Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a hard life

Innernets! I am so excited to blog finally with PICTURES! My Person must have read my blog because she came home and took tons of pictures of me! So I am posting two of my most favorites. I like the first one because it is a very closeup picture and I think I look very reegul, kind of like a lion! Lions have big noses and the picture makes my nose look kind of big but I think that is okay because if you ever made fun of a lion's nose he would MRAW MRAW at you and you would think "wow." AND I WILL DO THAT TOO! I posted the second one because I am always telling you how big my paws are and I think this picture really gives you a really good idea of how big they really are. That is one of my FRONT paws, in case you were wondering.

The past few days have been pretty okay. I blew chunks a few times and I did it once right after Uncle Greg fed me and he pretended not to nice and to be really busy on the computer so that when my Person woke up she had to clean it up. Poor Person. I felt bad after that so I have been trying really hard to keep my foods down after I eat them and so far I have been doing okay.

That person who lives with my Person has ANOTHER person staying here. That person said that she thinks I am a really spoiled cat and that I like to have all of the attention and that I like to have what I want exactly when I want it. She said this after I walked into the other room and tried to eat Mona's foods, which we all know I am not supposed to do, but I do it all the time, because maybe if they didn't want me to do it they shouldn't just LEAVE THE FOODS ON THE FLOOR WITH THE DOOR OPEN ALL THE TIME. Anyway I do not think I am too spoiled. I am just misunderstood. It is so hard to be me. So hard!!!

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Jay said...

I don't think you're spoiled at all -- you're just a hungry man cat, and as you say, the food is on the floor! Mona should eat it herself if she's that worried.

And those are great pictures, mr pin up cat!