in one!

Oh man, Kissy! The vets is a vary scary place. Its a gud thing yer a bigman cat who can handul the vets. Yeah, stay away frum the blocks, thowse sound vary bad!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I think Rosie and Cheeto are korekt. It is a back skratshur and a toy. It's good dat yoo take care of yoor sisfur. I tagged yoo fur a meme, come see what it is all about!~Sadie

Rocky McGutterCat said...

Dood, pee problims are definitly not fun, and I feel for ya. The ladey heer freeks win I pee whut she calls "inappropreeutly." I call it ixpressing my opinyun. She werries that I've got bloks.

Good luk at the vets... and is anywun dating yer sister?

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh mancat Kissy, yer in trubble now. Rocky is moving in on yer lil sistur!

The Meezers said...

oh no Kismet. Pee prollems should be lookded at right away.
I has no idea what that fing is, but it looks like fun. Mommy loved the bushy tail pikshur.

Daisy said...

Kismet, you are very smart! I think you are right - that blue thing is to shield the cat TV so if you don't want to watch the episode right then, it is not ruined for you. But you were brave to make sure it was safe; Sophie is lucky she has you to look out for her.

Good luck at the V-E-T. Pee problems can be scary.

Junior said...

I think that is a gift for you! And it looks like a great gift!

Meowm and I will purray that your v-e-t visit goes well and that you don't have anything majorly worng with you.

Sophie Kat said...

Dear Bruther, I am veery wurried bout you and the peeing, who woud do all the big man Kat things for me?
- tiny sophie girl

Derby said...

I can relate Kismet 'cuz I've been to the VET three times this month. I had to get my digestive issues worked out.

Kim and Oscar said...

You were very brave to check out the blue thing. I let my human kids do that for me because I trust them most of the time. If they play with it then I move in and take it over. As for the pee thing, my Mommy is worried about you. She said to tell you that your Mommy must love you very much to take you to the vet quickly! I hate the vet personally. I give them hell! You let them know who's boss, OK?

Boy said...

You're weawwy bwave inspecting that thing for Sophie!
I've got this thing at home too, but most of the time when it appears, it's wet and I do not wike it!
It's cool yours is not wet!