Friday, July 13, 2007



I have been letting my sister Sophie use my blog a lot lately, and I will let her use it in the future too, even though I don't really LIKE TO, but I am NICE, and sometimes my Person says "Kismet be NICE", but for now I am blogging on MY BLOG!

I wanted to write about the great advenchurs I have been having in Merruhlind. I was worried about moving here because our partment in Brooklyn had a GREAT jungle outside, and I didn't know anything about Merruhlind before we got here except that I knew there was no eff trayn, but let me tell you, the jungle here is BIGGER!

PLUS we live ON THE GROWND now, so whenever my Person opens the door to leave, I just RUN RIGHT OUTSIDE and INTO THE JUNGLE! And my Person does not like this, and she grabs me and carries me back inside over her shoulder, and I don't LIKE THAT, and I GROWL, and sometimes I will use my very big front feets to grab onto things so that she can't take me inside that easily, and when I do that she says I am just like a toddler, and I don't know what that means, but it is probably something real big and VISHUS like ME!

Anyway, last weekend my friend Ted came to visit, and he took me outside LOTS! Here I am with Ted:
My Person said "Just make sure he stays on his leesh!" but Ted understands being a big man cat in the jungle, so he let me off my leesh to do some exploring and patrolling. There were many dogs yapping at me from the fenced-in jungle behind the partment, but I was not scared of them. I just kept on exploring. If you are in the jungle, it is important to keep focused like that at all times!
When my Person won't take me out into the jungle, which is A LOT, I watch the cat teevee with Sophie. Sophie does not like to go outside, probably because she used to LIVE outside, which I think would be GREAT, except that you would not get the foods from my Person, and I like the foods from my Person.

My Person is done with her first mester of Brad Skool, so the person that used to live with my Person is coming to see us today! I am hoping that she brings presents, and that she will remember how big I am and that I like to be told how big I am. She was always good at this, so I think she will remember. Sophie is very scared of her.

And because my sister is formerly feral, and it's Friday, here is a pic of her too. I AM NICE. Plus, this picture really deminstrayts her feralness. She likes to dig in the garbage for foods, and to lick the foods cans after we eat the foods. It is very undignified.

AND, we got some awards lately - The Rockin' Boy Blogger (which I got from Jake and Speedy) and Rockin' Girl Blogger (which Sophie got from the lovely Bathsheba WHO HAS EXTRA TOES IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW) awards, and Sophie won the schmooze award from Fiona and Ali too! Thanks for nominating us, everybody!

I have been real bad about updating my friends' links, maybe because certain small orange cats keep TAKING MY BLOG, so if you read our blog and would like to be added to the links, please leave a comment and I PROMISE to add you. It is just hard to get the computer from my Person sometimes.


Kate said...

Hi Kismet! I can't wait to visit! I have some presents but they are more for your person. there is one that maybe you can pee in. but i think she would not like that very much. please tell sophie to not be scared anymore. i loves her.
love, the person who used to live with your person.

Anonymous said...

KISMET!!! I love Sophie, but not as much as I loves you. It's so good to have you back.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

So glad you're back! I was worried at first, but Sophie had assured us that you were alive and well. We're glad that you like your Maryland jungle. You'll be getting a package from us--if Mom manages to mail it tomorrow!


Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh kiset, what a great jungle adventure, thanks for taking us along

Daisy said...

Kismet, I have been meaning to tell you that you sure are a big cat! Also, I am pretty sure that being just like a toddler means you are fierce, too. But I am a little nervous about you going outside without your leash.

ps: Hi Sophie!!!!

Laura said...

Hi Kismet and Sophie,
You are adorable!!! And very funny.
Our Mosaic Lady has a fetish for orange cats, and a long-haired girl orange cat is extra-special. We might get one or two of those for our family soon. (We are renegosheateing our fur family contract now. We'll see.)

So we took the mac hostage yesterday and started our own CATS ONLY blog, but some blogs don't let us post our new name and link??? You can see our link at Mosaic Lady's blog, under the Laura link. We're so new at this. HALP US PLEEZE.
Willie, Bianca and Sadie

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yoo are a furry nice brofur Kismet. We furgotted dat Sophie is Jazper's sisfur! We'z furry glad yoo is back and enjoying Merryland!

Skeezix the Cat said...
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Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat said...

I wood leeve a comment heer with a link to my blog so yoo cood put it on yer blog but I DO NOT HAVE MY OWN BLOG and I can't unnerstand why becuz I have demunstraytid that I'm vary good at deezining eye-ketching blog bakgrownds, and I HAVE A LOT TO SAY and I'm BIG like yoo I think we kood be best frends if I livd in Merrylund, but I don't no ware that is and I kinda like livving heer sinse I discuverd FISH FLAKES that Daisy (hoo is hot like yer sister) gave to Mao and Rocky for thare berthday and I ATE THEM ALL UP!!! Well, not all of them becuz Rocky and Mao got a littul bit but I did make the jar they were in go emtey. AND DO YOO KNOW WHUT? I git to go owtside ANY TIME I WUNT wich I like cuz I like ketchin berdies but it's hard to ketch them now that I have a bazillion bells on my coller wich is fine cuz I like Fansy Feest better anyway cuz yoo don't have to MESS WITH THE FETHERS boy yer sister is way fluffy bak thare by her spot 13. Duz she teeze her furs to make 'em poofy? I don't know much abowt gerl cats cuz it's all just guy cats at owr place altho that littul wite sqweek toy is qweschunubul. Are yoo gonna enter Jeter's kontest?

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow. You've got a furry excellent jungle for 'sploring. You're far more brave than me. I don't go outside for anyone.

The Crew said...

Hi Kismet & Sophie! Glad you're back. Yes, we visit you, but not as often as we'd like to 'cause of the poor performance of my secretary, (aka Mom). But please add us to your links!

I'm so envious, Kis. I never get to explore outside 'cause Mom is paranoid about my safety, but I got a great new screened in porch recently so I can be out and still be safe. Maybe you & Sophie would enjoy one of those.