Friday, June 30, 2006

Out There!

There has been a lot happening to me lately! But before I really start blogging, I want to say thank you to all of my friends on the innernets who leave me comments and tell me they miss me when I have not been blogging. I am really going to try to blog more often, it is just that I get really BUSY with the FOODS and opening the boxes and mraw mrawing and being so HOTS that I just kind of forget. But I will try!!
So, in my last blog I talked about how my Person and I share a computer and sometimes I get a little grouchy waiting for my turn. In the first picture here, you can see that I have sort of figured out how to solve that. Whenever my Person isn't using the computer she makes it all flat, and when I am in a blogging mood and I think she might be getting ready to get on it again, I just sit on it. And then I put on my most prosh "I-don't-know-what-you-are-talking-about-it-is-just-really-comfy- here-okay" Kismet face and she just laughs at me. So it works! And then she leaves to go Out There, and I get to blog the day away!
Speaking of Out There, my Person took me out on my leash this week! Where we live has a little backyard, and so we went back there and I got to sniff around and walk all over the place and I even got to put my very big toes into some squishy stuff that my Person says is called muhdd. The muhdd was very fun -- Skeezix, I think it might be kind of like what it is like when you squish into your poops! -- but later when I licked my very big toes clean, that was not so fun. The muhdd does not taste so very good. In the second picture, you can see me on my leash. The picture is blurry because when I am Out There I just CAN'T sit still and pose like a model like I normally do -- there is just so much to look at, and plus in HERE there are lids on everything, like the rooms, and Out There, there are no lids, and that really takes some getting used to. My leash is red and has tiny white paw prints on it. Don't be confused, though, they are most definitely not from MY paws. MY paws are very big and contain my very big toes and so I obviously could not have made those little white paw prints.
This last picture is a creechur* that my Person found while we were in the backyard. She said it is called a snayl and that she was very excited to find it because she dooduls snayls all the time but has never seen one in person. Personally, I do not really see the big deal -- it was very small, and kind of slimy -- but it had big whiskers, as you can see (but only two, and no whisker humps), and I liked its big shell thing. I kind of think of it as a built-in shirt, and we all know how much I like shirts. This was definitely my most exciting trip Out There -- on my other trips I just kind of sniffed the big smelly cans and then we would come back inside. I hope we go Out There again soon!

* I learned that word from you, Skeezix!


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, I reeeely like yer leesh, Kizzy! It's very stile-ish and cozmopolitun. If it was my fave-rit color, pink, I'd be reely jellus. Is that snayle creechur for reel? His wiskers are amazing!! And you know wut? That finger LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY FOOD LADY'S FINGER! Is that a coincidence, or wut?

yer best frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Emma said...

Never seen a snail? NEVER SEEN A SNAIL? Wow, that is weird.

This blog gets better and better.

Jay said...

I'm with Emma on the snail issue, that's incredible.

I'd love to hear more about your adventures Out There, Kismet -- my cat, Buster, says he spends nearly all of his time Out There, but he says he doesn't live somewhere as big as Brooklyn so it's much easier.

We understand you're busy, but I miss your updates!

Kismet said...

Thanks Skeezy! I did not like my leash at all at first but I am getting used to it now. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT OUR PERSONS HAVE IDENTICAL FINGERS!!!!!! It just means that we were MEANT to be innernet friends!

And, I know, his whiskers were almost as big as mine!!!

Kismet said...

Emma and Jay -- what do you MEAN? Are snayls all over the place? Because I had never seen one either!!

Kismet said...

I am really going to try to update more, Jay. I did not know that you had a cat! This is great news! Does he have a blog??

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Berdies, other ladys, crechurs called "dawgs", even guigantik shiney things with ladys in them that fly by on the grownd.....but we've never seen a snail! What a funny looking thing with ownly two wiskers and a BIG booty.

Jay, yer cats name is buster!?! I hear my lady call her frends buster when they say silly things to her. She always smiles when she say it so it must mean something VERY nice.

Kristyn said...

are those eyeballs on the ends of those pokey things on the snail?

also, Kismet, where do you get your shirts?

Kismet said...

Welcome to my blog, Kristyn!

I do not think that those could possibly be eyeballs because those are his WHISKERS! Maybe he just got some foods stuck on them. This happens to me sometimes.

And, my Person gets my shirts for me! I don't know where, I just know that she goes Out There and then she comes back and sometimes she has things for me, like foods and toys and shirts. Maybe Out There there is a really nice big fat cat who doesn't need all that foods and shirts and he gives them to her?