Thursday, May 04, 2006

Innernets, I do not know what is going on, but my Person has not been taking any pictures of me lately. I have been waiting and waiting to blog hoping that new pictures of me would show up on the computer but they haven't. Do you think I am ugly? Do you think I am not cute enough? Because I don't think that is it. I have been acting very adorable lately. Here are some examples:

1.) That person who lives with my Person has been really stressing about the way the futon smells like pee (to that I say, maybe you should GIVE ME FOODS WHEN YOU COME HOME instead of ignoring me, and then maybe I wouldn't HAFTA pee on things!), and so she has put it down into a bed so she can clean it. I love the futon when it is down like a bed. I love to lounge all over it. So lately I have been sitting very primly in the corner of the futon that faces my Person's room, and when she comes out I look up at her with my most prosh Kismet face, and she just LOVES it! She pets me a lot when I do that. Especially when my big paws are all tucked up underneath me.

2.) My Person was home for the usual two days a while ago and she took all of the blankets off of the bed and took them away and when she brought them back they were all warm and very clean and delicious smelling. And I was kind of mad that they were gone, because I really wanted to make a blanket fort that particular day, so when she brought them back I was VERY excited and so I was very ultra helpful to her when she was putting them back on the bed. First, I climbed up under the foam pad thingy that she has under the blankets, just to make sure that there were no cats or foods in there (I am always on the lookout!). Then she put the blanket on it, and I ran under THERE and made a blanket fort real fast. But then the STRANGEST THING happened -- there were mices running on top of the blanket! Okay, I don't actually KNOW that they were mices, but they were very small things pattering above me (my Person did not seem very concerned; she just called to my Uncle Greg to come "play with Kismet with your hands", whatever that means -- honestly, innernets, I don't know if my Person UNDERSTANDS THE DANGERS that are in our apartment at any given time) and so, because I am very big and very brave, I batted and swatted at those mices with all of my might, even though I was under the blanket! I got some treats after that, so maybe my Person DOES understand the risks I take for her safety.

3.) I had my most favorite baseball shirt on, and I sneaked into that person's room to steal some of Mona's food, and it was very hot in there, and so I took my shirt off. And I hid it! I thought this was a very funny joke to play on my Person. But when I came out of the room all nakey, she just laughed at me. And I got MORE treats! And you know what, innernets? She STILL hasn't found my shirt.

PLUS lately I have been very sure to sweep up my foods area with my paws when I am done eating. Since I do not eat dry food very often this is not EXACTLY necessary, but I like to try to keep things neat for my Person (but I have to be honest and tell you that SHE is not the greatest at picking things up. I would pick things up for her if I knew where they went!).

I mean, based on all of that, I think I am pretty cute and totally worthy of being the subject of many photographs. I will just have to keep doing cute things I guess, so that my Person will SEE THE LIGHT! Keep your paws crossed innernets!!!!

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Jay said...

Kismet: you are definitely not ugly, I hope I didn't offend you or your person when I made comments about artistic control. I wouldn't want to be the reason she won't take more pictures of you.

And I am amazed at your dedication to her safety, always on the lookout for cats! You deserve extra treats for that.