Thursday, September 28, 2006


Awhile ago I posted about this very nice Hugh Hefner robe that I REALLY wanted for my birthday. Well my best friend on the innernets, Skeezix, sent me a gift certificate so that I could buy it!!! Can you BELIEVE IT??? And it came in the mail TODAY!!!

So, what do you think???

Here I am, putting my best paw forward.

Here I am, experimenting with my "tough cat" face. You can kind of see my kitty manhood in this pic. I'm sorry. One of the things I REALLY like about this robe -- besides the fact that it is SO SOFT AND COMFY -- is that it lets a little bit of my chest hair poke out. Very important for a man cat.

Here is a view of the back. In this picture you can really see how soft my robe is. This is my "come over here, pretty cat lady" look.

And, this is me looking very thoughtful. If I was on a cat dating site, I think this would be the picture I would put on my profile. I feel it conveys a certain..."hello ladies. I am very nice, and in a robe. Want to come over?"

And then I settled in on my new big cat bed and tried to look reegul.

I REALLY love my robe. And just to give you an idea of exactly how big I am, my Person got me the medium size. On the package it came in, it says the medium is good for big dogs, like cocker spaniels and corgis. And it fits me perfectly.

THANK YOU, SKEEZIX!!! You are the best friend in the entire world and innernets.

In other news, my Person has stripped her throat. She has been staying home a lot the past week or so and I didn't know why, I just sensed that I should stay very close to her and that we should take lots of naps. But today she came home early and was on the phone with Bonnie, her person, from Whiskonsin, and said she has a stripped throat. What does this MEAN?? I googled it, but all I found were pictures of cheerleaders who had been stripped of deep throat. What does THAT mean?? Throats are confusing, espeshully stripped ones. My throat is not stripped. It is furry and white. And my Person's throat has never been furry, and it doesn't LOOK anymore stripped than normal. I will just keep a close watch on her. It will be easy to take naps with her now that I have this great comfy robe!


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, Kismet, you big man, you are so sexy in that robe. I'm getting the hots.


P.S. I hope your lady is feeling better. My mom says that a stripped throat is very sore. Take good care of her; I know you will.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, Kizzy, that place that sells the robes shood use YOO as a model: yoo show off the robe much better than the stoopid dawg in the pikchur did!

I reely like the pikchur of yoo with yer manly chest hare stikking owt. Yoo look very very very manly.

And I hope yer lady feels better soon! She's got to start making prepurrayshuns for yer berthday!

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Yoo know, if I thot I wood look as good as yoo do in that robe, I'd start waring clothes and git one, too! It looks like the purrfikt thing to ware win yer doin' sum nip and hitting on the babes hoo walk by the gutter....

Latte said...

Wow. I'm so impressed! You look! I wouldn't have thought a robe could make you look more like a Big Man Cat but even your whisker humps are regal looking!

Maobert Nichols said...

Yoo know, I thot Skeezix was just exajerating the way he always duz win he wint on and on and on and on this morning abowt yer grate new robe and how yoo looked manly like the king of the big man cats and whut a babe magnet yoo were in yer robe, but it wasn't until I akshully saw theze fotos that I realized that the wite rat wuz rite: Yoo do look very big man manly even with yer kitty manhood showing, and I can see why yoo do so well with the ladies.

I hope yer lady's stripped throte feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kizzy! You look furry hansome and regal in your robe! It really emphazizes your big man status! We agree with Skeezix that YOU should be the model! It looks so much more regal with you in it! You look so handsome and sexy in your robe!

Sammy and Lily

Eric and Flynn said...

We's nefurr wore enny clothes, but if we had to, it wud be a robe like yers, cuz yoo make it look good.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

When people look up "Chick Magnet" in the cationary, they will see a picture of you! Max & I are jealous of how studly you look in your robe.


Anonymous said...

Kismet, you look very handsome in your robe.
I hope your person feels better soon.

The Meezers said...

that's a furry furry nice robe, you you do look furr manly.
sorry about your purrson not feeling well - you're doing a good fing staying close and purring.

Hot(M)BC said...

You looks sooooo handsum in your new robe, Kismet! Skeezix is rite. You should model them robes, not that silly doggie.

My Mommy had stripped throat in April, she looked real bad. I hopes your purrson doesn't look like that. It's skeery! But my Mommy gotted ok efun tho she looked so awful, so I bets your Mommy will too.


Anonymous said...

So sexy. Whaddya say I meet you in the grotto later?
DaisyMae Maus

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Furst of all, YOO LUK AMAZING in yer heffnur robe. What a grate colur and it fits yoo so well.

Secondly, I'm confused. Yer ladies is tawking but someone took the clowse off her throat?!?!?! Why do throats need clowse aniways? What is the wurld is going on with her. Vary inturesting. Tell her we hope she finds clowse fur her throat soon!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Maybe yoo can share yer robe with her until she gets bettur.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are *really handsome in that there robe!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

oooooooo! you are furry, furry handsome in that robe! "swayve and deboner" is how our mom sez it. whatever that means, i likes how you look!!

purry purr-purrs from
xing lu

peeyes, and when you're not wearin' it (like at long-sleep night time), maybe your lady could put it on her throat, and then it wouldn't be nekkid anymore . . . hope she feels better soon!

Merlin said...

I really like that robe! I'm wondering about the size, how big are you? My mom is ordering me some clothes for Skeezix's Halloween contest and she was thinking of getting me medium (dog sizing) but what if I'm not big as you? You are a big man cat, after all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kismet. We hope you enjoy the day and have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kismet!

Hope you have a very happy birthday!

Thanks for the clothes advice for Merlin. That is very helpful. I guess I will just have to stop guessing and actually measure him!

Oh, and don't worry, I'm sure he's not nearly as big as you are. ;)

Merlin's Mom

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Skeezix told everyone it's your 4th purrthday today. Happy Purrthday to the manliest cat we know!

The Crew

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

nip, nip, MRAW!
nip, nip, MRAW!
nip, nip, MRAW!

may you have a happy birthday, a wonderful year, and long, healthy life--all seven of 'em!

your furrriends,
nels, edmund, nitro, and xing lu

kattonic said...

Mrowr, Kismet, you look furry hansome in yer new robe. Wanna come ofur to my house later for some nip and kanoodlin'. And happy Birf/Gotcha day handsome big man cat.

Emma's Kat said...

Happy 4th B-day Kismet!! Love the robe! Emma thinks you look very sexy in it! Emma is a little under the weather too, kinda like your person. She doesn't have a stripped throat, but she does have a sneezy stuffy nose. Hope your person feels better soon!

Luxor said...

Kismet - Happy Birthday! Put that robe on and drive the ladies crazy!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy purrfday Kismet!!!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Happy Birthday Kismet!!!!!

Canberra BK said...

Your robe is SO cool. Where did you get it??

Big Bad baby Twinkle said...

Yo Kismet -- I kinda fansee dat Robe mice-elf. I'm a full figgured gurlie gurl but most peepul think I'm a BIIIG guy kittee and I figger -- "hey go wit da flow BBBT, let em think wat they wanna think and just enjoy da ride".

So weer can I get dat nice robe?

I gotta sisfur here, Sweet Cee Cee -- she thinks she is such a LAAAADY,but she knows bettur than to tangul wit me. I'm a Raggle Taggle Ruff and Reddy Snaggle Toothed Gangstur Kitty.

And Dats a Fackt.

Heya - BTW -- I hope Hot's Meowmie is gottin ovur her Strippt Throate. My meowmie had it wunss and Saint Princess, who Meowmie loved ALOT MORE THAN ME!!!! went over and layed down on Meowmie's muchly-hurtin throate and ALL da paine wented away -- and when it wentid away, miss Princess, she just got off Meowmie's throate and sashayed to da end of da bed and wented to shleep like it was nuttin at all what she had just done. Miss Princess, hoo was aolmose 14, she went to Hebbin last yeer. Meowmie hassint been da same ever sinss then...

Kind Acks to alla yoose

Big Bad Buttius Baby Twinkle