Saturday, June 03, 2006


Dear innernets,
I am very bored today. This morning my Person and I were woked up very early by a big scary noise from outside. We looked out the window and saw this big scary yellow monster with a long nose and a big sharp paw even bigger than MINE! And it was digging, like I do in the litterbox, except on the street, and the digging was making the floors and the bed shake. My Person was REAL mad and said things like "do you seeriously have to be doing this at seven-thirty on a CATURDAY?" (At least I think that is what she said.) The only good thing about this situation is that I got my foods earlier than I normally do on Caturdays. After grumbling for awhile my Person went back to sleep and I was so happy to have my foods that I crawled up on top of her and purred and purred for awhile. That part of the morning was nice. But now I am just bored. Since I am a cat I am using the bored time to catch up on my sleeping. I am switching between the white fort thing (which is my new favorite sleep spot since the cable box is SO HOTS LATELY) and the blue chair. I am hoping that when I wake up something more interesting, like foods or dangly things, will be happening.
Paws truly,


Jay said...

I hope you get very many dangly things -- or catnip toy mice -- to alleviate your boredom.

Kismet said...

There were foods AND dangly things!!

I don't like catnip. Mona's a stoner, but I just can't get into it. I like meats though!

laura said...

I hope you got to sleep a lot today because that is the cool thing to do. and you only do cool things because you are KISMET!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Jay has no fur!! Look at his pichtur, hes got eyes like us but a bigger nose and a houdie on.

Kismet said...

Rosie and Cheeto -- that isn't even a REAL picture of Jay. I have asked him and asked him to use a real one, but he says no. I think that is sad.