Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My sister is home!

Honestly innernets, my sister coming home was not a very huge deal. We did not have a big EMOSHUNAL reunion. My Person brought her in in the carrier and opened the door, and Sophie came RUNNING out! She did some laps around the room because she was so excited to be home, and then she settled on the bed and gave herself a long bath which was good because you have to get that VETS stink off of you as soon as you can. And then she slept for awhile! And then we had dinner, and my sister ate all of her foods, and both of us made sure to eat really slowly to really freak out my Person. And then we went to bed. The whole thing was no big deal, but you could tell my Person was real happy and thought it was a real big deal.

Sophie on her pillow.

This morning, though, my sister did not eat hardly any foods for breakfast. So my Person is worried again. She called the VETS and the VETS said that she wasn't concerned yet, because my sister got fed a lot of foods yesterday and might still just be adjusting to being at home. My Person has some medicine that makes cats hungry, and the VETS said to give Sophie some of that tonight and see if she will eat then, so that is the plan. My sister is going back to the VETS tomorrow anyway when my Person goes to meet her maybe-new-friend Jahb in another city, so either way the VETS will probably figure out what is going on and hopefully fix it. PLEASE keep purring that my sister keeps eating on her own! And also pooping, she hasn't pooped since she's been here. At least I don't think so. I don't really follow her around to check her litterboxing, innernets. I have other stuff to do.

Also, I clearly have not taught my sister very well how to deal with the VETS, because her VETS report card said this on it:

"Sophie has been a great patient. This morning she was very animated - rubbing, rolling and generally being very engaging which is probably normal behavior for Sophie when she is feeling well."

SIGH. You are not supposed to spend time making friends with the VETS, what you are SUPPOSED to do is ATTACK FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER. You should HEAR the noises I make at the VETS, innernets. A few months ago my Person took me in there because I was peeing on the rug (haHA!) and by the time I was done with them, the VETS knew not to mess with the big man cat. First I made this face:

Then they took me into another room to try to pull out some of my pees with a needle. And my Person said later that even through THREE SETS of closed doors, she could hear me yelling at them. Eventually the VETS told my Person they were going to have to sedate me in order to get the pees. HAHA! At that same visit my Person saw that in my file it said, "Be careful - this patient is AGGRESSIVE!!!" And my Person said that when she and Sophie left the VETS yesterday, the VETS said, "Your cats are so sweet!....Well, Sophie, anyway." VICTORY. My Person always tells them, "I'm sorry, I wish you could meet him at home! He is a nice cat!" I wish she would cut that out because I don't want those VETS coming over here, no way no how.

Keep the purrs coming, innernets! We do NOT want Sophie to have to have more expensive testing or an operayshun. We just want her to get well, NOW!


A few Good Cats said...

Kismet, that's the difference between a Big Man Cat and a lady cat. Sophie is a lady cat, and she acts like a lady. Our Mr. Kelly was just like you, a Big Man Cat who was respected and even feared at the v*t. We will keep sending good thoughts your way for happy news for cats and humans alike.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are so glad that she is home! We are purring hard that she eats some for you all.

Daisy said...

Welcome home, Sophie! We have been so worried about you. Please keep eating and poopering like a good girl!

Madness, Trouble and Squish said...

Wow Kismet, that is a very stern face you are making for the VET. We hope Sophie will be OK.

The Meezers or Billy said...

we are purrrring hard for you sister Kismet.

Hey Kismet, haf you peed ON the v-e-t or the others there? I do it all the time. MY file says "be careful, will pee on anyone". HAHA. - Miles

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We agree Sophie should get well now! We hope this coming trip will have good news for your person and your vet will have good news of Sophie. You stay well, Kismet!

Athena said...

Kit and I are purring hard for Sophie and that your person's trip goes well! Keep eating and pooping, Sophie!

Clooney said...

We are so happy Sophie is home and will continue to purr for her that she eats well and does the pooping too. Our best thoughts coming your way. Good luck to your Mom.

Everycat said...

Poor Kismet, no wonder you hate the vets. That bit where they steal your pee with a needle is really painful and vets should sedate a cat they intend to do that to. That face you pulled in the PTU is marvellous, a real tough mancat stare.

Keep up the eating Sophie!

Oliver & Gerry