Tuesday, July 10, 2007



But afore I can do the survay I haf to tell evarywun that this is my BRUTHER'S blog, and that I have just been YOOZING IT a lot laytlee, and that he is going to blog again SOON. Here are a pikchur of him so yoo know that I am not lying.

As yoo can see, he is still VARY big!!!! I luv my bruther!!!!


What were you doing 10 years ago?
I am VARY yung, so I was not alyv! But if I was, I was probablee a cat foods tayster becuz I LOVE the foods!!!!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was living outsyd in Rode Aylind!!!! I was also VARY VARY yung, even yunger than I am now!!! And I was living with my mom and my dad and my bruther, and thare was a meen man who did not lyk us!!!

Five snacks you enjoy:
I LOVE THE FOODS!! I will eet anything the nyce laydee lets me eet, lyk her food, or YORE food, but if I hadta pick theez would be my five:

1. TEMTAYSHUNS!!!! Sometimes when the nyce laydee gives my bruther and me the FOODS she forgets to close the door to the kabinit, and I steal the WHOLE BAG OF TEMTAYSHUNS, and I take it into my cat tent and chew on it until I can get it open and then my bruther and I eat the WHOLE THING!!!!
This is what I look lyk in my tent:

Yoo can tell it is me becuz my feets are white!!!!!
2. PEETZUH!! Peetzuh is VARY delishus. It has 2 vary delishus parts: the cheez, and the krust. I like to steal entire krusts in my mouth and run away with them, but they are vary hard to eat so this is only for profeshunuls!!!
3. Baked potaytoz!!! When the laydee eats theez, she puts sower kreem and cheez on them, so if I can get a good bite, thare are many delishus things ON TOP of the potayto itself, which is also delishus!!!
4. FRISKEEZ!!!! Friskeez always tastes better from my bruther's bowl. He does not mynd switching with me halfway throo the meel, either. HE IS THE BEST BRUTHER!!!
5. When I am VARY hungry, I chew on my tayl. It is not that taystee.

Five songs to which you know the lyrics:
I do not know the werds to any songs, BUT I sing a lot anyway! The laydee calls it my "cherping".

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Buy my bruther and the nyce laydee LOTS of presents!!
  2. Buy myself a whole lot of FOODS!!! An entyre peetsuh, JUST FOR ME!!!
  3. Get a WHOLE LOT OF KLOHZ and praktiss being just lyk DAISY!!!!
  4. Pay to have the whole nayburhood fenced in so my bruther could go owtsyd as much as he wants! He gets VARY growchy when the nyce laydee does not let him go owt.
  5. Mayk shur that EVARYWUN is as happy as ME!!!

Five bad habits:

  1. I steel foods.
  2. Sometimes, thare is poops on my booty.
  3. I lyk to play ALL THE TIME and sometimes I attack my bruther's tayl to mayk him play with me.
  4. The things on the nyce laydee's dresser are NOT toys. I have a hard tym remembering this.
  5. I lyk to chew on fingers. Not vary hard, though!!!

Five things you like doing:

  2. Having my booty petted!
  3. Hanging owt with the nyce laydee
  4. BLOGGING!!!!!!
  5. Following my bruther arownd. He is VARY fassinayting.

Five things you would never wear again:

I do not reely have many klohz. I have a black tee-shirt that says S Katty Kat on it, becuz that is my rapper naym. And I have a pink polo shirt, but it is kinda big on me, becuz I am VARY small. I also have a white tee-shirt. I would ware all of them agenn!!!!! I would maybe not like to ware shooz on my feets, but that is all. I would also REELY LUV a pretty party dress, becuz I am a GERL!!!!

Five favourite toys:

  1. My fuzzy wyte snohflayk ball
  2. My bloo fether wand (I played with this so much I broked it)
  3. My BRUTHER!!!!
  4. The nyce LAYDEE!!!
  5. The things on the nyce laydee's dresser are NOT TOYS.

I am asposed to tag FIVE OTHER CATS but I do not know too many other cats acuz I don't have my own BLOG! I will try though!!!!

I know that Skeezix already tagged her, but I HAFTA TAG DAISY becuz she is my HERO!!!!
And Dragonheart, acuz he does not have any hayrs and I bet not having to clean all of that fluff is VARY nyce!!!!
And Finn, acuz he told me I was pretty!!!!!
And TRIP acuz he seems acited all the time lyk me!!!!
And last but not leest, JAZPER acuz we lived on Rohd Aylind together!!!!!



Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat said...

YOO TAGGED ME???? YOO TAGGED ME???? WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I dint even know yoo node hoo I am!!!! This is vary vary ixsiting!!! DO YOO LIKE TO BUNNYKIK???? Wood yoo like to be part of my harum? Yoo have a nice floofy booty if yoo don't mind my saying so and even if yoo do mind I sed it anyway!!! Yoo've livd a vary ixsiting life do yoo live by me??? Cuz I cood come over to yer howse and we cood eet the foods together and I LOVE TEMTAYSHUNS TOOOO!!!! They are like the best ever and I don't even care whut color the pakije is I eet em up as fast as I git 'em and the ladey is teeching me to sit and shake and I'm reely good at sitting but the shaking seems silly to me unless it's like the song SHAKE YER BOOTY SHAKE YER BOOTY BABEY! Oh wate I've gotta go and anser the innervyoo qweschuns buy sofie!!!! LIFE IS A TRIP!!!!

Dragonheart said...

Thanks for the tag. :) You can read my answers here. :)

I enjoyed reading all your answers. :) Feathers are a lot of fun to play with. :)

Daisy said...

Sophie, I think you are the funniest girlcat I know! I loved reading all of your answers. Your enthusiasm is so wonderful. I wish I could see you running away with the pizza crusts.

Thanks for tagging me! I need to put some thought into this.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Helllooooooooooooo Miss Sophie! It was furry intresting reeding yore ansers to the kwestchuns and we can't wate to do owrs. Thanks for tagging us!

Love Finny & Buddy

Ali & Fiona said...

Sophie, how cool Daisy is my idol too! Maybe you & I could practice modeling together.

Your Friend,

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Sophie, may we suggest that the nice lady put her things away that are on top of the dresser and put some REAL toys for you up there?Would that work?

We're relieved to see that Kismet is still around. He truly must be a wonderful brother to let you use his blog so much.


P.S. I like pizza too! ~Jake

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh Sophie, Yer answers are awesume. Oh and we luv to eat the buttur frum the bake potaytos so we are kinda like yoo!

And yer feets are sooo cute! It's grate that yoo and Kismet share the blog. That's soooo sooo nice!

Ali & Fiona said...

Hi Sophie!

We selected you for the schmooze award, check out our blog for the details.