Sunday, May 14, 2006


My Person was gone a lot this weekend, but I was very good and I did not pee anyplace that I was not supposed to, and today she finally came back and she brought her friend Liz (that is me with her in the picture. Sitting on her lap! I never do that with persons I don't know very well, so you can tell that I really like her). Liz brought me presents, including a University of Michigan T-shirt and a pink Gap hoodie. I was a little skeptical at first but Liz says that any self-respecting man cat can pull off wearing a pink hoodie and now that I am wearing it I really think that it's true. It's very comfy and the hood keeps my big ears warm, but I freak out if persons come up behind me and put the hood up and then I can't see and I am forced to do a very embarrassing backward dance and butt-scuttle so I would appreciate it if any persons reading this blog could not do that in the future. Anyway, innernets, I have to go now because my new friend Liz is leaving soon and I want to go sit on her lap before she goes! But I suggest that if you are a big dude, and you are comfortable in your big dude-ness, you should go get a pink hoodie.

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Lizzie said...

Kismet- it was wonderful to meet you, i hope you enjoyed your presents. I hope you will be able to sit in my lap again soon!