Sunday, June 11, 2006

New friends!

I got to see my Uncle Greg today!!!!! It had been about sixteen years since the last time I saw him. I was very excited. I ran up to him and sniffed him a whole lot and then he picked me up, and my Person decided to interrupt our alone time by trying to give me a pawdicure. I HATE PAWDICURES, but she only cut two nails, and then it was over, but I was still MAD so then I left Uncle Greg and went right up on top of the human TV and gave myself a long bath. Then I fell asleep because pawdicures are REALLY tiring, but when I woke up Uncle Greg was still there so I got to sit on his knee. Uncle Greg has the best knees. My Person's knees are kind of scrawny and there is no room to spread out, but Uncle Greg is big and hairy just like me. So I settled in real good on his knee, but then he had to leave. So I only got to sit there for a few minutes. I was real sad.

I have made some new friends lately. One of them is on the innernets and his name is Skeezix. He lives way far away in a place called Caluhfornyuh. My Person says that that is where my Uncle Greg is from too!!!!! Skeezix has his own blog too. Skeezix is a little guy, like I am a big guy, and my Person bought me a new shirt that was too small for me, so I had my Person send it to Skeezix. I hope he likes it. I like having friends on the innernets!

My other new friends are these skinny long guys that my Person plays with in the mornings before she leaves to go Out There. She really likes them a lot and they like her too. I can tell because they are always rubbing up against her face. Here is a picture of them:

(That is not my Person or her new friends, but that is what they look like.) Since my Person likes them a lot, I am trying to make friends with them too. So when they are done rubbing up on her face, I have started to lick their hairs clean for them. They do not seem to mind so much, and it doesn't bother me because I smooch my Person on her face sometimes so I am used to that taste. I am not sure exactly what my new friends are, but I think it is good to make new friends.


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Kismet, I got the shert! It is byootiful and it fits perfectly. I told all about it in my blog, with pikchurs!

The Food Lady has sum of those skinny long guys arownd, too, but she doesn't treet them very nice -- she loks them in a drawer with no lite. I don't know much abowt them becuz I never go in that room since it's ware I git my baths win I get squishy poop between by toes: yuk, yuk, and yuk!

Thank yoo, big man Kismet!

Rosie & Cheeto said...
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Jay said...

I'm not sure it's very wise to lick them, Kismet -- even if they taste of your person's face. Don't be jealous of them, she still likes you best -- you don't see any of those skinny guys with shirts.