Sunday, July 02, 2006

Me and Mona

I have told you, innernets, about my cat friend Mona who lives with me and my Person and that other person. Mona belongs to that other person, and we are friends, but not GREAT friends, because Mona is kind of boring. She does not like to cuddle with persons, she does not like to be petted, and she does not like to blog. These are all really essential cat things, and I can't really understand why she doesn't like them, so Mona and I do not have a super lot in common. Interests that we do share: she LOVES the foods, she likes to rub up against my Person's legs, and she is very good at wrestling with me. Lately Mona and I have really been spending a lot of time together because she is the only one in the entire world who seems to understand HOW HOTS it is here. That is me and her in the first picture. We are all sprawled out on the floor. Mona is in the room with the human litter box and that big white thing where my Person pours water on herself, and I am by the door that goes Out There. It is our favorite hangout spot, because we each like to sprawl on a different kind of floor, and that is the only spot in the whole apartment where we can both lean against a wall but still hang out together. Here is a picture of just Mona. As you can see, she is VERY pretty:
My favorite parts of Mona are her very pink nose, the white socks she wears on all four of her paws, and -- this is the best part -- SHE HAS SOME PINK PAW PADS AND SOME BLACK PAW PADS!!!! Mona is older than me. She is eight, and I almost four. My Person is trying to be very patient with Mona and to get her to like cuddling, and I hope it works because Mona is really missing out by not being into that. One other thing that Mona does that is nice is that she licks my food bowl clean when I am done eating my foods. I like this because then there are no crusty old foods there. So all in all, I think Mona is okay.

Her licking my bowl clean has become espeshully important lately because I have discovered THE SECRET TO GETTING FOODS WHENEVER YOU WANT IT!!! Any cats reading really need to pay attention because THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!!

So, in the mornings, I am very hungries, because I have not had any morsels of food for almost eight hours and I am basically dying. Here is what I do:

1 - jump on the bed and mraw mraw
2 - walk on my Person
3 - sit down next to her face and have a bath
4 - cuddle with her, but ONLY for a FEW MINUTES

THEN, when she is JUST getting into the cuddles, I leave the room and give one little mrawmraw. She will usually come out of her room in about five minutes. Then she will do the things that she does in the morning. Weird things, like sticking this long foamy guy in her mouth, and splashing water on her head. Then when she is done with that, she will come sit on the couch (the one I pee on sometimes) and get on the computer.

The couch (the one I pee on sometimes) is right next to my food bowls. This is very important. Because THEN:

1 - I mraw mraw a lot
2 - I make sure she is watching, and THEN:
3 - I START TO VERY SADLY LICK THE EMPTY FOOD BOWL. This is where Mona really comes in pawdy, because if there were any morsels of dried foods in there, it would make sense for me to be licking it. But a cat who is hungries licking an empty food bowl? That is just sad.

My Person agrees, because she goes "OH MY GOD THAT IS THE SADDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!" And then she gives me the foods. And pets me!!!! And Mona is happy too, because then there is foods for her to lick. So other cats, you should try this and let me know if it works!!


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

WOW, Kiz, yoo never told me how byootiful and glamerus Mona is! Her pink nose is just like mine! I've fownd the best way to git more food is to sit down on the floor ware the food dishes go and look strate at the peeple with a sad, starving, puppy-dog look in my eyes. They are very responsiv. In fact, in the morning, rite after they git up and make the water go lowd thru the peeple catbox in the tile-floor room, they come into the cat bedroom and feed me. My Food Lady wood NEVER put the foamy man in her mouth before she fed me, becuz she's got her prioriteez strate. Yoo need to tell yer food lady no foamy man first. Big man cat first.

Kismet said...

Are your paw pads pink too, Skeezy? I meant to ask you because I know how much you LOVE pink, so I thought if your paw pads were not pink you would be VERY excited that some of Mona's are.

My Person says that she has to time my foods very carefully. If she feeds me too early then I get hungry before she comes back from Out There, and if she feeds me too late then she can't be there if I blow chunks. But WHATEVER I JUST WANT MY FOODS. I punish her by MRAWMRAWING very loudly.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Weve got that mwrar mwraring part down but we never lick the fud bowl. What a grate idea, Kismeister! We pull on our ladys head fur to wake her up too.

Both of us dont have anything pink (exsept for our mouth spunge we use to cleen ourselfs). Skeezo, yoo and mona must be special!

My ladies foamy man moves reely fast when she pooshes a button. It is vary scary.

Do yer ladies have that loud mashene that blows air in the tile-floor room too? It sounds almost as bad as that suking mashene that takes our toys!

got11cats said...

Kismet, you really lift my spirits when I'm feeling like a kitty box!

Kismet said...

I'm so glad, 11cats! We all have days like that. Mine are usually when I blow chunks.