Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know I am late writing about Halloween, but there has been lots going on, like the other day I peed on my Person's bed for no reason as far as I can remember, and then I went crazy and chewed holes in some of my shirts, and all sorts of other things! So here is what has been going on.

Last week sometime, my very good friend Melissa came over to help my Person make her Halloween costume (she went as a Chia Pet. Do you know what this is??? I googled it. It is very hairy and green:)

and Melissa brought with her a birthday present for ME!!

In case you can't read it, it says "sup ladies". !!! It is basically the best man cat t-shirt ever, and I really like the color, too, because I don't have any shirts that are bright blue like that, except for my polo shirt, and that doesn't count because it has a collar. I was SO excited when I saw it because now I don't even have to SAY anything to the ladies when they are nearby -- they will just see it on my shirt, which will allow me to maintain my air of mystery while also letting them know that, hey -- I dig you.

Anyway, so then I got down to work helping Melissa and my Person make her costume.
As you can see, my Person made her costume out of this green stuff, and in this picture, I am carefully eyeing my Person to make sure that we cut the right amount. I was also careful to make sure that the green stuff was acceptable, so the first thing I did was sit my booty on it to make sure it was comfy. And it was! I wanted to just keep sitting on it, but my Person needed to cut it and stuff, so I had to move. Then she used this very sharp thing and put STRING IN IT to attach the green stuff together, and I just about went crazy, because the string was flashing back and forth and I just wanted to KILL IT MRAW and so I got kicked out of the costume making for awhile. But when my Person tried it on I made sure to tell her she looked real nice and green and stuff. And my help paid off, because when it was all done, I think it turned out ok:
After my Person's costume was done, Mona and I tore into my prize pack for winning 3rd place in Skeezix's Halloween costume contest! I wanted to open it nice and slow, but Mona is a huge stona, and she pushed me out of the way and stole all my nip. Here we are, digging in:

I mean look at her. She is chewing through the bag to get to the nip. That is sign number one of a problem, cats!!

Anyway, so I hope you all had GREAT Halloweens, and that if you have peed on anything lately, you at least remember why.


The Meezers said...

that's a really cool shert Kismet! And your purson was furry purrty in her costume. MRAW! Sup Kismet's purson! *wink wink* - Miles

Latte said...

That is a great shirt! And I have to say, your purson looked fabulous! Quite the creative costume. Did you nibble on her hair? It looks like it would be fun.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

1. We wure captuvated by yer ladys costum making procedjurs. We actshually thawt yer lady was a chia pet until we luked clowslie and saw her ears in the picktur.

2. Yer shert is absolutlie amazing! Yoo no longur half to say ANYTHING...yer shert just says it all. So so so cul

3. Yeah...yoo must have been in a vary strange mod to pee on hur bed fur no reason. Silly, Kismet!

Kismet said...

Latte - that hair smelled really gross, and when my Person went to sleep that night (on the couch that I pee on sometimes), it got all over the pillows! Yuck!

Kismet said...

Roro and Cheesehead - thanks, guys! I am glad that you like my new shirt, and that you think my Person looked like a real Chia Pet, because that means I am really good at making costumes.

Anonymous said...

Very nice shirt. We have been reading your blog for a while, but we must have missed you telling who Mona was?

Kismet said...

Cecilia - Mona is that person who lives with my Person's cat. She is fat and she likes to rub her poopy booty all over the floor, but she is also very good at wrestling, and she licks my food bowl clean for me after every meal (which is probably why she is fat). She is also VERY pretty, but we don't have a relayshunship like that, because she is a lot older than me.

Merlin said...

You know, I peed on the bed once. You're right, I don't remember why. And I haven't done it again.

Maybe I should.

Merlin said...

Oh, and that is the kewlest shirt I ever saw.

When I grow up to be like you, maybe I can get one.

cause clearly you are much bigger than me.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow! That SUP LADIES is a reely neet shert, and the bloo reely looks nice on yoo! That is one purrfikt big man cat shert! I'd never seen a Chia Pet before. Maybe I can be a chia pet for next Halloween.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

You look great in your shirt, Kismet. And your Mom's costume is very creative. Were you also the creative consultant?

How many shirts are in your entire wardrobe? I just have the one fur coat.


P.S. If Mona is too old for you, then I guess I am too. Sniff. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

Love that Chia pet costume! And your new shirt, too!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Good fing you gots a nice shirt out of the deal instead of having to be a chia pet speshully if the hair smelled bad. You don't want green furs. Yur human is really good wif the scissors.

Eric and Flynn said...

Yoo look reel cool in that bloo shert, an we fink yer mum did a reely gud job on her halloweeny kos-toom. I haf nefurr peed on the bed or ennyfing, but I haf peed against the kichin wall a cuppul of times when I furrgot I wuz indoors an I haf to squat when I am indoors.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

well, we're furry confused 'bout why we hasn't met ya before, but we're here now! ya gots sum cool clothes an great fashun sense. no wonner you wuz able ta dress yur purrson up so nice fur Halloween.