Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday survey with Sophie

Hi! This is Sophie! I gotted tagged for a survey by A DOGGY at Emma's blog! So Kismet are letting me use his blog! He is kleening his toez rite now! I would lyk some foods!

1) 4 places I lived:
-Outsyd on Rohd Aylind. I was real little and it was kold and there was a meen man there!
-With Danyel. Danyel reskyood me!
-With my bruther Kismet and the nice laydee and the scary laydee who REELY REELY LIKES ME, which where I live now.
-That is it!

2) 4 things I love to watch:
-My bruther Kismet. He is vary fassinayting.
-The feetses of the peeple I live with.
-The cat teevee!!
-All of my toys

3) 4 places I have been outside home:
-With the scary man in Rohd Aylind.
-In my bruther Kismet's carry-er to the vet laydee.
-In the big mooving masheen with Danyel, when I kaym to live with my bruther Kismet.
-Sometimes, when the nice laydee goes out of the door, I follow her, but I never go down the stayrs like Kismet does.

4) 4 websites I visit daily:
- Akchually, my bruther does not let me use the compyooter because I get too acited. BUT I do walk across the keeys, and sometimes I even sit my booty on the skreen!

5) 4 favorite foods:
I LIKE ALL FOODS!!!!!! Espeshully whatever my laydee is eeting, because she eats the MOST DELISHUS FOODS. I like to steel them by grabbing them with my teefs and then running away.

6) 4 places I would rather be:
-On the laydee's lap, eating some of her foods!!! Kismet says that she has to go see her frend Mr. Jahb most days, but she always comes home at nite and gives us the foods!!!!
-In the big wite box where the laydee gets all wet in. I like to sit in there and look out from behynd the kurtin!!!
-Pooping!!! I like to poop.
-Hyding under the kowch and attacking the laydees feetses!!

7) 4 toys I have owned and played with:
-My fayvrit bloo fether wand from Danyel!
-The fuzzy wite snoball toy
-The feetses of the laydees
-My bruther Kismet!! He is the bestest toy, espeshully his TAYL!

8) 4 nicknames my family like to call me:
-S Katty Kat. That is my rapper naym.
-Just a little soapsoap
-My bruther and the other laydee who livs with my laydee calls me a skavinjer, because I am so good at finding the foods!!

9) Regarding Catnip:
-I have never had catnip!!!

10) Regarding Cat Grass:
-My bruther REELY loves cat grass so I just let him eat it all. But I am shur I would like it because I LOVE ALL FOODS!!!

11) First 4 I'd buy after winning lottery:
-Lots of the foodses that the laydee eats, like peetzuh and ryse kayks!!!
-Some shurts for my bruther.
-LOTS more toys!!!!!
-Probablee just some nice things for the laydees.

12) 4 things I do besides eat, sleep, litterbox:
-I poops a lot!!! I know it says BESIDES litterbox but sometimes I don't poops in the box, and anyways I poops enough that it needs to be menchinned again.
-Chase my bruther around the apartment
-Sit on the laydee's lap and purr real loud
-Attack the vishus danglee things

13) 4 things I want to do this summer:
-Attack the vishus danglee things
-Try to get better at the poopsing
-Play with my bruther
-Try MANY new foods!!!!

14) My 4 most prized possessions with limited value:
-My bruther Kismet
-My wite fuzzy snoball toy
-My foods dishes, because that's where my foods goes
-My cat tent!!!!

15) What I’ll do before tomorrow is over:
-Have a bath
-Make shur that my bruther's tayl is not twitching too much because if it is I have to attack it!!
-Follow my bruther around
-Run away from the scaree laydee who loves me a lot
-Lick my laydee's hands and sit on her lap too

16) Favorite place to hide and play?
I like to hide under the kowch! But I will play anywhere.

17) 4 other "pets" your staff have kept:
-My laydee just has my bruther, but when I lived owtside in Rohd Aylind I lived with a bunch of other kitties! Including my mom and dad, who were both ornj, just like me!

I also want to inklood this pikchur of my ear. This is one of the laydee's most fayvrit things about me! Even though I am very ornj, I have two small black dots on my ear! The laydees call them my fashun axsesoreez. I only have two shurts so far, but the dots do match both of them!!
They do not look so very dark in this pikchur, but in reel lyfe, they are!! Thanks for tayging me, nice doggy!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad your brother let you blog. I am also so happy that you are doing so good. I started to get leaky eyes reading this. I am so appreciative for your mommie taking you in. She was a bit nervous at first but it seems to all have worked out. I hope you continue to do well. I enjoy checking in on you. I come everyday to see both of you. Take care.

p.s. no more mean guy!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Sophie, I'm so glad yoo git to blog! Beefore long, yoo'll like blogging more than yer foods! And if yoo ever need any fashun tips, feel free to ask me! Yoo know, Kiz and me are tite.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Sophie ... Great post! You should ask Kismet to let you blog efurry once in awhile. Maybe you could get your own day like maybe "Sophie Saturday" or sumthin' like that.

Mattingly said...

Sophie it's really great to meet you. I'm glad you fit in so well in your new home and are happy. I can see Kismet's influence in you, and it's great! Hope we get to hear from you again!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Sophie, I'm glad yoo gots a good furrever home now. And dat Kismet let yoo uze his blog! Daisymae iz rite, der shood be a Sophie Saturday or sumfin.

Daisy said...

Sophie, you are my kind of girl! I hope you get to blog more often, you made me laugh.

Forty Paws said...

Nice to meet you!! We are disturbed that you haven't been given the pleasures of catnip yet!!! And, we wonder about your affection for rice cakes??? You are very unique and we're glad you have a furrever home now.

Luf, Us

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Sophie!!

GReat job on the blog today. It's nise to lern more abowt you.

I just hugged you for Mu Shue's Hug A THon, so visit owr blog to see abowt it.

Yore frend Buddy

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hugs to Kismet and Sophie!


Fat Eric said...

A Message for Kismet!

Kismet, my humans met your identical twin this weekend! Did you know there is a Big Man Cat who looks EXACTLY like you, living in Eastbourne, UK? Were you separated at birth? He is called Kiff so even your names start with the same letter...spooky eh? See story on my blog.

The Meezers said...

i see the black dots on your eers. it's cute!!!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We LOVE your black dots! Cocoa has 2 white dots and I have red fluff around my neck, but only in winter. Grr has no fashion accessories though.

Dobby said...

Hi Sophie!

My big brother lets me use his blog, too. I'm glad to meet you and read about you!!

One of us said...

That was nice of Kismet to loan you his blogg and furry informative meme ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko