Thursday, November 09, 2006

My very first Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my most Favorite Things to Do

1. Eat the foods, espeshully my Purina Yurinerry Trakt Health Dry Food
2. Clean in between my very big toes
3. Take very long and important naps on top of the persons teevee
4. Sit my booty on things, like plastic bags or magazeens
5. Walk/lay/sit on the computer, whether it is opened or closed
6. Try to open the wooden boxes in the kitchen to make sure there are no other cats or foods or mices hiding in there
7. Talk to my Person
8. Sit on the side of the big white box where my Person pours water on herself, and grab her leg sometimes, and make sure everything is okay in there, and sometimes I sing along with her if she is singing in there, although why she is singing in there I don't understand because HELLO THERE IS WATER IN THERE AND STOP SINGING AND GET OUT AND BY THE WAY I AM PROBABLY HUNGRY RIGHT NOW AND ALSO VERY BIG
9. Wrestle with Mona
10. Watch the feetsball with my Person
11. Clean up the apartment by sweeping the floor with my very big paws. I also do this to Mona's litterbox. She is very bad at litter box maintenance.
12. Mraw mraw mraw. A lot. That is why my blogger link is kismetmrawmraw. Because I am Kismet. And I mraw mraw.
13. Knock things off of the dresser, like the vishus dangly things that attach themselfs to my Person's ears and neck and wrist and fingers. THEY ARE VISHUS AND MUST BE STOPPED and my Person does not understand this and so she gets mad sometimes but it is WORTH IT because I am PROTECTING HER!

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Anonymous said...

He, he. I love the mraw, mraw.

Anonymous said...

Kismet, that's a good list. You are furry busy and do a lot of furry important things. And you know what? You are very big.

My Mom has a list today, but I didn't do one yet, but maybe I will cause you are so kewl and big and you did one.

Kismet said...

It was my first one EVER! You should definitely do one, Merlin.

I have to tell you something. I went to the vets last weekend and...I only weigh 12.8 pounds. WITH A SHIRT ON.

I am still a big dude. But I am not very heavy!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Kismet, how can I weigh more than you? I need to go on a diet.

I did my list, it's got all my mayshurments.

The Meezers said...

good list Kismet - maybe we should do a thursday 13 sometime.

Mattingly said...

Kismet that's a great list. I really should get around to doing one one of these weeks. Why do you suppose that the last 4 words of number 8 almost made my Mom spit out the water she was drinking?

Kismet said...

Mattingly- obveeisslee, this is because your mom is VERY smart and realizes after reading number 8 that water is bad and must be STOPPED!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hey Kismet, we weigh almost the same, and Mom says that we even look a little alike. We're both big men, but I don't like to wear clothes.

Great list.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that's a great list. we gotta do one sum day. it shure is good of you ta try ta save yur momma from those vishus things on her dresser. we hope she 'preciates yur effurts.

Patches & Mittens said...

I love your list and can relate to a lot of it.