Friday, September 22, 2006

Early birthday present??

A few days ago I was watching the cat teevee and my Person was on it! This happens sometimes, usually in the mornings or at night. She was downstairs talking to this guy who lives right next door to us. His name is Tommy. Tommy might be part cat, I think, because he is always outside with no shirt on, and he is VERY VERY furry. Sometimes I sit by the cat teevee and I talk to Tommy when he is on it, and sometimes he talks back. The cat teevee is a strange invenshun. Anyway, she was talking to Tommy about how there was this great chair down the street and would he please go get it for her. He was drinking some dark stuff out of a glass -- maybe it was Friskies grayvee -- and he seemed really happy (I would be too if I had a whole big glass of Friskies grayvee), and so he said he would go get it for my Person.

And THEN my Person came off the cat teevee and inside, and she was carrying the big chair! Except, I think she was just talking in code so that I wouldn't know it was really a birthday present for ME, because the big chair is obveeissly a big cat bed. For a big man cat. Like ME!

I was very excited, because I have never had my very own bed before. I do have a sleeping bag that I really like, and the pimp lair (my box), and I do like to sleep in my Person's bed and on top of the people teevee, but it is just special to have your VERY OWN BED!

So here I am, checking it out.
(Please note that I immediately put my Friend of Skeezix pin on the bed, to make sure everyone knows it is MINE!) My Person had put this blanket on top of my bed, another sign it was surely mine, because this is the blanket that I really like to hump on. It is very important to dig underneath blankets to make sure there are no other cats or foods or mices hanging out under there, and also to see if it is an appropriate place to make a blanket fort. My new bed passed all of these tests.

Then I checked out the bottom of my bed. The big basked part of it sits on top of this great fort! It is the perfect size for a big man cat like me, and has these great windows for me to see out of and ledges for me to lean on and check out all the happenings in my apartment, like the feets that walk by and the Monas that get high off of nip.

Then I made SURE my bed was comfy. As you can see, I am very smily and am even licking my lips because I am so happy in my bed!

Here is one more picture just so you can get an idea of how big my cat bed is. It is a big, huge, baskety cushion. Kind of like a big food bowl, only for man cats instead of food. You can also see my profile and my whisker humps here, and my FOS pin again. I am in my PJs in this picture, because that is what you wear when you go to bed.

You should all ask your persons for big cat beds too! Maybe there are some hanging around outside your houses, by your Tommys. You never know!


Latte said...

That's a sweet bed Kismet! Do you let your person in it with you? Its seems like that might be nice. I love the idea of the FOS button to claim your stuff, I'm going to do that too!!

Anonymous said...

Kismet that is a great bed. We don't think we can get one like that, 'cause it is so big. We don't think it will fit in our house! You are a very lucky cat.

The Meezers said...

Nice bed Kismet!

Derby said...

wow what a really huge bed. I just have a small fuzzy thing to curl up in. But lots of time I just join mum in her huge bed.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I like the way yer outfit (not yer pajama outfit, but yer red tshert outfit) matches yer new bed. It's a GINORMOUS bed! It's abowt a sqwillion times bigger then my little heeted cat cup. Yer very lukky. We don't have a Tommy heer. Just Mr Tinydik, and a big cat bed like that woodn't fit in his lowd Furrari even if the Food Lady was willing to talk to him. (No werd on wether he's very very furry like Tommy.)

BTW, that last pikchur shows off yer wisker humps reel good.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Wow! What a cool bed...and really built for a big man cat such as yourself.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

OMG, weve nevur seen anithing that big fur a cat bed. Yoo are soooooo luckie to get such an awesum burthday pressie.

I'm not sure I like the half man cat in the cattevee but if he browt yoo a new cat bed and drinks friskies gravy then he must be cul

Kismet said...

Rosie and Cheeto - my new bed is big enough for everybody! Come over and hang out!

Tommy is nice. Sometimes when I go outside on my leesh, I wander into his house and he doesn't mind.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

dude! what a spiffy bed/fort!! you are so lucky. and to think, all you really wanted was a bathrobe; maybe you can ask for that for xmas, and then you'll have the lord of the manor's clothes AND the manor, too! ;-)