Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am back!

I am back, innernets! Unfortunately, the camera is not. My Person says that it is going to take some busyness days before it will be better. I tried to tell her that I am real busy EVERY day, what with the cleaning of my toes and surfing the innernets, but she said that isn't what she meant. So sorry, innernets -- no new pics! To tide you over again, here's another old one of me:

This is right after I opened my Halloween fun pack from Skeezix. I was overwhelmed with stuff to look at!

My Thanksgiving was good. My Person was gone, in Whiskonsin, but my very good friend Melissa came over to give me my foods. A couple of times she brought her Hozay. Her Hozay is a guy and he would come over and play with me and Mona while Melissa got the foods ready. He would rub on my belly a lot and he would not get mad when I would have to attack his very vishus hands, which I like. I think maybe I should get a Hozay of my own. He also told Melissa, "This cat has HUGE PAWS." And she said, "You don't even know!" It's true. I have the big feets.

My Person is back now, though, and I have to tell you that
STRANGE THINGS have been apaw in the apartment lately. Like tonight my Person brought home another litter box. It is EXACTLY the same as mine...but it's PINK. This is my litter box:

Okay but MY litter box is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. I don't need a new one. And if I did, I obveeisslee wouldn't want one that is PINK (sorry, Skeez). So what is going on??? And then the other day I accidentally overheard my Person on the phone with our very good friend Liz, and apparently Liz is getting me a shirt for Krismiss that says "Big Bruther" on it. I did some research online and found out that Big Bruther is a person TV show where persons get voted out of a house by the Big Bruther. Am I supposed to be voting persons out of the apartment? Because there are only two, and I'm not gonna vote out my Person, so I don't think this would be a very good show.

I'm pretty confused. Do you guys have any ideas???


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Great to see that you're back, Kizmet! Um, I hate to be the one to tell you, but I think that another cat, a little one, might be joining you and Mona. Beware! It might command all of your person's attention at first, but I think the secret is for you to play with it and be very manly and protective of it. I let things get out of hand when Jake joined our home so many years ago. I would do things so differently now. I wish you much luck with your new kitty of your very own. Teach it well.

(And tell your person to get a new camera for when your new brother or sister joins you!)


The Meezers said...

YAY!! Kismet is back!!! we fink we readed somewhere about what is going on in your 'partment, but we doesn't know if we is 'llowed to say. But it could be a really good fing!!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh my gudness...big brothur?!?! What in the werld is going on? Owr lady says thay film that in a big howse with lots of peeple not like eachothur. Maybe yer going to be shipped away fur a little with Coons, antalopes, goldfishies, Dawgies and other things not like yoo!!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

PINK Catbox???? WOW! Maybe my big bruther Mao is shipping me off to live with yoo and Mona!!!!

sammie and lily said...

Kizzy, we are so glad you are back! We missed you!
Unfortunately, it sounds like you are getting a little sister, or that Skeezy is coming to live with you. My best guess is that you are getting a little sisters. Little sisters are very nice. They are fun to play with and they look up to you, so teach her the ways of the cat!
Good luck Kismet!
The Girls
Sammy and Lily

Anonymous said...

I think it's obveeyus: Mona voted yoo owt of the apartmint and they're gitting a kyoot new gerl cat to reeplace yoo.

Anonymous said...

Kismet!! I am so glad you're back!

Okay. I am glad Bathsheba told you first, cause I didn't wanna be the one. But I'm interested to hear about your experiences with your new sibling, cause we're talking about that at my house, too.

And I like that picture even though it's old. We do look a lot alike and I like that cause I wanna grow up to be a Big Man Cat just like you!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. This happened to me. Twice. I'm much like you, I'm a Big Man Cat and I like my one on one person time. Then came the younger siblings. Sigh. Good luck with that!


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I'm sure it's the same thing that's been happening around here for 3 years! Mom wants a kitten, so one magically appears, then another, then another and now there's 4 of us! I advise you to put your big foot down and say "OK, maybe 1 more is fine, but check with me before you get more than that". Anyway, I'm sure you'll be a great big brother and a good role model.