Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am alive! But really HOTS

I have gotten lots of messages from my friends on the innernets in the past few days wondering if I am okay because I haven't updated in a long time. And let me tell you, innernets, it is just so HOTS LATELY AND I JUST DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING. I just want to lay on my back on the floor because that is the only way I can feel even a little bit comfy. And it is just really hard to type and work on my blog when I am laying like that. But it is a teeny little bit not so HOTS today, so I decided to update and let you all know that I am okay! And what has been going on with me other than the HOTS.

Other than the HOTS, I have also been very bored. Here I am laying on the couch, feeling bored and wishing that my Person would stop taking my picture and play with me instead. But when she tries to play with me lately, we can't because it is so HOTS. So, then I am bored. Bored, bored, bored. That person who lives with my Person was gone for awhile and before she left she bought Mona two whole boxes of Meow Mix. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, innernets, but Mona is really fat, and she does not need all of that Meow Mix. So one day when my Person left to go Out There I got into that other person's room and I knocked one of the boxes of Meow Mix down and I had myself a little feast and that made me forget about being bored for awhile and also made me feel good because I was helping Mona not be quite so fat. But then my Person saw what I did and then I didn't get any Friskies foods that morning. She gets really mad when I eat Mona's dry foods because of my delicate yurinerry trakt, but I just can't help it sometimes. It is crunchy and delicious!

The MOST exciting thing to happen lately is that my very good innernet friend Skeezix and I traded shirts in the mails! I sent him my blingy Prince shirt that was too small on me, and he sent me a Skeezix The Cat shirt with his FACE on it! I was very excited to get it, but I have only worn it a few times because of the hots. Here is a picture of me wearing it. I look very grumpy. I asked my Person to take this picture of me, but I was grumpy because putting the shirt on made me even MORE HOTS (I am sorry that I keep talking about the HOTS but innernets I REALLY DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND I JUST HAVE ALL THIS HAIR). But as you can see it fits really nicely and it is my first white ringer tee! AND THE BEST PART IS that there are little pictures of my friend Skeezix all over it!!
I know it is kind of hard to tell in this picture, but this is one of the pictures of Skeezix on my shirt. He has very big ears, as you can see. I understand that because all parts of me are really big, espeshully my feets. In this picture he is wearing sunglasses (which I don't have) and a Hawyin shirt (which I do). He is my best friend on the innernets!

And that is kind of all that has been going on. That, and that ever since it got hots this big guy has moved in too. He is square, and white, and he blows a lot of hot air around on my Person's bed and makes a lot of noise. She says that he makes it not so hots for her so that she can sleep, but all he does for me is ruffle all my hair and make a lot of noise so I have been sleeping under the bed lately. Hopefully that will not go on for too much longer!!


Jay said...

I was wondering if you were alive, mr kismet -- and now here you are, in your topless splendor.

And I think you're much more handsome than Skeezix any day. Your face should be on t-shirts. Perhaps Mona's too, but I expect hers is too fat to fit.

Kismet said...

Jay!!!!!!!!!! You are almost my best friend on the innernets!! I am so glad you are back to commenting on my blog.

Seriously it is SO HOTS HERE Jay. I love being topless!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you and I should get together and make some shirts!!!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Deer Jay, Don't werry, yoo don't hert my feelings my saying that Kismet is more hansum than me becuz of korse, he is. I know I'm about the ugliest cat in the werld. Kismet looks espeshully hansum in his Skeezix shirt! It's hot hot hot here, too, Kismet. Maybe yoo live just on the other side of the big forest frum me since we always seem to be very hot hot hot at the same time.

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Kismet said...

Skeezy, I really love your big ears. You are not ugly!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Skeezix- Yer not uglie. you just have a very ukneek look.

Maobert Nichols said...

Rosie, Cheeto, Kismet, ARE YOO BLIND???? Skeezix IS the ugliest cat ever invented. (Except maybe for Jordan, who is so grotesk he looks like he grew up neer a nookuler reactor.) I have to look at Skeez' evry singul day, and it's amazing that my eyes don't go blind in protest of the vizhual assalt on them.