Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More presents!

I am posting lots of pictures today so that the persons and cats who read my blog can see a little more about my life! Plus I have some new things that you should all see. In the first picture, I am hanging out in one of my favorite spots -- the wooden ledge behind my Person's bed. This is where I sit and watch the cat tv, which you can see in the picture right behind me. Lots of interesting things happen on the cat tv -- persons walk by, and cars drive around, and there is a skool and a post office where my Person says you have to take a stupid test to work. Right underneath me in the picture is a wooden box that has a picture of my Person in it. I like to chew on it sometimes, because wooden boxes make me think of the foods (remember!!!). I think it is nice of my Person to leave pictures of her around in case I get lonely or really have the urge to chew, which happens sometimes when she is gone.

This next picture is me and my first new present -- my new shirt! It is all stripey and I think the greens really bring out my green eyes (my Person says that is what color they are). Behind me in the picture you can see Mona's litter box, where I take poops sometimes. The very most stinky ones, because all of Mona's poops are stinky so I figure I might as well just do it there. Right above that is another cat tv. I am very lucky -- we have 5 cat tv's in the apartment! (But two are in that person who lives with my Person's room, and I don't go in there except when I am stealing Mona's food, because I don't like that person.) My whiskers are very long, as you can see here.

This last picture is me and my new present from my Person! She says it is called a cat sleeping bag. It is just the right size for me to crawl into, and it is very soft inside, and comes with two very delicious dangly mices that I like to try to kill. They are very stupid mices because they do not run away when I bat at them and chew on them, so I do not feel bad trying to kill them because obveeissly they don't mind it very much. In the picture I am chewing on the side of it. I am not sure why. Some things I do really can't be explained.

I hope you like the pictures, innernets! And don't worry about me being hots in my new shirt -- it has cooled off a little bit since the time I wrote about it being so HOTS lately.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

I thought we were the only ones with cat tv's!!

On one of them we have a blu box where people put papers into. It must be vary important because TONS of people put papers in it and everyday but one (I think he forgets) a blu man takes out the papers and puts them into a blu mashine.

Kismet said...

I'm glad you are at my blog, Rosie and Cheeto! I espeshully like the name Cheeto, because I like cheese.

Your blu box sounds like a really good show! Right now there is a great show on mine where lots of mans in orange hats make lots of noise with big masheens. My Person really hates that show, but I like it.

Jay said...

That is a fine looking shirt, Kismet -- it really does match your eyes.

Aiden said...

Hello! I have the very same sleeping bag! Well, almost... mine is red. But the mice are equally stupid and don't run away, so I don't feel bad about trying to kill them, either.

Kismet said...

I went to your myspace Aiden and I see that you have a big sister who is a bunny! My Person talks about getting a bunny sometimes so I am glad you are at my blog because maybe you can fill me in on what they are and how much I can chew on them.