Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

1. The VETS called my Person and said that all of Sophie's test results came back normal which I guess means that she passed, but I don't think it means she gets to grajooyate from anything, just that she probably doesn't have pankreea-tytus. The VETS said they are still not exactly sure what was wrong with my sister, but that she MIGHT still have pankreea-tytus, or maybe she just had a virus, or maybe her bowels are irritable. I have never talked to Sophie's bowels so I can't tell you if they are cranky, but they sure do stink sometimes. Anyways the VETS said my Person should just keep feeding Sophie her new foods and monitor her poops. I did not offer to help.

Beware of the back end, innernets.

2. Sophie is now eating different foods than me. She likes the new foods okay but not as much as she likes my foods, so she eats them slower. Because of this I eat my foods in the human litterbox room. (It is very undignified to eat in there, but I have to go where my Person puts the foods.) I am a big dude so I eat really fast and then I mraw mraw and paw at the door because I KNOW that Sophie's foods are out there and she hasn't finished them and if you SNOOZE YOU LOSE, KID, LET ME AT THOSE FOODS, but my Person never lets me out to eat them because she does not understand the rules of eating the foods.

3. This annoys me but so far I have not peed on anything even once about it.

4. But when my Person got back from visiting potenshul new friend Jahb, I did try to pee in her suitcase. Twice. But she caught me. Twice. She still has not unpacked the suitcase, but to keep me from peeing in it she just makes sure to keep it closed.

5. So now I sleep on it instead. HAHA PERSON!

6. My Person is talking to someone else who knows potenshul friend Jahb tomorrow morning and she said she hopes that Jahb will decide if he wants to be friends with her soon after that. I hope he decides soon and that he decides yes, because the friend Jahb my Person hangs out with now takes up way too much of her time.

7. By the time she gets home I have so much stuff to tell her that I just follow her around and mraw mraw for hours and it takes away from the other manly stuff that I need to be doing, like cleaning my whisker humps and prowling for hidden foods and watching the cat TV and ignoring that rabbit that lives here.

He doesn't help with the patrols or ANYTHING.

8. When we lived in Virjinya my Person's friend Jahb only took SOME of her time and I only had to mraw mraw at her about stuff for a little while before she was all caught up. It was a much better balance and my life was not quite so HARD then.

9. Sadie was wondering if I still wear shirts. (How YOU doin', Sadie?) All of my mancat shirts are in a place called Storij. Most of my Person's stuff is there since we had to move back to Whiskonsin so suddenly. HOPEFULLY if potenshul new friend Jahb decides he wants to be friends with my Person, she can go to Storij and get her stuff (and MY shirts). But for now, I am nude all the time. Drink it in, laydeez.

10. Right now the partment we are living in is in a big huge building of lots of partments so I have not had a chance to run Out There. But sometimes when my Person comes in the partment I TAKE OFF into the hallway! It is a very long hallway and I just trot down it, mraw mrawing the whole time so that any persons I pass know who I am and that I am a big dude who lives by them, just in case they didn't know. I never get too far before my Person comes out and scoops me up and says, "Where do you think you are going?" And I am all, "Down the hall, Person," which I think is pretty obvious, innernets, espeshully since she SAW ME GOING DOWN THERE, but my Person does not understand these things.

11. I have not gone into the hallway lately because the HOTS are here. I hate the HOTS. My Person has kept it nice and cool in the partment for us, so I am not going into that hallway no way no how, except if my Person left the door open I would HAVE TO even though the HOTS are out there, just because exploring is a manly thing to do so I would have no choice.

12. Obveeissly, those types of responsibilities come with being a man cat. It is hard to be me.

Thinking about my hardships.

13. I am glad that so many of my friends are still blogging and that so many people still remember me (not that I REALLY thought you would forget me, but who knows?). It is good to be back, innernets!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is tough to be a cat. I hope your person makes her new friend and that you both like him. The suitcase thingy sounds ominous to me though...

The Island Cats said...

Hi Kismet. We're glad Sophie passed all her tests. And we're purring that she continues to improve and her poops get better.

We sure hope your mom gets a new friend Jahb soon.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sadie-::fanning herself with her paw:: Oh my, nude all the time! ::thunk::
Speedy-Dude, you just made my sisfur FAINT! Yoo da mancat!
We hope dem other peepul who know dis Jahb guy like yoor mom enuff to make her and Jahb frends. Haffing a little, um, intestinal trubbul my own mancat self, I can feel fur Sophie.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Glad you're back, big man cat. It is super hot where we are too. The cool air machine is running pretty much full time.

Daisy said...

Kismet, who could ever forget a Big Mancat like you? Thanks for the great reporting. I am so happy that Sophie is better!

::Hi, Sophie!!!!::

Madness, Trouble and Squish said...

We hope that indeed Sophie is OK and it was just a passing thing. All the best for your person with finding a new job that will not take so much of her time.

A few Good Cats said...

Hooray! Sophie is normal! (Whereas you are better than normal, Kismet)

We're hopeful that Jahb and your human will start a beautiful friendship soon.

Looks to us as though that rabbit was disapproving of something...

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ah, yes, the responsibilities of a mancat.

Glad Sophie passed her tests even if she doesn't get to graduate.

Makropoulos said...

Pisi and Squeak say: nice to see you! You're a very handsome Big Man Cat!

Ikaika said...

Great news about Sophie! We will continue purring for her, just to be sure she stays well.

Boy, Kismet, you sure have your work cut our for you. Educating the humans is a full time jahb. Now that you've found yours, we are purring that your Person makes friends with the new Mr. Jahb very soon.

Athena said...

Wow, Kismet, you sound like a furry busy mancat! Running into the hallway must be a mancat thing, my brofur Kit does that too. I would like to see a picture of you in a shirt! I'm glad Sophie passed her tests and I hope things go well with your person and this new Jahb.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Kismet, we truly unnerstand that it's HARD TO BE YOU!!!!

TK and Squashies said...

Dear Kismit, I am a mancat too, and I agrees with you about slow eating little sisfurs and the right to eats the fuds not gone by the time us mancats are finished our's!

We sure hopes your sisfur is all better and the scairts are all over, and your Person gets a new furend really soon.