Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Secrets and birthdays

Since I have come to live with my Person, I have not told her very much about my past. Some of it would make her sad -- for example, I wound up with her because somebody else abandoned me at the pet store -- and some of it she wouldn't believe (like before that, I was very well known on the streets for my man cat walk, and I ran with a gang of small chiwahwahs). Anyway, because of all of the mystery surrounding my past, my Person -- and me too! -- doesn't know exactly when my birthday is. So she decided to just celebrate it on the day I came to live with her, which was October 3.

Before I came to live with my Person and after I got left at that pet store, I stayed with this very nice lady named Kara. Kara had never had cats before, but she did a really good job with me. I don't know if Kara reads my blog, but if she does, I want to say thanks for taking such good care of me. And for really turning me on to modeling for a camera. I mean, that has really changed my life.

Like here is an action shot of me. I am twitching my ear in it, because sometimes it feels like there are things in my ears.
I look very tall in this picture, which is nice, I think. And if I hadn't lived with a fotogruffer like Kara, I might never know how to take pictures of myself or how to pose!

Anyway, I am going to be four, but I am not going to have a big birthday party like Skeezix did. I will probably just chill out with some nip and wrestle with Mona and hang out in my box (which I have named the pimp lair). But, I am hoping that my Person is going to get me a present. And in case any of you want to give her some ideas, this is what I really want!!

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT (and ignore that little dog. I did not roam the streets with him.) Is that the best thing EVER for a big man cat like myself???? It would be so great to put on my lounging robe and hang out in the pimp lair. And I think it would give me that playcat air, AND I think it would really make the lady cats want to come over and see what I'm all about.

I would also like some more shirts, and some new cozy blankets to make blanket forts out of. But even if I get nothing, it will be good to turn 4, and to know that I have been with my Person for one whole year!

And innernets - don't tell her about the chiwahwahs. I think then she might want to get one, and I don't want to share my shirts. OR my Person.


Derby said...

Hey Kiz, I am having a party next month for all of the kitties with purrthdays or gotcha days in October.

Weekend of Oct 20-22, hope you can make it.

Derby said...

I posted my preliminary party plans on July 31. I will be posting an update soon. Stay tuned.


Derby said...

Actually July 21, oops.

Kitty Cats Corner said...

Happy Early Birfday Kismet!

*whispers* Mums the words about the chiwahwahs.

If'n we dont see you before your big day, we hope you get everyting you want and more!

Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner cats

Kaze said...

Wow, you are so big and tough and worldly! I won't have a birthday until New Years Day so I don't know what birthdays are like. Sounds like you've got a nice plan though and that robe is SWEET!

Anonymous said...

What a nice story. I hope you get lots of gifts on your birthday.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Kizzy, peeple like the nice naybur lady acrost the street say I look like a chiwawa. So maybe I cood come live with yoo and yer lady wood think she had a chiwawa, and yoo and me cood teem up aginst Mona and spend all day trying on diffrint nice outfits and stuff.

Maobert Nichols said...

Skeez, yoo need to wake up to the fakt that yer frend Kismet is a BIG MAN CAT and not a pink-loving sissy boy like yoo.

I say git the chiwawa, Kismet, then beet the krap out of him until he cries like a gerl.

The Meezers said...

Kismet, you look really really TALL in the pikshur. It's nice that you finded your furefurr home after being in the pet store and wif Kara. we likes stories wif happy endings.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kismet, that's a great robe for you. I get hot thinking about you in it.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

That's a gurlie dawg in the picktur. Yoo wuld luk that that huu heffner guy if yoo got that fur yer burthday!

We wont say anthing abowt yer past gang of cheewawas. That sownd intense!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

We don't think $29.99 sounds like a squillion dollars and we could drop a few hints with your Person if you want. If you were wearing that you'd be the ultimate Chick Magnet!