Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I know that my friends on the innernets are probably tired of hearing me say this, but it is SO HOTS LATELY. To prove this to you, I made my Person take this picture. It is kind of a gross picture, because all of those big hairballs that you see on the floor -- those are all mine. My fur. What happens is, it gets so HOTS that my fur starts to come out, and when Mona and me wrestle, she really gets her paws in there, and out come BIG CLUMPS of fur. It doesn't hurt, and I don't really mind because I am starting to think that it is maybe all of my hairs that is helping to make me so HOTS, but my Person thinks it is kind of gross and she said she would only take the picture if I promised to tell all of you that she sweeps up the furs every day. So there. I did.
Now, apart from the HOTS, some other things have been going on. Most exciting is that my Person took me back Out There today! I was very excited because I am a very good explorer. The first few times we went Out There I was a little scared UNCERTAIN because there are no lids on the rooms Out There like there are in here, and outside the eff trayn that lives under the apartment is much louder. But now I am fearless! I am an intrepid explorer! See?

Look how I walk down the path! Look at the handsome look of determinayshun on my face! That cat is GOING PLACES! For my cat friends who don't get to go Out There, that green stuff is NOT carpet. I don't know exactly what it is, but it smells delicious and it is fun to chew on, except sometimes small pieces of it get stuck in your mouth and you feel like you are going to blow chunks, so if you are going to eat it like foods you have to make sure to REALLY CHEW it!
I explored many things. This creechur was on a particularly smelly plant. He was furry like me! But much, much smaller, and he made a buzzy noise, which was kind of like purring, so at first I thought maybe he was a very small man cat. But then he kind of...floated around, and so then I decided he was not a man cat. And then my Person got all weird and tried to make me go away from him, so then I moved on to other things.

In one corner of the yard I found this couch, which is not the couch that I pee on sometimes, but is kind of like it, except less fluffy and soft. I wanted to make SURE that it was not the couch that I pee on sometimes, so I crawled up on it, and I sniffed a little, and I decided that it was NOT the couch that I pee on sometimes. But once I was up there sniffing, I noticed that the wall on the side of Out There has lots of smelly things on it too. (Another note for cats who have never been Out There -- lots of smelly things out there!) So I just hung out on the outside couch that I have never peed on and I sniffed a little bit. I know you are thinking "this is just a picture of a butt." Yes. It is. But I promise that there is a sniffing cat on the other end of that butt, and that he is me!

After all of my fearless exploring and sniffing, I got a little tired. I found this chair in another part of Out There, so I sat down for awhile. (Final note for cats who do not go Out There: THERE IS A LOT OF PLACES TO SIT DOWN, including furniture, but it is less soft and fluffy than the furniture inside.) After my little break, we came back inside, and I got some foods! All in all it was a pretty good adventure.

I also want to say thanks to my friends who email me when I have not blogged in a few days. I have just gotten my VERY OWN email address so you do not have to email me through my Person's anymore! My email is: kismetmancat@hotmail.com. You can email me there to find out what I am up to, or to ask me questions, or to tell me things you would like me to blog about! I think this will be a really great way to keep in touch with my friends, like Skeezix and Liz who gave me shirts!


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Stay away frum the buzzy creechurs on the smelly flowers! I know it's hard to rezist them, but wunce, win I was a baby, one bit me on the noze and I had to go to Bullevard Pet Hospital becuz my noze swelled up.

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Did yoo see any gutters win yoo were OUT THERE, Kizzeroo?

Kismet said...

Maybe they ARE tiny man cats. And they just float around because they are so tiny. And then they get scared when they see big cats like you, and they have to bite! This all makes a lot of sense.

Kismet said...

No gutters, Rocky! But we were not by the street and we don't have a driveway like you do, so maybe that is why. You would like to lay around Out There though I think. That smelly green stuff is soft!

Maobert Nichols said...

Those big ole clumps of furr remind me of win Fluffy, the cat frum acrost the street has stooopidly made the mistake of laying his paws on owr property, and I've had to do the smak-down thing and whop him up the side of the hed. Once, it left a jigantik pile of fur in the driveway and the food peeple got mad at me becuz it didn't look like Fluffy wood have any furr left and Fluffy's food peeple wood git mad, but Fluffy has lots and lots of furr and didn't miss it. I wasn't just rassling with Fluffy like yoo and Mona, tho, I was out fer blud. I am a warrior.

Kismet said...

If he is named Fluffy I am sure you did not take too much of his fur. He was probly glad. He was probly just as hots as I am.

SpillToJill said...

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The Meezers said...

Hi Kismet - we finded you on Skeezix's bloggie.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yeah, Kismet and Skeezix go waaaaaaaay back. Thay even exshanged shirts so skeezix could be a prince and kismet could have skeezix clowse to his hart!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I been outside a few times, too. Isn't it strange? Like you said, there's no lid (ceiling). So many smells! An the air moves, sumtimes more than the blowing fing inside. I swatted a bug last time, an it LIT UP! That waz amazin.